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Wahl Deluxe Wand massager kit

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Intensity level
5 vrooms
Noise level
2 bees


The Deluxe Wand has all I need for relaxing, stress, muscle relief, enticement, or intense satisfaction. The Wand can be used intimately with a partner or privately for an amazing release. This Wand packs a lot more K-a-z-a-m than any other toy I have ever used! It is drool worthy.


Very discreet, powerful, and quiet.


Slightly cumbersome.
  • Material / Texture:

    The Deluxe Wand is made from food-grade plastic. It is hypo-allergenic, phthalates free, latex free, and non-porous.

    This wand has three separate heads, each textured differently for smooth, kneading, and deep massages. The rims of each head are also textured for additional stimulation.

    The attachments are smooth plastic, and the rings have a different texture to them. Plastic is the only material listed, but the texture of the rings is softer and has a bit of a drag to it as it pulls across skin.

    There was no noticeable odor from the wand.

    Material safety
    Nubbed / Smooth / Studded
    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free
  • Design / Shape / Size:

    The Deluxe Wand is shaped like an over sized microphone at 11" long (Yes, the hubby danced around singing into it like he was Michael Jackson!). It's not overly heavy, but it is a bit awkward and wrist bearing. Depending on speed and duration, the Deluxe Wand will numb the hand holding it.

    The wand has three interchangeable attachments, each designed for unique functions. The attachments are all 3-5/8" in diameter.

    The neck of the wand is also flexible though very stiff. I didn't notice any added pleasure from it, because one would have to exert a lot of pressure to get it to flex.

    The Deluxe Wand is run on electric, so there is a 9' cord which provides a decent reach. The advantage of electricity also makes this wand heavy duty in the vroom department.

    11 3/4"
    3 5/8"
    35.5 oz
  • Functions / Performance / Controls:

    The Deluxe Wand has a built-in control button with two speeds. Low, which is designed for soothing massages and high, which is for intense, deep penetrating massages.

    The head attachments are each designed with individual purposes:

    The smooth attachment is gentle for use all over the body. The ring around the head has nubs all the way around. This is great for direct stimulation.

    Next up is the kneading attachment (has 3 predominant nubs), which is to provide a deep tissue massage. The ring of this head is slotted for muscle massage.

    The deep attachment is designed with long prongs to dig down into your aching muscles. The ring is smooth for a soft soothing massage.

    The flexible neck of the wand is designed to move with the shape of your body. I think mine is just a littlee stiff to start with. I'm hoping it will flex easier in time.

    I expected the Deluxe Wand to be extremely loud. Much to my surprise and enjoyment, it proved to be very quiet even on the high setting.

    Being an electric massager, there is also a cord attached to the bottom. It's long enough for getting where you need the wand to be but short enough that there isn't a lot of tangling going on. Still, there is some twisting to be had, but it's all good.

    The unit is not designed to run longer than twenty minutes at any given time. It begins to heat up and could potentially pose a threat.

    Special Features:
    • Attachments
    Control type:
    Built in control pad
    Powered By:
  • Care and Maintenance:

    The Deluxe Wand is fairly simple to clean. It's made from plastic so a cloth to wipe it down is all that's needed. This is not a water toy so be careful about wetness around your wand. The wand can not be submerged in water nor should there be solvents or harsh cleaners used on it.

    When stored, be sure the cord is wrapped carefully so there is no accidental damage that could ruin your enjoyment. (Am I honestly supposed to store this bad boy? NOT!)

    Wahl has also given the Deluxe Wand a 30 day money back guarantee and a limited 2 year warranty to cover any repairs or replacements as long as the wand has been subjected to reasonable use and no modifications.

  • Packaging:

    The packaging consists of a cardboard box with a divider in it to separate the parts. It's discreet enough, seeing as it's a massager and not retailed as a sex toy. There are pictures of the unit and attachments on the box with uses and guarantees. The box could be recycled or used to keep the wand in for storage.

    Lots of instructions came with the Deluxe Wand, more than I would have guessed. There are a list of dangers and warnings as well as tips and massage techniques. You should take the time to read them all as some are actually important and good to know. Also in this booklet is the warranty and company information for service and repairs.

    There is a separate booklet to complete in order to register your Deluxe Wand if you choose too.

  • Personal comments:

    Wow! I have never owned any of the 'massage wands' that have been converted to sex toys. This baby can seriously rock a girl's world. It's high powered, quiet, and even if someone heard it, what would they think? "Oh her back must be bothering her. Me like." I wonder how long it'll take for new attachments to be created and sold for the more intimate use of this wand.

  • Experience:

    For its intended uses, I enlisted the hubby both as test subject and masseur. He was fairly entertaining singing into it, but after he got over the initial laugh, he went to work on my back and it was awesome. He wasn't as appreciative because the vibrations annoyed his hands after a few minutes. I found that was a common issue we shared when I used the wand, not that it deterred me from using it in the least!

    There should be a warning posted about the intense orgasms the Deluxe Wand is capable of inciting. Though it's a little odd to handle at first, there is definitely a grove that works. Every time I pick it up, multiple orgasms are expected and rode out aggressively.

    The Deluxe Wand is easy to use, maintain, and enjoy to extreme heights. I recommend this wand for anyone who wants discreet, quiet, and satisfaction rolled into one.

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