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Rabbit vibrator - Magic dancer - view #1 Rabbit vibrator - Magic dancer - view #2 Rabbit vibrator - Magic dancer - view #3 Rabbit vibrator - Magic dancer - view #4
Intensity level
4 vrooms
Noise level
2 bees


If this toy works for you, it works great! While rabbits are not one size fits all, this is great for people who like thin toys and who have a g-spot about 3 inches inside. It's also waterproof, has quite a bit of oomph, and has two motors. I would highly recommend this toy if it will fit you right.


Two motors, quiet, surprisingly strong, easy to control, may fit you great, waterproof.


Is not one size fits all, semi-porous material.

Best use:

This toy is a 'rabbit' style vibrator. Rabbits are meant to be used for dual stimulation of the clitoris and vagina. They do have motors in them, and they all vibrate. While some offer rotating beads or thrusting shafts, this toy keeps it basic and just has a motor in the shaft and in the clitoral attachment.

The main use of this toy is to be inserted vaginally. The slightly curved tip is good for light g-spot stimulation, and the smooth shaft makes it easy to thrust with. The one problem with rabbits is that if you need consistent clitoral vibration, you can't move the shaft around too much or you'll lose contact with your clitoris. This is always something to keep in mind with this toy.

You also can use this toy only clitorally to warm up, or on other external erogenous zones. While it's not the most compact or easy to maneuver, it's certainly not bad to use for warming up. It's not intended for full body massages.

You also can insert this toy anally because the small 'rabbit' attachment keeps it from slipping into the anus. If you use this toy anally, you can not also use it vaginally because it is porous, but it would be good for prostate stimulation.

While this wouldn't be the worst toy to introduce into a relationship, something more basic may be a better bet. Rabbits are not 'one size fits all,' and they're also a bit cumbersome to use clitorally during sex. This toy also is porous and is not good to share between partners.

If you're looking for a first toy in general, you also may want to go for something that will be a more sure fit for your anatomy. While this toy is a lot of fun and is cheap, a more traditional 'slimline' vibrator might be better.

This toy is 100% fine for dorm use. It's waterproof and quiet, and is small enough to be easy to stash in a dresser drawer or under a pillow. Similarly, this would be fine if you live somewhere with very thin walls.
  • Material / Texture:

    The Magic Dancer is made of TPR, or thermoplastic rubber. This material is rated a 7 out of 10 on the Eden Safety Scale, just under plastic. TPR is a semi-porous material and is body safe. This means that it's not as porous as lower rated materials, meaning that it can't harbor bacteria as readily, but it still is not safe to switch between users or orifices.

    This material has quite a bit of drag to it and is a bit of a lint magnet. While lube isn't a must, it's certainly something that most people will need unless they warm up quite a bit beforehand. While lube is pretty much a necessity, a little bit goes a long ways.

    While this product is entirely smooth, there are several ridges. These don't add any texture to the toy, but they are noticeable during use. The smoothness of this toy makes it easy to use, especially for those who aren't big on texture.

    While TPR does have quite a bit of give to it, this toy does not have much flex. The shaft is TPR over hard plastic, so it does not bend and flex with your body. The tip of the clitoral stimulator is also very firm, but the place where it connects to your body can be bent into different angles with pressure.

    Being smooth, this will be an easy material for anyone to use. The slightly porous material makes it less than ideal for someone looking to switch from anal play to vaginal play with the same toy, and less than ideal for someone wanting to switch partners or users.

    Material safety
    Safety features:
    Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free
  • Design / Shape / Size:

    The Magic Dancer is similar to most 'rabbit' vibrators. It has a shaft with a g-spot tip, a clitoral stimulator sticking out at an angle, and a handle with the control button. While most toys like this have similar designs, they are all slightly different shapes and sizes to accommodate different anatomies.

    In total, this toy is 8.5 inches long. The shaft is just under 4 inches long, and it is 3.5 inches around. This is pretty thin for a toy, and is smaller than the average penis. This means that it will be fine for people who aren't quite used to penetration.

    In order for the clitoral stimulator to make contact, you have to insert this toy about 3 inches. While you can insert it further, you lose contact with the tip of the clitoral stimulator. Because of that, this toy is best for people who have a g-spot that is easy to stimulate and about 3 inches in.

    If you're warming up with this toy, the best way is to use the tip of the shaft clitorally. This is less cumbersome than trying to use the clitoral bit externally. You also can insert this anally, but you should take the measurements into consideration with your prostate placement if you plan to go that route.

    The clitoral attachment is not animal shaped, though it is similar to 'dolphin' style toys. It has a slight ridge that ends in a small protrusion off of the tip. This can stimulate your clitoris very lightly if it fits your anatomy correctly, or you could just press the entire body of it to your clitoris.

    While the smaller size does make this a nice travel toy, it's not discreet enough to where you can leave this on your desk. Even those who aren't well versed in the world of sex toys will know what this is right away.

    If this works for your anatomy, you will think that the design is awesome. If you need a firm curve to hit your g-spot or it's not around 3 inches inside of you, a toy with different dimensions may be your best bet.

    Here is the Dancer VS a pen:
    Dancer VS Pen 2
    Dancer VS Pen 1

    The clitoral attachment close up:
    Dancer Deatil

    The flex of the attachment:
    Dancer Flex

    And the control button:
    Dancer Button

    8 1/2"
    Insertable length:
    3 3/4"
    3 1/2"
    1 1/4"
    Clitoral attachment shape:
    0.3 lb
  • Functions / Performance / Controls:

    This toy is pretty easy to control, and has quite a bit of power for the size. While it could certainly be better, for the low price tag you'll be pleasantly surprised.

    You control this toy by the large, white button on the handle. It has a small, spiky shape on it that seems to mean 'settings.' It's easy to press, and at some points it can be a bit TOO easy to press. It's in the same place where most users will want to put their fingers, so it's fairly easy to accidentally change the settings.

    You press the button once to turn it on, you press it again to cycle through the settings, and then once you cycle through all of the settings, you press it again to turn it off. While having to cycle through all of the settings to turn it off can be a bit of a turn off, there are only three settings so it's not too inconvenient. The three settings are as follows:

    Low: 1 bee 2 vrooms
    Medium: 1.5 bees, 3 vrooms
    High: 2 bees, very high 3 vrooms

    There are dual motors to this toy - one in the shaft and one in the clitoral stimulator - but there are no patterns that utilize the two motors working separately. The clitoral motor is a tiny bit weaker than the shaft motor, but not even half a vroom worth. The vibrations on the lower settings are fairly rumbly, but on high they are buzzy.

    This toy is also waterproof. It can be used safely in the shower or tub, and the waterproof feature also allows for very easy cleaning and care. This toy is made waterproof by a thick o-ring around the battery compartment.

    In total, this toy has quite a bit of oomph. For the price the dual motors, quiet vibrations, and waterproof features make this a great deal. The power also would be good for beginners and advanced users, but will probably not please the power queens out there.

    Special Features:
    • Multispeed
    • Powerful
    • Quiet
    • Two motors
    • Waterproof
    Control type:
    Built in control pad
    Powered By:
  • Care and Maintenance:

    This toy is very easy to clean, but it a bit harder to store. This toy is a lint magnet, so unless you keep it in a clean, lint free place you should try and wash it both before and after every use. You can wash it with soap and water, toy cleaner, or a toy wipe. There are no tough places to clean, even though there are ridges on this toy.

    This toy can not be disinfected, so you can not switch users or orifices. This toy has the potential to harbor bacteria and spread infection. If you're hard set on sharing this toy, you could use a condom over the shaft and maybe one over the clitoral stimulator, but it would be hard to cover the entire thing effectively.

    This toy should be fine to store with any other toy materials. While you can store it with other toys, it's hard to find somewhere to store it that it won't grab on to stray hairs or lint. Similarly, you can use this toy with either silicone or water based lube.

    Care and cleaning:
    Soap and water
  • Packaging:

    This toy was packaged very minimally. It came in a plastic clamshell package. While it is resealable, it's a bit flimsy and inconvenient to use for storage.

    The front of the packaging features a naked couple. While it is a bit 'feminine' looking, it's not discreet at all. There is also the name of the toy and some basic selling points. You can see the rabbit through the clear plastic that it's held in.

    The back has an image of the toy. It has some more in depth information on the toy, and highlights some features in order to get you interested. While it's not objectively trying to tell you about it, it does give you accurate information.

    While you could wrap this up and give it as a gift, the packaging doesn't make it seem like a very high quality product. Even someone okay with getting a toy may be a bit uncomfortable getting a toy with naked people on the packaging, so keep that in mind.

    Here's the front:
    Dancer Front

    And the back:
    Dancer Back

  • Experience:

    When I got assigned the Magic Dancer, I was not expecting to be thrilled with it. I would not pick something like this if given the choice, because I haven't been thrilled with rabbits in the past, but I am so glad that Eden sent me this toy to review.

    I know that everyone's anatomy is different, and I had almost given up on finding my 'perfect dual stimulator' after the Opus failed me. This toy, however, is PERFECT for me. Being perfect for me, this may not be perfect for you. My g-spot is about 3 inches inside of me. I like light g-spot stimulation, but nothing too intense, which is exactly what the slightly curved tip offers.

    My problem with most rabbits is that I have to insert them uncomfortably far to get the clitoral stimulator to even make contact, but this one is very comfortable. If you have similar issues, this might be the toy for you, too!

    Even though this isn't the best material out there and I have many more expensive, better quality toys, this has become one of my most used ones. I especially like the rumbly lowest setting. This isn't going to be for power queens or size queens, but if you seem to have similar anatomy to me, I say try it!

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