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The Door Jam Cuffs are an easy-to-install restraint system for couples who are new to restraints, looking for restraints that can be used out of bed, or for a system for traveling. The straps securely anchor to interior doors without leaving any marks on the door or frame. Additionally, the cuffs are well constructed and are both comfortable and secure. The packaging suggests that the cuffs can be used on wrist and ankles, but I found they worked much better as wrist restraints.


Easy to install and use, travels well, comfortable and secure.


Cuffs cannot be used by themselves, plastic anchors have PVC smell.

Best use:

Sportsheets Door Jam Cuffs are a portable restraint system that secures the wearer using a door as the anchor. The system is made of two Velcro-bound cuffs, attached by nylon webbing to plastic tubes. The nylon webbing goes over or under the door, then the door is closed. Once the door is closed, pulling on the straps pulls the plastic tube against the door and door frame, and anchors the restraints. Depending on whether the anchors are placed over or under the door, the cuffs can be strapped to the restrainee's wrists or ankles.

This product appeals to a broad range of users. Firstly, those who are new to restraint play and who might like to start out with an affordable system. The Door Jam Cuffs also appeal to those who want a restraints system that can be stored discreetly with ease, and installed at a moments notice, also with ease. The system is also good for those who are already familiar with bed restraints, but who might like to move out of the bed and try restraint play standing up. Finally, the system is also well designed for portability and could be packed for travel, and used in the hotel room, condo, or even a guest bedroom.

The Door Jam Cuffs are well suited for beginner to intermediate users. The system is simple to set up and quite sturdy, and is also comfortable to wear. However, more advanced users may not like that the restrainee could easily undo his or her restraints without much resistance. This could be considered a good safety feature for beginner users, though. For more advanced users, there are certainly ways to make the cuffs more secure.
  • Design / Craftsmanship / Material / Size / Fit:

    The Door Jam Cuffs are my third set of Sportsheets restraints. As with the other two sets (the neoprene cuffs and the under-the-bed restraint system) this set is well-constructed and finished. Being that restraints have to hold up to a lot of pulling and tugging, it's important that the closure on the cuff holds well, and the cuff itself holds together. The long strip of Velcro on the cuff does very well to hold the cuff closed, as long as you line up the strip, it is very secure. I have not been able to pull apart the Velcro while it is secured. The stitching on the cuff is also secure. Triple stitching makes sure that the faux fur cuff is well-reinforced by the nylon webbing it's attached to. While the cuff itself is quite similar to those included with the under-the-bed system, the attachment ring has been improved. The D-ring that connects the cuff to the strap on this system is substantial and is welded closed.

    The faux fur is comfortable for long time wear and combined with the reinforcements of heavy stitching, nylon webbing, and heavy D-rings, I would expect the set to hold up well with use. This is backed up by the fact that Sportsheets guarantees their restraints for life. Though normal wear and tear is not covered by the warranty, any malfunction caused by a manufacturing defect is.

    Being highly adjustable, the cuff would be sized well for a majority of users. As a 150-lb male, I find that I have about 3 inches of extra Velcro strap length available when the cuff is secured. The cuff clear will accommodate wrists much bigger than mine. Smaller wrists are also well taken care of, however the extra Velcro might be an annoyance. In that case the user may consider cutting off some of the extra length.

    Unfortunately, for the plastic tube that anchors to the door frame, Sportsheets used PVC. Though this material choice helps prevent the system from scratching or scuffing the door, it means that there is some odor. The typical shower curtain or inflatable pool toy smell is apparent on the plastic tube and somewhat noticeable if you sniff the cuffs. Fortunately, the chances that you will be in contact with the plastic tube is slim, being that they are on the other side of the door. However, those who prefer to avoid PVC due to phthalate concerns may wish to avoid this system or modify it to replace the plastic tubes with a more inert material.

    Faux fur / Neoprene / Nylon
    20 1/2"
    Swivel clip / Velcro
    Hook style:
  • Performance:

    The Door Jam Cuffs perform well. They are simple to use and are easy to "install" in the heat of the moment. Used for restraining wrists, they are quite secure and can take quite a bit of force. Used on an interior door, I was able to put a lot of force on the straps with no ill effect. I did notice that when I put my full mass on them (150 lbs) that the door did move a bit, but under normal conditions, the door felt secure. Despite pulling on the straps quite a bit, the system left no marks on the door.

    I also tried using the cuff around my ankle, as displayed on the packaging, and they were comfortable and secure, even installed under the door. However, I didn't find this installation was particularly useful. I couldn't really think of any reasons for ankle restraints while standing up. Generally, when used in bed, ankle restraints are helpful for keeping the restrainee's legs spread. However, the over/under the door system doesn't have the same functionality, due to the fact that the anchors can slid from side to side and that the straps aren't adjustable and cannot be pulled tighter.

    Unlike the under-the-bed system, the cuffs cannot be unclipped from the straps, they are permanently attached. This means that the other functionality of the Door Jam Cuffs is limited. With my other system, the cuffs can be detached from the straps and used as handcuffs for the wrists (clipped to each other) or as hobbles for the ankles. While the Door Jam Cuffs are more secure due to the lack of clips, the functionality is mostly limited to use with the door as an anchor. However, the D-rings are big enough to accommodate a few turns of bondage rope, if you don't mind the extra strap hanging from the cuffs.

    Special Features:
    • Kinky
    • Travel kit
  • Care and Maintenance:

    I would spot clean or hand wash with mild soap and warm water. Unfortunately, the package does not include any cleaning instructions, nor does Sportsheets' website. Used as wrist restraints, though, it's probably not too likely that the fabric would get so dirty that anything more than spot cleaning would be necessary.

    The clamshell plastic container the product comes in works well for storage and seems sturdy enough for the task. I would just throw in with the toys in my nightstand cabinet, but the smell of the PVC is enough that I prefer to store the straps in their container, in a separate location.

  • Packaging:

    The product packaging was a clear clamshell with a paper insert inside the front and back of the plastic. The front contains the product name and two models in underwear demonstrating the use of the restraints. The reverse pictorially shows how the restraints install over/under the door. Actual instructions were not included, but the pictures were sufficient to understand the product installation and use.

    While the packaging isn't entirely discreet, it is tasteful and within the bounds of what most people would consider appropriate for a couples' product. A nice thing for travel is that the paper insert can be removed, such that the only packaging is the clear clamshell. While this doesn't hide the restraints, it at least doesn't scream bondage set. A video showing the installation and use of the Door Jam Cuffs with more detail is available on Sportsheets' website.

  • Other
    One size fits most
    Faux fur
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