Phallix Colorful spiral G-spot wonder with dichro marble - Glass G-spot shaft from Phallix

Colorful spiral G-spot wonder with dichro marble Glass G-spot shaft by Phallix
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Material safety
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Glass dildos are often the most elegant and stylish of dildos, and that's usually due to the properties of the material and the way it's shaped.

This particular dong is made out of Pyrex, and the advantages of this glass are that it's designed to withstand extreme temperatures and physical shock without compromise to its structural integrity.

Besides being unsafe, other glass dildos tend to fall and break-no such problems here-this dildo is FDA approved. In addition, you can also boil this vibe to disinfect it before and after use because of its ability to withstand high temperatures.

As for its shape, the shaft is curved and ribbed with spirals that end at the accentuated and tapered tip, and the feel is rigid throughout for pinpoint pressure control.

We understand if you're not always in the mood to be pumped full of whirring functions and that's ok, because a delicately contoured dildo like this one is the remedy.

For portability and additional security, this toy also comes with a very soft, comfortable and heavy velvety pouch, so you can take it with you wherever you go without worrying about it breaking.

Catalog ID: DA7

  • Properties

    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
    Pyrex glass
    7 1/2"
    Insertable length:
    6 1/2"
    1 5/8"
    1 lb
    Special Features:
    • Contoured
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    Customer comments

    • wetlily
      This was the first glass shaft that I ever purchased. I couldn't wait to get it in the mail. When I opened the box looked even better than the photo. I ordered the pink one very feminine and sexy (this is the best toy I ever purchased). I couldn't stop looking at it and when I tried it out... all the ridges felt great, the length was just right, the hardness and weight was amazing. I play with it every night :0)
    • William
      This was my first glass toy so in that regard I'm a novice, however we love this product. My girlfriend says she can feel every ridge of this swirl like nothin she's ever experienced. The ability to hold temp is another cool effect, though we both hoped it would do so for a longer period of time. Have to say though, all in all a fantastic choice. Also holdin a vibrator to a glass toy will carry the vibrations through it like nothin else for those new to the choice and considering one. Fantastic.
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