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Product: Hugs n' kisses coupon book Product: Hugs n' kisses coupon book
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27 coupons offer you 27 scenarios to enjoy, so don't hesitate to diversify your love live and bring a nuance of play into your relations.

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Manufacturer: Pipedream

Catalog ID: PD505899


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  • This More Than Hugs and Kisses book of coupons are a great way to say more than I love you, while having fun in the process. Just give the booklet away and fun shall be on its way.

  • You can use, use and re-use these coupons. They aren't all sexual and can spice up your relationship. Bring some fun and excitement to the table with these coupons.

  • A high-quality coupon book that offers great suggestions for making your partner smile and for the two of you to feel closer together. For the price, it's a steal.

  • At $2.99 this is a great little gag that is sure to bring some smiles and joy to you and your partner.