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Product summary and comments by Sadie Baby


All in all the Bubble Butt ballsy will make a great foreplay toy or a great beginners toy. This is a toy that the texture makes easy insertion with use of lubrication. The only downsides are cleaning this toy and finding ways to use it.

Best use:

Catalog ID: DJ024442

UPC: 782421000608

  • Material / Texture

    Safety features:
    Anti-bacterial property / Latex free / Phthalates free
    Sadie Baby's opinion
    The Bubble Butt ballsy is soft, and very smooth pvc material. The toy is make from an anti-bacterial material that limits the risk of transferring the harmful back door bacteria to others. I would still not advise the sharing of anal toys unless your able to fully clean them. This is not one that you can sterilize sadly.

    This toy has three knots that as they go down get larger. While the base also looks round in shape, it's more of an oval. The base has a suction cup type bottom to hold on to most, but not all, surfaces.
    The drawback of the material is that it picks up every little hair, piece of dust, or lint it comes close to. So don't drop it or you'll be cleaning it all day like I did.
    The other small drawback is the very strong smell of rubber. I can smell it the second I open the toy bag I have it in. I may just have one of the blood hound noses but the smell stays in the room after you use this toy. I could still smell it about 3 hours later and so could Hubby.
  • Design / Shape / Size

    3 3/4"
    Insertable length:
    5 1/4"
    1 5/8"
    4.8 oz
    Sadie Baby's opinion
    The shape of the Bubble Butt Ballsy is so funny to me, because I look at it and all I see is Ice Cream. The three knots look just like the scoops on top of a cone and the color I got looked like my favorite Ice cream butternut. The size of this toy is about the same size as the ice cream on a cone you get at McDonald's. The picture may look big and scary for most but it's not at all. Plus the Bubble Butt Ballsy is soft and bendable, not hard or firm by any means like the picture portrays it.

    The good thing about this little toy is just that it's little and discreet. You can put it in your pocketbook or even in your pocket. I had it in the smallest bag I could find just to see if you could. When I was in the gas station I put it in my pocket without anyone knowing what was in my hand. Being this size it may be possible to fit in a harness. The suction cup would make for a good stopping point so the toy does not slip out of the harness.
    As for the the points between the bumps they do seem big enough to rest anal muscles to me. The fact there are only three bumps makes it easier for anyone to begin anal play with this toy. The size of the smallest bump would fit in a drink bottle top, the second is the exact size of a bottle top.
  • Performance

    Sadie Baby's opinion
    The suction cup base makes for great solo use as long as you don't get too into it. The suction cup will not hold up to rough thrusting. The three different sized bumps did give it a lovely feeling moving in and out just by the change from smaller to bigger size. Also sitting on this toy does give that delightfully full feel most are looking for. The downside to this shape is the toy does not stay in place when you lay down or if you stand, because it will very easily pop out. So it's not possible to walk around with this little sweet thing in. The other drawback is the sticky factor; you drop it and you will need to clean the toy before you can use it.
  • Care and Maintenance

    Sadie Baby's opinion
    Since the bubble Butt Ballsy is Sil-a-gel it has a tendency to attract dust, hair, and any dirt it comes in contact with. I recommend you use a condom, clean this toy before and after each use, and wash with hot soapy water. The other thing I can recommend is keep it in a toy bag or box, separate from other toys and closed up to help from getting any extra dirt and mess on it.
  • Packaging

    Sadie Baby's opinion
    The package the toy came in is very plain and see through. Not reusable at all and not very attractive what so ever. The package is closed at the top by a staple which makes it even less attractive but it does have a little bit of a snap together bit. After opening it several times it does not work any more. The tag that comes inside is blue with a cute Arabic arch way design on one side. While the other side simply states it's made by Doc Johnson; that it's all new material, odorless, latex-free, anti-bacterial, and phthalates-free PVC.
    The size is just a bit bigger than the toy but not by much so you can hide it quite easy. It is made out of plastic so Earth Friendly People can recycle the package when they get a toy bag! It would also be easy to put inside a different box to give as a gift for the holidays coming up.
  • Personal comments

    Sadie Baby's opinion
    I have to say that at first I was not into this toy, it just did not do it for me. After some time and some imagination I have found I could have some fun. The suction cup, while not holding very tight, can still be helpful if you stick it on a chair for solo use. I did find it easier to use when I made sure it has more than enough lubrication on it. That is if you use the toy without a condom. Oh and as for the odorless part it does have a very strong smell of rubber, but maybe they meant something else.
  • Experience

    Sadie Baby's opinion
    I used the Bubble butt ballsy first solo to see all the different ways that one could use it and found that the chair was the best. You could stick it on a table, hold it, or any other surface. The thing I did have a problem with was; the suction cup would not hold when I put it on the wall, or thrust against it.
    This is a great toy for stimulation and foreplay. I would also say beginners would enjoy the use of this toy. When my partner and I used it during sex is when I got to really enjoy what it could do. While getting oral sex and having the toy used on me did seem very wonderful. The best time I have found for the Bubble Butt Ballsy is when the male or other toy is in vagina and putting the Bubble Butt Ballsy in the anal area. That is when the toy is worth the money and I am willing to over look the downsides the toy has.
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