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Fetish Book by DK ADULT
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Do you know what sploshing is? Have you ever thought about playing with a violet wand? Ever wondered why people become sexually aroused by things like boots or balloons?

Answering these questions and more, Fetish comes packed with 144 pages of information on all things kinky and fetishized, accompanied by full color photography and line drawings. A unique rubbery cover with an inset silver title gives a tongue-in-cheek nod to the book's contents, and looks great on the bookshelf besides.

As well as informing the curious, Fetish also offers tips on practical application if you'd like to indulge in any of the contents yourself. Chapters cover the history of fetishism, scenes and role-play, sexual practices, location, fetish gear, fetish art, and a resource directory for locating items and groups for your own play.

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    David Bramwell
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    2007 year
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    Flexi Cover
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    • Kinky

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  • Reviews(8)

    • P'Gell
      Advanced reviewer, rank 6.7/10

      The fascinating subject matter deserved more than the author gave it. The book over focuses too much on a single aspect of "Fetish" while only glossing over others. This book is written by an outsider looking in, seeing his own view of Fetish and Kink from his own POV, aside from the Unusual Sex Practices Section, it appears the author has little actual experience or knowledge of the subject matter.

    • Kayla
      Advanced reviewer, rank 7.7/10

      A great book to add to any collection because of its vast knowledge of fetishes. The cover being so unique also adds to the beauty of adding it to your collection. Beautiful pictures are included on every page.

    • DrNike69
      Advanced reviewer, rank 5.3/10

      This book is a fun little read with a lot of interesting pictures, and is very informative about S&M and bondage for the beginner sub or doms. However, it doesn't focus on any other fetish outside of S&M, so if you are looking to expand your horizons past S&M play, look elsewhere.

    • Miss Delicious
      Reviewer, rank 5.1/10

      Because this book devotes only a small section to each topic, I think it is best for an absolute beginner or the slightly seasoned amateur.  Even if you're not sure you'd be into pony, rope, or gender play, it's worth checking out this book just to get a better idea of what other people love to do to get off!

    • lolife
      Advanced reviewer, rank 5/10

      This book is a must for anyone interested in BDSM at all - in any form. It has something for someone of every letter and you are sure to find some new interests that you didn't know you had. FETISH is educating and concise while being beyond visually arousing and stimulating. A must for your kink bookshelf!

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    Customer comments

    • From looking at the different reviews, I am more confused about if it would be a good book for someone who is already involved in the fetish scene/lifestyle.
    • This was a pretty fun read.
    • KnK
      I want this book
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