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SM101: A Realistic Introduction Book by Greenery Press
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Though it goes by many names; bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, etc, the long-taboo subject of consensual sadomasochism is shrouded in a world of fantasy and mystery to the non-experienced. Thankfully for those of us not in that world, we have Jay Wiseman.

A respected relationships and sexuality author, teacher, and SM practitioner with over 25 years experience, Wiseman surveys the entire spectrum of SM practices, from bondage, to spanking, erotic role-playing and more in this updated version to his 1992 classic. Insightfully presented in the context of adult human sexuality, experience, and tradition for the non-specialist reader, SM101 presents a realistic guide that has "taught the fundamentals of safe and exciting SM to tens of thousands."

In this expanded second edition, Wiseman incorporates several updates, and a brand-new chapter on starting and running an SM organization or event. The first part of the book pertains to explaining SM terminology, the mechanics of erotic pain, including the use of clamps, bondage, flagellation, torture, and humiliation. The second part introduces readers to SM organizations, SM relationships, and how to create specialized scenes for SM play.

Being an experienced player, Wiseman moves somewhat quickly over the introductory phases, which may be a hindrance to beginners, but this is a minor drawback. As a definite must have for anyone contemplating the BDSM scene (either publicly or intimately), SM101 is a classic that only gets better with age.

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    • I was really interested in this. Guess I'll have to wait.
    • Hmm...interestingggg...
    • I must give this one a try!
    • :)
    • A must-have informational book chockfull of useful knowledge on almost every subject you could want an overview of in terms of BDSM, including D/s. A reference book not just for beginner's but that one can return to again and again to brush up on their knowledge.
    • sound amazing!
    • I really can't recommend this enough. The anonymous quips on the margin of each page alone are worth five stars. However, this book is dry as bones, but it is truly the best place (along with The Topping Book) to begin showing your partner "how to do BDSM."
    • Essin' Em
      Essin' Em
      Highly reccomended as a BDSM/kink book for beginners and former vanilla couples looking to add some spice to their lives. Great organization, straight foward and easy to read, wonderful suggestions, and lots of talk about consent, safewords, etc...pretty much anything you might need to get started! -Essin' Em,
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