Tera Patrick's big one - sex toy by Cal Exotics - review by Lara

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Tera Patrick's big one sex toy review

If you are looking for a very large dildo, this is an excellent choice. The size and material are perfectly combined to produce a solid, reliable toy that you won’t soon forget.
Firm yet flexible material makes penetration as comfortable as possible, given a toy of this size.
Not for beginners.
Rating by reviewer:
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It’s hard to go wrong with a 2.5” thick dildo and Tera Patrick’s Big One|Tera Patrick's big one - Realistic dildo lived up to its promise. It’s big, it’s purple and it’s firm. What more could a girl ask for?

Right out of the box it blew me away. Seven inches of insertable length are nothing to sneeze at, but that’s completely overshadowed by the width. It’s thick--so thick that I could not wrap my hand around it.

I started by trying to use the Big One like any other dildo|Dildos - Buy dildo sex toys. I lay flat on my back and tried to insert it, only to find that it would be much more difficult than I had anticipated. After some intense clitoral stimulation, a lot more lubricant, and a big push that left me gasping (and throbbing - this was such an amazing mixture of a little pain and a lot of pleasure), I had managed to insert it about an inch.

I realized my old-school strategies weren’t going to work and that I’d have to try something new. I put the dildo’s base flat on my bed, straddled it and starting riding away. In the new position, penetration was a dream and I was ready to climax in only a few minutes.

The orgasm was so powerful that it took my breath away. Literally. Afterwards, I lay on my bed hot, tired, sweaty, and utterly spent... because of a dildo.

I’ve spoken to a few male friends about this and there seems to be this general sense of intimidation when it comes to the Big One.  Will she still want my cock after having that inside her? Will she even be able to feel a normal cock after that? Once she’s had something that big, could we ever have good sex without it?

Yes. Yes. Yes.

I started masturbating again less than an hour after the first time. I’ve never had a dildo make me so hungry for more. What was different the second time around was that I couldn’t achieve an orgasm with the Big One. I worked it every way I could and it felt amazing, but I also wanted some more direct g-spot stimulation|How to master the G-spot. When it came time for me to get serious about climaxing, I removed it and inserted a significantly smaller dildo|Small slim dildo. I exploded immediately. I had never known that a big dildo could work so well in tandem with a smaller one, but live and learn.

The Crystalessence material is much nicer than I had anticipated. It’s firm, but is flexible enough to make penetration comfortable. The base is broad and flat, making it both easy to grip and set flat. Even though Crystalessence is supposed to attract dust and lint, I didn’t find that to be a problem at all.

If you are looking for a very large dildo, this is an excellent choice. The size and material are perfectly combined to produce a solid, reliable toy that you won’t soon forget.
Follow-up commentary
Age has treated Tera Patrick's big one well. We're both a little bit older and a little bit wiser. We've been around the block quite a few times with each other and know what works and what doesn't. Experience and time have made me fonder of my great big purple dildo, but that doesn't mean that our relationship is perfect.

The difference in smell is the most striking change in Tera Patrick's big one over the past six months. When I first received it, there may have been a slight jelly toy odor, but certainly nothing off-putting or unusual. With time I've come to notice a more distinct odor. It's not quite vaginal, not quite jelly toy, not really pungent, but also not fresh out of the package. It's not unpleasant, but it is noticeable. I know I should be using a condom when I play with it, but I'm far too lazy. Given the bacteria/smell/convenience trade-off, I decided to opt for the easy way out and change my washing/storage habits.

To counteract the smell, I started washing the dildo with the hottest water in my faucet and antibacterial soap and storing it in a roomy closet with ample air circulation. There was some warping at the base - I'm assuming due to the temperature of the water - but nothing that made the toy in the least bit less functional. The flat sides of the base curved in a bit, but no big deal. Changing the way I wash and store the toy seems to have done the trick and the smell is much less pronounced.

Given this discussion of smell and the concerns about bacteria build-up, it may be important to note that I've had absolutely no vaginal irritation or any other gynecological issues since receiving this toy (or any other toy for that matter). Apart from that minor hiccup in respect to the smell, I've been really pleased with how well Tera Patrick's big one has worked out for me. I use it a couple of times a month and always enjoy it when I do. I'm glad to have it as part of my repertoire and look forward to continued good times with my behemoth.
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  • Nice review, I sympathize with your male friends when I think about my wife using that monster. It is tempting to try out though. Glad you enjoyed it!
  • Great review, I've been thinking about getting it to surprise her, but wasn't sure about the "Crystalessence".  I was concerned it would be rock hard and cold.
  • Lara
    Thanks, guys!

    After using this dildo, I'm sorry that Crystalessence isn't used in more toys. It's rare to find such a good balance between firmness and pliability.

    I did some puttering around the internet and, if I've got my facts straight, Crystalessence is actually a dental composite resin - the stuff that's used in things like veneers and repairing enamel defects. Amazing sort of multitasking, isn't it?
  • Nashville
    Don't forget to use a condom with it. :)
  • ToyingCouple
    Good to hear that this material is holding up well. Every woman can afford a monster cock fantasy at the price of this 'Big One'!
  • MK434
    Thanks for the review!
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