Guide to Getting It On!: Fifth Edition - one of the best how-to books on sex ever written

Guide to Getting It On!: Sixth Edition Book by Goofy Foot Press
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Explicit, encyclopedic, and totally accessible, Guide to Getting It On! is regarded as one of the best how-to books on sex ever written--and certainly the most fun to read. This new commemorative edition doesn't disappoint. Along with the tips, techniques, positions, inhibitions, photographs, and slang terms from earlier editions, it includes over 100 new pages on a wide array of topics. Finally, the clitoris gets its very own chapter ("Under the Hood of Nature's Roadster") and so does the prickly topic of smooth skin ("Deforestation--Shaving Your Lips and Nads"). Other new chapters cover sex in the military (devoted to General Joseph Hooker, a man more successful in the bedroom than on the battlefield), threesomes, sex and cancer, and sex in the Victorian era. No topic is too verboten, no question too stupid, no hang-up too weird--it's all here, presented with a joy and acceptance of all aspects of human sexuality that puts readers at ease and ready to get it on.

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    Pail Joannides
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    Goofy Foot Press
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    2008 year
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