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Product summary and comments by Annemarie


The Bum Buddies: Tease My Tush is a very nice, high quality silicone toy that teased and pleased my tush. It's a unique shape that you are unlikely to encounter elsewhere, and the shape makes it incredibly easy to insert. This buttplug is just the right size for those that are bridging the gap between beginner and intermediate, and offers a different sensation for those that are more experienced. As my first plug, I am incredibly satisfied. And it's BRIGHT red! Need I say more?

Best use:

Catalog ID: TO1484006

  • Material / Texture

    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
    Annemarie's opinion
    This incredibly bright, candy-apple red plug is made of 100% matte, velvety, smooth, quality silicone, making it nonporous, odorless, tasteless, hypoallergenic, latex- and phthalates-free. It passed the flame test with flaming colors, so it is in fact silicone. It has no surface texture to speak of. It is plush, but firm, flexible in most of the toy save for the widest point, but not floppy. It has some give, as is the case with most silicone, but it's not squishy, making the material perfect for butt plugs and anal toys. There is some drag, but it slides in easily with a light coating of lube.

    There is a seam running along the entire toy. You can feel it with your finger, but not during use. I found that the seam is most noticeable on the base, particularly on the rounded edges.
  • Design / Shape / Size

    4 3/4"
    Insertable length:
    4 1/2"
    4 1/4"
    1 1/4"
    4.8 oz
    Annemarie's opinion
    I'm going to say it now: this reminds me of a cone hat (example here), complete with pom-pom on the top. It's a little weird, but the shape works great at gently stretching the anus and sphincter to accommodate the "brim" of the hat, which is the widest point. The Tease My Tush can stand on its own, but has a bit of a lean to it, as the bottom of the base is not perfectly flat. The design is comical (literally), conical (also literally), and amusing, but not really discreet.

    How about some measurements? The intermediate size is 4.75" long total, with 4.25" insertable, making the base .5" tall. The "pom-pom" (sphere on top) is .75" tall and .75" in diameter, the "cone" part (from just below the sphere to the widest point) is 2.5" tall and goes from the thinnest point at .5" in diameter to 1.25" in diameter, and the "neck" (from the widest point to the base) is 1" tall and 1" in diameter. The base measures in at 3.4" long, and .75" wide. Overall, this is a good size to bridge the beginner-intermediate buttplay gap.

    I found the base to sit well in my crack, though it might be a little long to allow for comfortable vaginal penetration. I suspect that the underside of whatever's going in will rub uncomfortably against the base; I did not have an issue, but I did not try it with penetration with something that could complain. The base is flexible enough to be comfortable, but stiff enough not to fail during use. I wish the "neck" was a little bit narrower, maybe .75" in diameter or so, but I'm still a beginner to butt plugs.
  • Performance

    Special Features:
    • Waterproof
    Annemarie's opinion
    I had a couple of concerns when waiting for the toy to arrive. My main concern was that the thinnest point underneath the "pom-pom" or sphere would be too flexible and would just bend under pressure. I found this to be not an issue at all. It went in very easily and was stiff enough to pop in when given direct, straight on pressure.

    My other concern was that the widest point, at the "brim" of the hat would be uncomfortable. It wasn't uncomfortable to me, but you do feel it, and it does feel like it's there. The base, as I said before, is comfortable. It's a little rough around the curves, but otherwise works for its intended purpose.

    I've read that shooting butt plugs during sex is an issue with many plugs, particularly when the "neck" isn't small enough in diameter in comparison to the widest point. I didn't try this with vaginal penetration with a large toy, but during my session, I tried to push it out intentionally, and the plug didn't come shooting out.
  • Care and Maintenance

    Care and cleaning:
    Bleachable / Boilable / Dishwasher safe
    Annemarie's opinion
    Silicone is the easiest material to care and maintain, and the most safe for anal play. For day-to-day use with no sharing, soap and hot water or toy cleaner work just fine. For deep cleaning, or when you're sharing this between two people, you can boil it for 5-10 minutes, put it in the dishwasher (top rack, no soap), or you can wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution and rinse thoroughly. Also, if you're going to share in the same session, use a condom.

    The packaging is okay for storage, but I keep mine in a ziploc bag, away from other silicone toys, as I'm not willing to risk compromising my glorious cherry red butt plug!

    This is, as all silicone, compatible with water-based and oil-based lubes. If you desire to use a silicone-based lube, do a test in an inconspicuous spot, like on the underside of the base.
  • Packaging

    Annemarie's opinion
    The packaging was nothing exceptional, just your basic plastic, form-fitting, blister-type, featuring the toy and, might I comment, a very nice butt in a red g-string, thereby making it indiscreet. It has the name, that it's considered an "Intermediate" plug and that it's silicone on the front. On the back, it has generally helpful information, including cleaning and care instructions. This was made in China.

    I would not give this as a gift, but the package does work for storage pretty well. The package is fairly small and unobtrusive.

    They mention that they have "three sizes for comfortable anal training," and I hope that EdenFantasys carries them all! This is really a unique and effective shape for a butt plug.
  • Personal comments

    Annemarie's opinion
    I should note that this is my very first butt plug and I'm fairly new at anal play, but this worked very well for me.

    I should also note that this is, in fact, really, really red. It's not a crimson, it's not a firebrick, it's a veritable, true red. Like #FF0000 in hex. Like 255, 0, 0 in RGB. It's incredibly red! I love it.

    Objectively, this is easily a 5. Topco has made a quality silicone butt plug in a unique shape.
    Subjectively, this is also a 5, as I have nothing else to compare it to.
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