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Toy Gasms Book by Tickle Kitty Press
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  • Toy Gasms - Book
  • Toy Gasms - Book
  • Toy Gasms - Book
  • Toy Gasms - Book
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Sadie Allison's book is hip, fun and has that "Sex in the City" feel to it. In this awesome pocket book she guides your customers through today's vast sex toy jungle to help find the shapes, sizes and sensations to provide the best results. There's full permission to play solo as well as creative ideas when using them with a partner.

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    Sadie Allison
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    Tickle Kitty Press
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    2003 year
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    • Gardenvy
      Advanced reviewer, rank 5.5/10

      Question is.. what can I say more about this book? It has made an incredible impact in my sexual awareness. If I could give this book away as a Christmas card I would! No really, TOY GASMS! is for everyone, singles, couples, inexperienced, & experienced alike, who are interested in sex toys.

    • P'Gell
      Advanced reviewer, rank 6.7/10

      This book had a lot of potential; Explaining sex toys to the uninitiated. Sadly, it has failed. Although some info was good, like how to start using toys with a lover, and some anatomy drawings helpful, much of the data was outdated, much safety information was either outdated or simply missing, and no brand names, essential to new toy users, were mentioned. The tone of the book was silly and immature. There are better books on the subject although obviously more are needed.

    • J's Alley
      Advanced reviewer, rank 6/10

      This is an excellent book for those who are new to toys. If you have a lot of experience you may not find this too helpful, but there are a few interesting techniques that you may not have thought of yet.

    • For such a small book, I expected it to be lacking in thorough information or just be another one of those books that gives incredibly boring and useless advice. I was incredibly surprised! This book taught me a lot, even though I already knew a lot about toys. It's great for just about anyone looking to learn about toys.

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    • Very interesting.
    • looks fun
      I definitely want it!
    • looks interesting
    • cheeky
      I got this book just to see what I could do with a toy with my husband. Wow! I'm not naive, but I'm a little innocent and this book really gave me some great info and some positions I hadn't thought of. Very well written, respectful, witty, and knowledgeable. I give it an A.
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