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If size does matter for you, Tera Patrick's big one by California Exotic is definitely your kind of toy. Realistically shaped with thick veined texture and impressive balls at the base of the dong, this toy is 8 1/2" long and over 2 1/2" thick. Made out of Crystalessence jelly that gives you soft pleasant sensations during your play. Tera sure knows what is right for a girl to get wet with. The ultimate pleasurizer that will squeeze the juices out of you.

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  • Properties

    8 1/2"
    Insertable length:
    7 1/2"
    2 1/2"
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    Customer comments

    • Kim Q.
      Kim Q.
      My husband ordered Tera's Big One for me. I told him "NO WAY is that going in me." I have many toys, but nothing that big !!! My husband is rather large, but not that size. He worked with some lubricant for about 30 minutes and finally got it in......I screamed........and than came about 3 times without him even moving it around inside me. In To make a long story short, I can not put this one down now, I'm using it with, or without him all the time. He even is getting a little jelous now. You just have to try it to belive it !!!!!!
    • Vic
      This is one of the most awesome "satisfies" out there. With patience and being relaxed this is the most fulfilling experience I have had in a long time. My husband and I affectionately call it "Barney".
    • Connor
      I bought this for the wife and when it arrived the actual size was jaw dropping. The photos do not do it justice. I was tempted to throw it out before even using it as I feared she would say"no way." But one night I "snuck" it into bed and used it when I was doing oral and was she surprised, but pleasantly surprised. She loves it now and it really turns her on, espically when we use it doggle style.
    • Meagan
      I loved this toy so much. I personally wouldn't use it every day, but when your pussy needs a good pounding this it the toy for the job.
    • Leann
      Oh my gosh, this is one huge toy. We have several different toys that each have a special purpose, but nothing in our toy box was this filling. When I was at the end of my pregnancy my husband was able to fit his entire fist in me once and the feeling was so intense. I have not been able to take his whole hand since. With his encouragement I can get my fist in but it is difficult to relax and enjoy the sensation. This toy is the closest to having that sensation of being filled to the limit. I didn’t think I would be able to take it too deep, but after a few minutes of slowly working it in and out I was able to take it all and that was a whole new sensation in itself. It is a little too firm. A cyberjelly would be better if it had the same proportions. The shape is good and when it is rotated while deep inside it stretches my pussy in every direction and the sensation is overwhelming. With his tongue working my clit and the Big One filling me up there is no turning back.
    • rita
    • Aaron
      Oh my god, this thing was amazing. Slipped right in with a little bit of slow work. Felt sooooooo great. Any guys who want an awesome ride, I'd recommend this here for those who like their meat thick.
    • Patsy
      My husband got the big one for me and it is so big but after he got it in my pussy a time or two i fell in love with it. This toy will stretch your pussy out of shape
    • Sandye
      My boyfriend got this for me as a surprise and now I am hooked. I no longer need my man.
    • Britney
      My husband purchased this amazing toy and surprised me with it one evening. At first I wasn't sure because of the large diameter of it, but I was more than willing to give it a try.... After a little warm up with a smaller toy he was able to get it in with very little effort and it was absolutely amazing!! From the moment he began pushing it in I was in awe of the sensations it created. It gives you the most complete feeling of fullness that you can possibly imagine and the feeling of it touching every part of you as it slides in and out is literally undescribable.... It is definately destined to become one of my favorite toys and judging by my husbands reaction to the sight of it going in and out of me I would say that he completely agrees....I can't wait to try it out again!!!
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    • Xtra
      This was an absolute beast when i first saw it. So huge. The length is perfect for how thick it is and my god it takes a lot of work but once the head pops in then a little wiggle and it slipped straight in the ass. So thick and fulfilling. Will have to buy another so i can DP myself. No need for the hubby now.... he he
    • michelle
      even the other reviews didn't quite prepare me for the size of this toy! it is really big!!! it definitely takes some working up to, but it is so amazing. oh, but it feels soooo good. i like to use it by myself, but it feels the best when my husband uses it on me :o)
    • loven it
      loven it
      god......when i first saw it i didnt want to try it but my husband worked me over with one of our other toys first and with a lot of lube started teasing me with it rubbing my clit and before i knew it it was in me i was great we didnt get crazy the first couple time but the othe night i was in the mood for a good ole fucking so he took me from behind with it and i went crazy he fucked me so hard i couldnt believe i was taking it then he told me i wa taking all of it when he said that i moaned fuck me harder and he did i would tell every lady get one baby you wont be sorry
    • curious guy
      curious guy
      i got this big one and it took a couple tries to get it in. It still does and when i get it inside i want it all the way in. it does fill you you BIG TIME . best feeling ever
    • Leo Allvarez
      Leo Allvarez
      I got this for my wife and she LOVES the size of it so much. I even convinced her to give it to me while i beat off, HIGHLY SATISFYING!
    • DO
      Wow! Gorgeous, but my God, this thing is HUGE. I mean laughably large. There is no way in hell I could use it. It would make a perfect gag gift, though. My husband and I were stunned at first and then just laughed. Size Queens will LOVE this thing.
    • Paula
      The size of this is great!! I am not a size Queen as one review suggests, I am avg size 10. Some women just need a big dick. I LOVE THIS. The length, width as well as firmness of this is jewel is perfect toy for me. My husband loves using this on me.
    • Anonymous
      This toy is amazing! My gf was able to take it all and she absolutely loved it... Concerned it migt stretch her out a little too much, we stopped using it. (I have a pretty average sized cock...) However, now I use it, and I LOVE IT! I have the most intense orgasms even with just the tip inside. Incredible sensation...
    • Davo
      My wife took one look at this dildo and went "no way". After a bit of lubing her up and going down on her at the same time we got it only part way in. She wanted it all the way in but we could not do it. We are going to keep on trying though...
    • anonymous
      Fantastic! Needs some work to get in, but it is sure worth it!! I don't use it too often though, sometimes its a bit sensitive the next day...But still worth it!
    • cayenne
      I bought this for my wife and was amazed at how big and heavy it was! Even after applying a generous amount of lube on her pussy and the dildo, I had to slide it in with the shaft on its side. Only after letting her get used to it for a while was I able to rotate inside of her. Let's just say that this is now her favourite toy!
    • bb
      awesome toy takes some work to get it into the wife then she goes nuts only time i have seen her squirt top toy pick
    • Elka
      My bf surprised me with "toys". At first he used one about his lenght and width...I came twice. Then he snuck this huge toy from where I can't say...but Wow. Thankfully he took it slowly. I had to relax to let it gradually ease me open. He wisely turned it 90 degress as her took his time working me over. I don't know how lohg it took but he had it "balls deep" in my pussy. I flipped over so that I could get some pitch control doggie style. OMG! Had the most overwhelming orgasm ever...deep inte3nse and prolonged...Bf stoked me long and deep. After that first time, I wait in anticipation of him doing me right with this lovely toy : )
    • One of the best large dildos around and a top favorite of ours to play with. Sad to see it being discountinued:(
    • Our favorite large toy! Lots of lube and start of slow!
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