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There are plenty of books that offer advice about how to find or keep love in your life. But what can we learn from those who've gone to the extremes of love and desire? Liz Langley answers that question in Crazy Little Thing, a light-hearted look at the science of why we long for love. She deciphers how the burbling, boiling soup of endorphins, hormones and neurotransmitters that spill from our brain make us do things, in the name of love, that would otherwise be viewed as insane. From the greatest breakup story ever told to the psychologists and scientists who can explain our bad behavior, Langley reveals the control our chemicals have over us in this hilarious, confounding and too-strange-to-be-anything-but-true look at love.

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  • Reviews(30)

    • Crazy Little Thing is all about why love and sex drives people insane. It covers the biological as well as psychological aspects of falling in love and having sex and the impacts it can have on you. As someone who has done really stupid things in the name of love and sex, I found this to be an amazing read.

    • Ryuson
      Writer, rank 6.8/10

      This is a five star book. Well researched, cited, and read, the author keeps an open voice and makes you feel comfortable. I appreciate that she speaks to you like it's okay to go into this with no knowledge of the topic. It is a very interesting book that covers how sex, attraction, and love are related to neuroscience. It discusses lots of different topics and controversial subjects in an unbiased and scientific manner, and Liz doesn't try and push her opinion on anyone.

    • aliceinthehole
      Advanced reviewer, rank 6.7/10

      Liz Langley's latest book is a walk alongside our author on her journey to discover just what makes us madmen when it comes to our love-lives. If you've ever wondered 'why the hell did I [italic|do] that?' this book will provide some insight for you. You may have to muddle through alot of gobbledy-gook to get to it, but the science is there amidst the storytelling. A mix of narrative and science, this unique read has a little something for everyone.

    • bluekaren
      Writer, rank 6.2/10

      What a great book about Crazy Mad Love! If you want to feel better about the way you handled you last break-up (or your worst!) please read this book! Having acted psycho and out of control for love is human and she tells us why in this book. Liz Langley writes in a witty style that makes me feel like I am listening to the story from an good friend.

    • Badass
      Writer, rank 6.7/10

      My review of this book is limited by how many words I am allowed to write. If I could write more, believe me, it would be much longer. This is an awesome book that I would recommend to everyone from my newlywed neighbor to my lesbian best friend. There really is something for everyone in this book. Even if it's not "for" you, it is an interesting read and you will learn much about the brain and the who, what, where, when, and how's of love.

    • darthkitt3n
      Writer, rank 6.7/10

      "Crazy Little Thing" is an absolutely amazing read. Unlike most books under the theme of sex and love, this one isn't a guide. It's an informative introduction to what our brains do when we're in love. The author interviews tons of psychologists, scientists, and real people in love to find out what the deal is behind it. All of this information is brought together in an easy to read, entertaining book.

    • Nothere
      Advanced reviewer, rank 5.9/10

      Crazy Little Thing is a well researched, well written book by a talented author. It is fast paced and covers A LOT on the subject of the chemicals of love. Through anecdotes, interviews and research, Langley tells stories that are explained by the science of neurotransmitters and hormones of love, sex and attraction.

    • tim1724
      Advanced reviewer, rank 5.8/10

      This is an entertaining, if somewhat disorganized, examination of the crazy lengths we’ll go to when we’re in love. There are lots of amusing (and sometimes disturbing) stories about real people, plus some brief explanations of what’s going on inside our brains when we fall in love.

    • SiNn
      Advanced reviewer, rank 4.9/10

      The book was well written and researched, full of advice and stories of other peoples lives and choices. It is an enjoyable read for some and well written. While it wasn't for me, I think this book could be an asset to others who read it. People should pick it up and check the book out for itself and form their own opinion. Crazy Little Thing didn't meet the expectations I had for the book.

    • Adriana Ravenlust
      Advanced reviewer, rank 6.6/10

      I think that Crazy Little Thing would have benefited me when I was going through my divorce and it could help you through a difficult time as well. It's a great reference for me now and there's a lot to be learned from the crazy cases about the universal effect of love on people. At just over 200 pages, it's not that long and it makes for a great conversation piece, too.

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    • After reading excerpts and talking with the author, I am totally getting this book.
    • This sounds really interesting, I'll have to check it out sometimes.
    • I will wait for reviews before I wishlist this.
    • This could be an interesting read!
    • def need to read lol
    • Huh, after the night I just had maybe I should put this on the wishlist! Haha.
    • This looks interesting
    • Lol, now this is definitely a book I should read!
    • The title/subtitle sure got me interested!
    • what a fun idea
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