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G-spot rabbit vibrator - Hua - view #1 G-spot rabbit vibrator - Hua - view #2 G-spot rabbit vibrator - Hua - view #3 G-spot rabbit vibrator - Hua - view #4 G-spot rabbit vibrator - Hua - view #5 G-spot rabbit vibrator - Hua - view #6 G-spot rabbit vibrator - Hua - view #7
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Small in girth but big on functions, the Zini Hua has a lot to offer for a woman who likes her vibrators firm, textured, and not too extreme in the vibrations category. The control panel is very easy to use, and being rechargeable means that you won't be going broke buying batteries!


Rechargeable, lots of features, easy-to-use backlit controls.


Not fully waterproof, texture may be too much for some, vibrations may be too gentle for some.

Best use:

The Zini Hua is a dual-stimulation rechargeable vibrator designed to stimulate a woman vaginally and clitorally at the same time. It's certainly not for everyone, but for anyone who likes a smaller vibrator with firm ridges, a hard shaft and moderate vibrations, it offers twenty ways to orgasm.
  • Material / Texture:

    The toy is made of silicone that has a subtle lotion-like scent, with an odorless phthalates-free plastic base. This silicone is very firm and feels like it's covering a hard inner core, so there is no flexibility at all in the shaft nor any noticeable pliability to the surface. It would be ideal for women who enjoy wood or plastic toys, as it's nearly as firm as they are. This same hardness makes the textured "petals" design on the shaft very easy to feel during insertion, which may be either thrilling or uncomfortable depending on the person.

    There is a bit of flexibility at the very base of the clitoral stimulator, allowing it to flex downward approximately 1/4" with direct pressure, but it too is very firm overall. The surface of the silicone is incredibly silky feeling, so it glides easily across the skin and doesn't need much lube to make it slick.

    Material safety
    Ribbed / Smooth
    Safety features:
    Anti-bacterial property / Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
  • Design / Shape / Size:

    The Zini Hua is slightly wider when viewed from the side than the front, with a width that averages only about 1", so anyone who can insert two fingers comfortably should have no problem with its girth. Approximately 3" of the shaft can be inserted when a body is pressing against the clitoral stimulator, making it possible for some women to gain G-spot stimulation from the rounded tapered tip.

    The clitoral stimulator curves downward, so while in use it is the wider top of its arch that comes most directly in touch with the clitoral area, giving up to a 1" wide path of sensations.

    The handle of the toy is comfortable to hold, with a recessed well for the controls that makes it very easy to find the buttons when you aren't looking at it, yet difficult to accidentally click one during use.

    The Zini Hua would be easy to travel with, because tucked away in its included black travel bag it wouldn't take up much space in a suitcase or carry-on, and it features an electronic locking function to keep it from coming on when you don't want it to.

    Insertable length:
    3 1/2"
    3 3/4"
    1 1/8"
    Clitoral attachment shape:
    6 oz
  • Functions / Performance / Controls:

    When you first receive the Hua, the battery isn't charged and the control pad is locked. Charging will take approximately 2 hours the first time, but may take less in the future if the battery isn't fully drained when you plug it in. You'll get about 2-1/2 hours of play from each charge.

    The control pad has three buttons: a plus and a minus, with a raised "O" in between them. The instructions for disengaging the travel lock can be confusing, but all you do is press and hold the minus for a second and, while you are still holding it, press and hold the plus too until the backlit area flashes green. It will flash red any time you press a button when the lock is on, or when you engage the lock again (using the same button sequence as for unlocking).

    Zini Hua has 5 levels of steady vibrations, ranging from extremely gentle to medium-strong, and 15 different patterns. Using the controls is very simple. The plus button turns the toy on and cycles up through each level or pattern, and the minus button does the opposite. The backlight will glow white on any of the steady pattern settings.

    Pressing the "O" button lets you enter or exit the patterns mode, and there is a different color of light for each one of the 15 patterns. That makes it easy to find the one you like in the dark, just by remembering what color it is and glancing at the light. You can also press and hold the "O" for a couple of seconds while you are in patterns mode, and it will provide a non-stop array of random patterns until you click it again. And at any time you can press and hold the minus button for 2 seconds to turn the toy off quickly. It's really intuitive once you get the hang of it, and not difficult at all to use with just a glance here and there to check the color (if you're using patterns).

    As for the patterns... There's something for everyone:

    * Levels 1-3 are slow, medium, and fast pulses.
    * Level 4 is long slow surges with a pause of steady vibration in the middle
    * Level 5 is a fast rhythmic one-two marching beat
    * Level 6 is rapid short accelerations
    * Level 7 is a short slow acceleration, with 2 jolts in the middle of it
    * Level 8 is a long acceleration with a quick drop at the end
    * Level 9 is a short fast acceleration with 2 jittery "zips" at the end
    * Level 10 is a rapid thumpy warble
    * Level 11 is a smoother rapid warble
    * Level 12 is a low rough idle
    * Level 13 is a 2-second low idle, and a 1-second fast vibe
    * Level 14 is a 1-second idle, then 2 seconds of fast-and-steady
    * Level 15 is very fast and steady, and slightly stronger than the highest setting in the steady vibrations mode.

    The vibrations are really diverse, coming across as being somewhere between "buzzy" and "rumbly" in the steady vibrations mode, yet running the gamut between the extremes when in the patterns mode. And while it's not whisper quiet, even on the highest setting the Hua can be heard through the blankets but not from across the room and definitely not through a closed door.

    One last (yet excellent) feature of the Zini Hua is the ability to check the battery level at any time when the toy is off. Holding the "O" down then will illuminate the backlight in one of 5 colors to show you where it stands: green, light green, yellow, orange or red, which translates from "fully charged" to "you better plug me in now"... cool, huh? You can plug it in at any time and even use it while it's charging, but don't leave it plugged in for more than 24 hours straight or it can damage it.

    Pulsating / Vibrating
    Special Features:
    • Light indicators
    • Multifunction
    • Multispeed
    • Powerful
    • Quiet
    • Travel
    • Two motors
    • Waterproof
    Control type:
    Built in control pad
    Powered By:
  • Care and Maintenance:

    This toy is compatible with water-based lubricants only, and can be cleaned with soap and water or a commercial sex toy cleaner. Be careful around the charging port area though, which is located on the back of the handle. It does have a silicone flap over it but isn't entirely protected.

    Even thought the Hua is made of silicone, it cannot be boiled due to the motors, and the manufacturer warns not to use any harsh cleaners of any kind on it.

  • Packaging:

    The Hua is packaged in a strong black cardboard storage case with a magnetic flap closure. It's discreet and classy-looking, nice enough for gift giving. Included with the toy is one charger, a black drawstring travel bag, and two user's manuals in multiple languages. One manual focuses on the control panel, while the other contains general and technical info for all of the current Zini toy line, so be sure you find the right page for the Hua.

  • Personal comments:

    Though this toy is marketed as being waterproof, we really think that "splash proof" would be the correct term. Quick washings with running water did fine, but we found out that if it was under the faucet too long, water would seep in under the edges of the charging port protector. The toy still worked after wiping that out, but we wouldn't suggest submerging it in a bath.

  • Experience:

    Michele says:
    Since this is a Description Review, which is supposed to be entirely objective, we gave the Hua 4 stars. It's really nice as far as quality goes, so we didn't feel like rating it anything less would be fair. From a very personal standpoint though, this toy is all wrong for me and I'll be giving it away to the first person who wants it. I've never had any luck feeling good using dual-stimulation toys with synchronized motors, and this one wasn't an exception. The shaft is far too hard for my liking too, the tip felt "pokey" inside, and the texture hurt after just a couple of minutes. When we tried using the end of the shaft as a clit toy (without insertion), the vibes weren't enough to get me off. The toy's simply not compatible with my body at all, but the overall quality is good enough that I wouldn't mind trying out the Zini Ran or Zini Seed next.

    Alan says:
    Alas, it didn't work out for my lady fair, and after I heard how the texture felt to her I wasn't even willing to try it for prostate play. She's tougher than I am when it comes to these things. At any rate, everything about the control panel functions impressed me, and I have to agree that it's a well-built toy. So while there will undoubtedly be other Zini products in our future, this wasn't the right one for us.

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