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The gal pal

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Double ended dildo - The gal pal - view #1


The GalPal Strapless Strap-on is a great strap-on alternative for couples of all types. This toy is different from most, has a futuristic look, and is high-quality silicone. A great buy!


Silicone, futuristic design, feels great!


Might not fit everyone.

Best use:

The Gal Pal Strapless Strap-on is designed to be used by women on a partner. It is, as the name implies, a strap-on dildo with NO STRAP! How on Earth, you ask? Notice in the picture that the toy is shaped like a toy ray gun...the 'handle' of the gun is inserted vaginally. The 'barrel' of the gun then protrudes like a penis. It's a futuristic purple penis, but it's in the right place, and totally bounces around like a mostly-erect penis. The high-grade silicone is firm with a slight give, and that slight bounce-giving flexibility.
  • Material / Texture:

    This toy is platinum grade silicone, is phthalate-free, very smooth, and a pretty shimmery purple. There are no noticeable seams, but there is a dime-sized indentation from the mold at the top-back of the toy (on the outside of the 90-degree bend). This spot is on an 'outside' part, and is not noticeable during use. There is no smell, and the GalPal is not sticky.

    The GalPal is smooth, but with three 'bumps' or bulges on the insertable end for extra sensation on entry.

    Material safety
    Bulged / Smooth
    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
  • Design / Shape / Size:

    The 4 1/2" long 'handle,' or vaginal portion, is rather firm, and the slight ridge serves a dual purpose: it helps hold the handle vaginally behind the pubic bone, and it also provides some internal g-spot stimulation. The right-angle bend provides a firm stop to prevent over-insertion, and also provides EXCELLENT clitoral pressure for the female wearer.

    The size of the 'barrel' is great for anal penetration. It's a slim and consistent size (5" circumference), with only a slight flare after the three bulges near the head. The circumference of the 7" insertable portion was just right for an anal beginner, and being non-phallic in design is a plus for many men. Again, that sharp 90-degree bend prevents over-insertion anally.

    I'm not sure that it is big enough for satisfying vaginal penetration. It's certainly long enough, but probably not thick enough for most women.

    Even though this is a non-realistic toy, I find the futuristic design to be very sexy.

    Insertable length:
    4 1/2" / 7"
    1 1/4" / 1 1/8"
    Harness compatibility:
    O-ring compatible
    0.5 lb
  • Performance:

    This toy performed exactly as promised, and in reality we were surprised. It seems like it wouldn't work, but worked well for us. The vaginal portion fit snugly, and it was easy to use from there. It did take a few minutes to get used to the feeling, and to realize that the toy was really NOT going to slide out.

    The longer portion was not too flimsy for anal penetration, which I was a little worried about. It worked perfectly -- just as designed. This may be just the luck of our anatomies, but I think this would work for most couples, of all genders.

    This could be a little awkward for beginners, because it takes some getting used to.

    Special Features:
    • Hands free
    • Premium
  • Care and Maintenance:

    Your GalPal is high-grade silicone, which can be sterilized by boiling, put in the dishwasher, or washed with soap and water or toy-cleaner. This toy only picks up tiny fuzz, so wash or rinse before using, but generally speaking it is an easy-care toy.

    As with all silicone toys, do not use with silicone lubricants.

    Care and cleaning:
    Bleachable / Boilable / Dishwasher safe / Soap and water / Toy cleaner
  • Packaging:

    The GalPal is packaged in a clear plastic form-fitting clamshell package with a brightly-colored insert proclaiming the name and details of the silicone safety in several languages. It is not discreet and a little bulky and awkward to keep for storage.

  • Personal comments:

    I am totally surprised by how much I REALLY LIKED this toy! I can't wait to use it again. I had no problems inserting the toy or keeping it in while pegging my man. The pressure it put on my clitoris while in use was perfect.

    We want to try this the OPPOSITE way...with the handle in his ass, and the longer portion in my ass with his real penis in my vagina for some double-penetration fun.

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