California Exotic Posh thumper G - G-spot and clitoral vibrator from California Exotic

Posh thumper G

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Product Details

G-spot rabbit vibrator - Posh thumper G - view #1 G-spot rabbit vibrator - Posh thumper G - view #2
Intensity level
4 vrooms
Noise level
2 bees


Cute as a button this little rabbit vibe is perfect for players who don't want a huge, clunky vibe. It is powerful and quiet. This little baby will get the job done!


Hygienic Materials
Silky feel


Might be too short for some G spots

Best use:

The Posh Silicone Thumper G is a cute little rabbit type vibe that is just about perfect for any user except those who really need girth and length on their insertable toys. This little thumper serves many functions: it can be used as a clitoral stimulator, a G spot stimulator, a combined clit and G spot stimulator, and a fairly good facial massager!

I don't see any reason a novice toy user or a more experienced user would benefit most from this toy. It is user friendly, quite powerful for a single battery toy, and discreet. It would be perfect for a first toy and also as an addition to a jaded old reviewer's toy box!

This toy lends itself well to solo play but it doesn't lend itself well to partner thrusting. I suppose some forced orgasm play might be good with a partner but this seems to me to be more of a solo toy.

This little toy is waterproof so use it in the shower, the bath or even the hot tub! Despite looking like a rabbit vibe it is small enough to slip into a sock roll or pack in among underwear while traveling.
  • Material / Texture:

    Like its name suggests the Posh Silicone Thumper G is composed of good quality silicone. The surface of the toy is smooth but matte- it has some serious drag. To lose the drag simply add a few drops of your favorite lube.

    There are a few gentle textures on the shaft but they aren't easily felt unless you go really slow and try to feel for them. The G spot curve is rather flexible but isn't floppy by any means. It does pick up lint mildly but not half as bad as some silicone toys I have tried.

    Material safety
    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
  • Design / Shape / Size:

    This is a very small little rabbit vibe. It only measures 6 1/2 inches in total length! At it's widest point it only measures a modest 3 3/4 inches around. So it's not going to be too large for those who prefer a slimmer toy and it won't intimidate a new user.

    The toy does have a really nice G spot curve that is blunt enough to powerfully stimulate but, here's the drawback, the shaft is only insertable for 4 inches if you really push it in. So if your G spot is higher up you won't be able to reach it with this toy. That doesn't mean there are no saving graces with this toy but it is a pretty big drawback.

    This is a gorgeously shaped toy and it is very feminine looking! It is small enough to slip into a purse and travels very well.

    6 3/4"
    Insertable length:
    3 1/2"
    1 1/8"
    Clitoral attachment shape:
    4.4 oz
  • Functions / Performance / Controls:

    This toy requires one AA battery and is actually pretty powerful for being run on only one battery. It doesn't guzzle them down either, one battery has lasted me a few weeks. I do recommend the user remove the battery when storing the toy as it can corrode and leak battery acid all over a toy if left inside.

    The three speeds of the toy are controlled via push button on the handle of the battery casing. Here's where we run into another little drawback. The button is rather difficult to push and get to connect. This is a good thing if your pet peeve is push buttons that change speed with just a nudge but it can be a drawback if you are in a compromising situation and need the thing to shut off quickly. Speaking of which you must scroll through the speeds to shut this off.

    Speaking of the speeds- the first speed is fairly deep and almost rumbly. It is, however, nearly silent. It is a bit more powerful than most one battery vibes I have tried and can, actually get the job done! It is most easily felt in the tip of the toy but travels down the shaft quite well. One point I must stress is the intensity of vibration in the clitoral arm is exactly the same as in the tip of the toy. There is no loss of power on this baby.
    The second speed is, of course, a higher and faster form of the first speed. It is a bit higher pitched and the vibration oscillation is faster. It loses some of the rumble but doesn't pick up much more sound.
    The third speed is not really faster but it is more pronounced. The vibrations seem to concentrate a little more on the surface of the toy and it can make a sensitive clit numb. For clits o' steel this is a good thing! The patter dispersal is still the same as before and it can make your palm go numb. One interesting feature of this toy is that at the highest speed you can use the base of the toy for less pinpoint clitoral stimulation or for facial massage. It's great for migraine sufferers!

    The Posh Thumper G is waterproof and after a few trials in the shower, bathtub and washing the toy I haven't been able to locate any wetness in the battery housing. Water can almost intensify the vibrations and it's really nice that the toy is so quiet that even an echo-y bathroom doesn't make it sound like a jackhammer.

    This toy would be safe to use as an anal toy despite its size but, honestly, It won't reach a P spot and I don't imagine it would really be all that much fun. It really is built for vaginal play.

    Special Features:
    • Multispeed
    • Powerful
    • Waterproof
    Control type:
    Push button
    Powered By:
  • Care and Maintenance:

    A simple washing in hot water and soap is all you should need but you can use a commercial toy cleaner or a 10% bleach and water solution as well.

    This toy can be stored in it's original box or in a small toy bag/box. It can easily stay in a bed side table drawer or underwear drawer. I haven't had any problems with toy compatibility and the silicone is good quality so that really shouldn't be an issue.

    Everyone says you should never use silicone lube with a silicone toy but I have had no issue with my favorite silicone lube and this toy. I would suggest spot testing a small area before slathering on your favorite silicone lube just to be certain. As always water based lube is perfectly safe to use with this toy. It only takes a few drops of lube to make the toy really slick!

    This is a silicone toy so it is non-porous and safe to share. A condom will make cleaning between partners easier.

    Care and cleaning:
    Soap and water / Toy cleaner
  • Packaging:

    This toy arrives in a simple cardboard box and the toy itself is inside a plastic sleeve.

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