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Don Wands curved purple swirl

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G-spot dildo - Don Wands curved purple swirl - view #1 G-spot dildo - Don Wands curved purple swirl - view #2 G-spot dildo - Don Wands curved purple swirl - view #3 G-spot dildo - Don Wands curved purple swirl - view #4


If you want a pretty toy that is sturdy, this is a safe bet. For two people to use simultaneously, there are interesting possibilities! You don't need an owners' manual & it does not hold odors. It is super easy to clean!


Easy to clean, beautiful, no smell, simple to use, multi-functional


not shatter-proof, needs more of a handle and a vibrator inside

Best use:

This toy is a great size for anal and vaginal play! I appreciate the extra handle. In those slick situations, you have something to hold on to in order to regain control of the situation. As this toy is glass (a kind of usable art) if you are a butter fingers, I suggest to never find yourself above a hard surface. Always use a bed, a rug, or a towel. You will hate yourself if you were to break this gorgeous toy! Also, there is a slight curve to this toy that I think lends to the ergonomic feature of the toy. There is the constant caution of damage to oneself. This is a glass toy, and it is unforgiving. I do not suggest ramming this toy as you might a silicone or flexible toy. But, for the beauty, I am happy to give up flexibility! On the right angle, I think it may act as a magnifying glass! I can only hope, but that is fascinating to me!
  • Material / Texture:

    This toy is made of Pyrex. It is not soft or plush; it is glass. I love that it is easy to keep clean! I think it's awesome there is no smell, just clean! You are supposed to use specialized lubricants with this toy, silicone based. I have had no problems with scentless, tasteless baby oil. Logically speaking, even if you use clear lubricants, for a neat freak, you cannot keep this toy pristine; you will get bodily fluids on it. Like I said, for a neat freak (as I can be) you may need to prepare yourself for that. Maybe that adds to the excitement (being messy & then cleaning it right back to perfection). What I am trying to say is that visually, the opaqueness of your lubrication choice is an exercise in futility.

    As for a realistic feel... I am still getting used to the rigid nature of this toy. It has a feeling like nothing else. Realistic in comparison to what? I personally love that it doesn't give. It provides a dependable pressure on my sphincter (not a biology major, lol). That is something I feel is really instrumental to a good orgasm. I am in this stage where I need anal stimulation to achieve a good orgasm. This gorgeous toy, I believe is the ticket!

    Also, I think for someone like me who exercises their vaginal muscles –kegels, this toy can help you exercise, gauge & build your strength... It is not huge but it's not so small that you lose it. Lastly, the texture is minimal; I think for someone who needs a little extra it's perfect. It’s not too harsh so that it is distracting or painful. I think this toy could be a bit of spice to an impressive toy collection!

    Tempered glass
    Material safety
    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
  • Design / Shape / Size:

    I loved the design. As I said, I feel it is a piece of art, for your pussy. If you are like me (most girls, I think), you would love to stick something this gorgeous inside you. I think that the slight curvature or this toy is perfect for most orifices (be it mouth, anus or vagina). Be very careful though. I think this toy was meant to concentrate on the sensations & the visual spectacle. It is not meant for hardcore sex. I have noticed that for me, if I insert this toy at an incorrect angle, not that it is uncomfortable, but the toy kind of turns so that it fits perfectly! I think the makers of this toy hit it on the nose, much bigger & the weight might be an issue, the length is great, they gave you something to hold on to... not a full blown handle but something to grasp even with your hands all lubed!

    I think anyone can use this toy safely. I do not suggest a sudden or dicey move with this little beauty, as it is glass. I am pretty sure you could not disguise this toy in an airport security check and you are pressing your luck to try and use it while driving etc.

    As I said before, this toy looks like nothing else. I don't think it looks like a real penis. I don't think I want it to look like a real penis. Let's just call it a Vagina accessory lol, not to ignore you guys that need something in your ass to get off... I'm with you, this is a great option, beautiful even !!!

    Insertable length:
    4 1/2"
    1 3/8"
    0.5 lb
  • Performance:

    It is a very camera friendly toy, very aesthetically pleasing. It is very sturdy. If I were to think of anything to improve, I’d suggest maybe more of a handle? Also, I am deathly afraid of breaking it. If you could make it of something on par with plexiglass so that you do not give up the clear glass draw but you do not have to worry about dropping and breaking it, and you wouldn't have to worry about keeping it germ free; that would be excellent!

    This toy was totally comfortable! I do have to get used to the rigidity, but I welcome that challenge! A regular penis will not stay hard for you like this little glass beauty will! It pretty much stays put, which leaves your hands free for other things! I may have failed to mention, there is no motion or motor function to this toy, so no need for batteries etc. If you are like me, you will need a vibrator to achieve orgasm but I still highly recommend it for the sturdy, dependable, pretty option on the road to orgasm!

  • Care and Maintenance:

    This is a glass toy so you can easily kill any germs and restore it to its pristine look. I would use a dish washing liquid, as it is glass. The manufacturer provides a cute little padded pull string bag. So long as you put it back the way you found it, you should be problem free! Also, the maker suggests silicone-based lubricants. I have had no problems.

    Care and cleaning:
    Bleachable / Boilable / Dishwasher safe
  • Packaging:

    My toy came in a cylindrical plastic container, pretty simple with the toy placed on top of its padded pouch for the visual effect. Inside are a simple slip of paper with instructions and a little sample of Wet silicone lubricant. The care of this toy is pretty cut and dry and I like that! I don't see why you couldn't put the toy in its pouch & back into its plastic packaging just to be extra safe. I could envision using the plastic cylinder (which opens down the center in such a way that you have two half moons to fold back closed) for something other than storing your new favorite toy.

  • Personal comments:

    Actually, my particular toy from DonWands has a light. If you are a practical person, this is neither here nor there. The toy reviewed here is all but identical. No, the light doesn't help you get off any better but it was the reason for my decision to purchase. That and the fact that I wanted some pretty glass toys in my collection...

  • Experience:

    As I said before, I have tried it vaginally and anally without any problems! As a matter of fact, when I had used it anally it stayed put, which I really appreciated. I do require my vibrator to reach orgasm but this was the best for its weight & contact anally, it was perfect!

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