NMC Ltd Humper butt plug set - screw - Anal kit from NMC Ltd

Humper butt plug set - screw Anal kit by NMC Ltd
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Product summary and comments by ~LaUr3n~


If only this set were made of silicone. It's got everything else to make it a great trio anal kit for a variety of users and experience levels. Two plugs and one vibrator can get you on your way to anal sex or just a lot of anal pleasure solo or with a partner.

Best use:

Catalog ID: NMCFKD017A

UPC: 4892503122985

  • Material / Texture

    ~LaUr3n~'s opinion
    This set is made of PVC and rated 2 on Eden's safety scale. PVC is a very affordable material that can last a long time if it is cared for. It feels like rubber in some ways. It's firm, but has some give to it and can flex to a certain extent. PVC usually has an odor. This particular PVC does not stink up a room like rubber or jelly might, but it still smells some. The material for Star and Screw has a glossy finish, while the Sturdy dong has a more matte finish. Sturdy dong is the most realistic one and is also a bit softer and more flexible than the other two.

    PVC is a porous material that cannot be sterilized. Use of a condom is recommended.
  • Design / Shape / Size

    4 1/2"
    Insertable length:
    1 1/4"
    ~LaUr3n~'s opinion
    STAR: First is the Star. It's a traditional and slim butt plug of fairly standard length. The twist is that it has dozens of raised ribs for added stimulation during insertion and it also helps to keep the plug in. It's 4 3/4" long, but 4" of that is insertable. The bulb of the plug is 3 1/2" long. The diameter is 15/16" at the largest area and 3 1/8" in circumference. The neck is 5/8" in diameter. The ribs are fine and close together. They provide texture. The plug is fairly rigid and the top is pointed to ease insertion. The bottom is very large because it is a suction cup. It's 2 1/4" in diameter. The Star is the best toy out of the three to start with.

    SCREW: The screw is a slender vibrator. It has ribs like the Star, but they are not as fine. The ribs are more pronounced. In total length the Screw is 5" long. The insertable portion is less than 3 1/2" long. Some anal toy users might not deem this toy the most anal safe it could be. This is said because the base has a ring larger than the body of the vibrator, but that is the only thing keeping it from being sucked inside the body. That being said, this vibrator might be best used for vaginal stimulation at the same time as one of the other plugs of for shallow or external anal stimulation. Use deeply at your own risk.

    It has a defined "head" which is 1 1/4" long and 1 1/4" in diameter at the largest part of the bulb - 3 3/8" in circumference. The body is 7/8" in diameter. The vibrator does not bend at all because of a solid core that houses the battery required to operate the vibrator. The bottom screws off and a single N size battery gets inserted (2 are included). The base is plastic. The base is also the controls.


    The Sturdy Dong will be the favorite of many. The material is softer so it's a lot more realistic. The shape is also incredibly realistic feeling due to its many details. The head is incredibly pronounced for a wonderful pop in and pop out. At the largest part it is 1 3/8" in diameter and about 4" in circumference. The underside of the penis has a pronounced veracose vein for added realism. The meatus in the head is defined as well. Directly under the head there are many ripples. The dong may have been molded from an uncut member. Either way, it has a lot of texture. The dong flexes nicely but doesn't make insertion hard. The base of the shaft is smaller than the body so it stays in easier. The base is a suction cup just like the Star.

    These toys are not the most discreet, especially as a set, but they are easy to hide!
  • Performance

    ~LaUr3n~'s opinion
    To use the Screw twist the bottom plastic piece. It will turn the power on. The vibrations are strong and travel well throughout the entire vibrator. This vibrator can be used for anal or vaginal stimulation. The ribs work well to provide an extra kick. Its noise level is very reasonable and probably won't be heard through a door over ambient noise. Using the Screw with the Star then inserted in the ass is an extra treat. Alternating penetration with the two toys will cause the ribs to really amp up your pleasure.

    All three of these toys are great tools for warming up to anal sex. They can be used together or by themselves. They are also small enough to be used for double penetration. The Sturdy Dong is especially comfortable for this since it is softer than the other two toys in the kit.

    The suction cups can be used on tables or even in the tub or shower. The cups work really well so the user can pound away without a partner to help them. Without suction cupping the plugs to anything the bases are flexible enough for longer term comfortable use.

    Use the Humper Butt Plug set to tease your partner or yourself in an endless variety of ways! You'll wish you had more than two hands!
  • Care and Maintenance

    Care and cleaning:
    Soap and water
    ~LaUr3n~'s opinion
    Again, it is recommended that a condom is used with this material. It also makes clean up easier since these cannot be sterilized. Use warm water and antibacterial soap to get them clean. Before washing the vibrator remove the battery and securely tighten the base. Keep the battery out when storing and allow the toys to dry.

    These toys can be used with silicone or water base lubricants.

    Store them in a cool and dry place away from other toys so they don't touch and melt. The toys come in their own separate bags which are great for storage.
  • Packaging

    ~LaUr3n~'s opinion
    The packaging is very simple. All three of the toys come in their own separate plastic bags and two batteries are included. That's right! Not only do they give you a battery to operate the vibrator, they give you an extra one too. How nice. The box is made of cardboard and is a red square. It has pictures of the toy inside on the outside, so it is not discreet.
  • Personal comments

    ~LaUr3n~'s opinion
    Here is my subjective portion of the review:

    I actually enjoyed this set far more than I expected to being that it is made of PVC. I'll discuss the toys in order of favoritism.

    The Star is my least favorite of the three. By itself I'd give it 3 stars. This is somewhat due to the material. I'm not docking it for size since it's great for beginners and intermediate anal players. Most of my docking comes from the ribs. They are a bit too fine to have for such a firm material. It can feel a bit abrasive and isn't a feeling I enjoy. Advanced users may like this, though. It's a good size and length and it actually stays in pretty good. The base is flexible and the suction works well.

    The Screw's ribs are much more suitable for me and I like that the toy is versatile, but it isn't the safest anal design. As long as you're careful to hold onto the ring, you should be fine and I wasn't worried. But still... The vibrations are great and are strong enough to be felt really well while the vibrator is inserted anally. They are not rumbly vibrations, but they don't feel cheap and rattly either.

    The Sturdy Dong is my favorite, by far. The shape and feel of it is awesome! The material is perfect for its design. It feels full, and it's awesome for thrusting. It's also soft enough that my partner can do double penetration with it. The only downside is that it doesn't stay in as well as the Star. It doesn't slip out super easy, but it's totally not locked in there because the difference in neck and body diameter isn't that large.

    All in all, this is a decent set! PVC is very affordable too. The vibrator is a solid toy and can be used for a variety of things. The worst part is the PVC, but condoms can fix that.
  • Other

    Kit includes:
    Three anal toys: Star, Screw (batteries included), and Sturdy Dong
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    • Rey
      good range of options
    • I really wanted this to be made out of silicone. It's a nice set.
    • I just noticed that the box has different toys on it lol. I like the one it is missing!
    • Interesting shapes bad materials.
    • WOW that one is HUGE! I like the texture of the first one, but I do not do the anal thing.
    • nice kit
    • Look fun.
    • Like the texture!
    • too bad this isn't silicone
    • Neat
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    • I would totally get this in silicone.
    • Ugh... PVC? No, thank you. You can keep your phthalates.
    • Great range of options but PVC :(
    • I really like the look of these but it's a damn shame they're made out of PVC and not silicone.
    • Cool
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