Exciting trio featuring unique textures and realistic designs

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Trio masturbator kit

Trio masturbator kit
If cared for properly, these 3 beauties will last a long time. And if one gets damaged, no worries.
There are 2 more! The most enjoyable part is when you feel the tightness upon entry. Yes, yes! They cling and engulf every inch of you !

I also enjoy looking at the pics of the beautiful sexy gals on the box while pumping away.
— OH&W, Lovebears
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Realistic vaginas
Intensity level
4 vrooms
Noise level
3 bees

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  • Trio masturbator kit - Vibrating masturbator
  • Trio masturbator kit - Vibrating masturbator
  • Trio masturbator kit - Vibrating masturbator
  • Trio masturbator kit - Vibrating masturbator
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Product Details

Vibrating masturbator - Trio masturbator kit - view #1 Vibrating masturbator - Trio masturbator kit - view #2
Intensity level
5 vrooms
Noise level
3 bees


If cared for properly, these 3 beauties will last a long time. And if one gets damaged, no worries.
There are 2 more! The most enjoyable part is when you feel the tightness upon entry. Yes, yes! They cling and engulf every inch of you !

I also enjoy looking at the pics of the beautiful sexy gals on the box while pumping away.


Fantasy La Vulve's ,Great Price: 3 for the price of 1, Soft, Stretchy, Extremely flexible, Clingy


Some Odor, Could be few inches longer

Best use:

There are 4 items in this package. Three fantasy masturbators and one battery operated bullet. The box says designed in the USA by the Baile company and made in China. They also produce the Pretty Love products. The marketing scheme here is to let a male enjoy 3 different women from around the world. Pictured on the box are 3 sexy beautiful voluptuous women. They appear to be Brazilian, possibly French and Asian.

Front of pakaging
Deep tanned beauty in white bikini: Voluptuous gal in a French maid outfit: Cute Asian in see-through outfit with an enticing smile.

Each handheld vagina is a different color to match the women. They can be used with the included bullet or w/o. And each are different in design supposedly to match possible body types. They can be thrusted into or stroked on your penis.

The entry to all 3 beauties is very tight and will feel great upon penetration.

These are great for anyone that likes to fantasize while masturbating. Fantasizing with eyes closed has been proven to help one reach climax!
  • Material / Texture:

    These la vulve's (french for vagina) are made of TPR. TPE can be formulated to be very very soft, flexible and stretchy. TPR can feel very flesh-like and realistic and great for male masturbators..

    When I opened the box, there was a strong rubbery smell. I think this was due to having 3 toys in a very tightly sealed box. While using them the smell was not very noticeable.

    Each of the masturbators has a different design inside and out. Each masturbator is supposed to feel different due to the interior texture

    back of pakage
    3- dimensional view of interiors and position of the bullet

    Turned insideout to display stimlating nubs
    Here they are turned inside out. Each has a different design for different stimulation

    Material safety
    Safety features:
    Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free
    Nubbed / Ribbed
  • Shape / Design / Size / Fit:

    All of the toys are about 5 " long. There is also an opening on the other end to poke you penis out of. This will give additional stimulation like a second vag opening. All of the openings are very tight. Even with lubricant it will take some effort getting into them. The feeling as I entered was fantastic!

    Each of the gals has distinct characteristics in appearance. They are stimulated to match fantasy characteristics of the different girls from around the world.

    Each opening is different
    The brown Brazilian toy has very large labia majoras, pronounced labia minoras, and largest vagina opening of the 3. The pink Asian toy has some labia majoras showing, thin lips and a hooded clitoris. The white French toy has large labia minoras(lips), largest clitoris and tightest vaginal opening of the 3.

    Each vaginal opening is fairly tight but stretchy. When you push in, the lips will go in with you. And when pull out, they will follow and cling to your member. They are all stretchy enough to engulf over 2" in girth yet tight enough for anyone around 1 1/4".

    Fits Mega 1 7/8
    The openings will cling to you irregardless of size

    Takes about 5

    Tight enough for 1 1/4 " diameter of Tantus Acute Stretchy enough to take 1/7/8 " diameter of EF Silicone Mega dildo
    Mega is 7 " long and will stick through other end

    Beige / Brown / White
    5 3/8" / 5"
    Fits up to:
    Any size
    5 1/2"
    2 1/2" / 2 1/4" / 2 3/4"
    Vaginal depth:
    5 1/4" / 5"
    35.5 oz
  • Functions / Performance / Controls:

    The bullet is large and runs on 2 AA batteries (not included). It has a dial control which is connected to a battery pack by a 32" cord. This long cord is very handy. Makes playing easier. Nobody wants a control pad to bounce around while stroking or pumping away. One can also leave the control out the shower door to avoid water damage.

    The dial will adjust the intensity from low to high. It has a light that will turn red while on.

    There is a second smaller hole on the bottom of each gal. Wetting the bullet makes it easier to get in. Or if you want the bullet to touch the head of your penis, put it in the middle hole. That will only allow 3 inches of play though since the canal is only 5 inches long.

    The bullet feels nice on high power, but I preferred just pumping and stroking just the toy. The bullet does not have a waterproof design. It will be protected by the toy in the shower but not in a bath tub.

    Bullet can go in second opening on the bottom
    Insert the bullet in the second smaller hole on the bottom of toy. Light shows red when on.

    Special Features:
    • Beginners
    • Contoured
    • Realistic design
    • Ribbed
    • Skin like material
    • Super stretchy
    • Texturized
    • Vibrating
    • Vibrating bullet included
    Powered By:
    Control type:
    Control pack
  • Care and Maintenance:

    TPR toys should be washed in warm water with soap. A toy cleaner can be used if desired. TPR should not be boiled. That will shorten the life of the toy and will not sterilize it anyway. One drawback of tpr is it is porous. However, they are hypo-allergenic, latex-free and phthalates-free. You can use either water or silicone-based lubricant. I prefer water-based due to the easy clean up.

    I found the easier way to clean this beauties is by running water through the openings. I put some soap on my finger and run it in the vag and bottom openings. Then put the openings on the facet and run warm water through them.


    If you like, put a light dusting of corn starch inside and out to help preserve the softness of the toys. Each toy did come in bags with some powder inside.

  • Packaging:

    These beauties came in a clear plastic holder. This is the best way to store them. I position each toy with the corresponding babe and slip the plastic tray back in the box. TPR can dry over time.

    The package did have some instruction on the side. They were printed in 8 different languages.


  • Personal comments:

    I did remove 1 star due to the TPR smell. Getting the powerful bullet was a nice bonus. She plans on using the bullet for clit stimulation. I plan on using it with other toys that utilize weaker watch batteries.

  • Experience:

    When this first arrived the first thing I noticed was the three sexy gals staring at me on the box. The Brazilian one enticed me to choose her first with her large pussy lips. A little lube and in I went. Then I realized there were three gals to test and put on a cock ring. I didn't want to cum with the first one and have to wait to test the other two.

    Entry into each one was exquisite. The vagina openings stimulation was really tight and clingy. I didn't really feel any difference further down each one's canal though. I was surprised though, that they made the French's vagina opening the tightest.

    I did poke through the other end and enjoyed that also. Felt like a second pussy opening but not as tight. I decided to try the bullet in the second hole instead of the one in the middle. Putting in there would have made the toy pussy shorter than it already was.

    I did not cum in any of the gals and saved myself for my own Asian beauty, OW.

  • Other
    The set includes:
    • Vibrating bullet
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