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The Fleshlight Lady Lager offers a tight, real-feel sleeve in a sturdy, semi-discreet (discreet from a distance) case. The Lady Lager sleeve is made with a ridged texture that is in the middle of the stimulation range for Fleshlights. A screw-on base offers adjustable suction during use, and the sleeve works on most men (up to 1.75" wide and 7.5" long).


Tight. Adjustable suction works. Protective packaging keeps toy safe in storage. Feels good.


Not for larger penises. Slightly noisy at times. Superskin requires care and cannot be sanitized.

Best use:

The Fleshlight Lady Lager masturbator is a semi-discreet, real-feel men's masturbation toy. It consists of a Superskin sleeve (slightly smaller around than a normal Fleshlight's) enclosed in a rigid plastic case that's shaped like a beer can. After you unscrew the top and the bottom (either all the way or partway), the sleeve with a semi-realistic vulva and vagina (made with a ridged texture Fleshlight calls the "mini lotus") become accessible. The cylindrical shape of the Lady Lager makes it more difficult to use hands-free than the classic Fleshlight shape, so it's best suited to hand-held use, either by you or a partner.

The Fleshlight's sleeve encloses and stimulates the entire penis on almost anyone. The sleeve is 7" deep, and combined with the unavoidable length lost between your body and the Fleshlight it is good for up to about 7.5-8" before your glans starts to poke through the open end of the sleeve. Due to its design it is pretty much exclusively a toy aimed at males, but it can be conveniently brought into partner play if wanted.
  • Material / Texture:

    The Lady Lager's sleeve is made out of Superskin, a phthalates and latex free real-feel material that does a surprisingly good job of mimicking the feel of skin. It's a bit softer than skin, but the surface texture is very similar. The Superskin sleeve is enclosed in a hard plastic case that looks like a aluminum can, with screw-off lids on either end. The Superskin doesn't smell much, but I did notice an odd flavor when I touched it with my tongue, so you might not want to use a Fleshlight to practice your cunnilingus skills on.

    The outside texture is smooth and slightly velvety, while the inside of the Lady Lager's channel is livened up by 8 ridges of a variety of designs, a texture that Fleshlight calls the Mini Lotus. During use these ridges felt good, although the ridged design is one of the less-stimulating texture options in the Fleshlight line.

    Material safety
    Safety features:
    Latex free / Phthalates free
  • Shape / Design / Size / Fit:

    The can-shaped case of the Fleshlight Lady Lager encloses the entire toy in a hard plastic protective case about 7-3/4" tall and 3" in diameter. The caps stay firmly on either end, ensuring that the toy is protected in storage, and the plastic body provides a solid and secure hand hold during use.

    Fleshlight calls the Sex In A Can line the tightest of the Fleshlights, and that is definitely true. With the sleeve removed, the hole in the upper end of the plastic case measures only 1-7/8 inches in diameter, ensuring a tight opening - possibly too tight if you have an above-average endowment. The open-ended sleeve is almost seven inches long, and if that is too short you can screw the "top" of the can on the bottom, giving you an extra inch of depth, or else use the Lady Lager with the bottom removed entirely (though this prevents the semen from being held in the can).

    Is the Fleshlight Lady Lager discreet? Yes and no. From a distance it does look like a large beer can, but from closer up there are enough differences to either give the game away or encourage curiosity in someone who found it. Unfortunately the label is not entirely discreet, with a midsized "Sex In A Can" and "Fleshlight" on the back (along with a humorous warning against using while operating a motor vehicle or heavy equipment). Even the top (which could be inadvertently left out) has a medal proclaiming it as the "greatest sex toy for men".

    7 3/4"
    Fits up to:
    1 3/4"
    2 3/4"
    Vaginal depth:
    7 1/2"
    19 oz
  • Functions / Performance / Controls:

    The main control with the Fleshlight Lady Lager is the bottom screw base, which serves to regulate the suction during use. The range of adjustments is limited, but it does work. With the bottom fully tightened, the Lady Lager had a very strong suction that kept it on my penis. When I pulled out the suction was strong enough to suck the sleeve entirely inside the can, which was a surprise. Adjusting the base I was able to get several different levels of suction, all stronger on the out-stroke than the in. Using the Lady Lager with suction resulted in some noise, predominantly a wheezing sound as the air rushed through the opening, but also a popping as the end cap opened up to let out trapped air as I thrust in. The noise was not outrageous, but it could cause embarrassment if you were attempting to use the Lady Lager covertly with a roommate. Unscrewing the end reduced both suction and noise, while removing the cap all the way eliminated all noise (and suction).

    The Fleshlight is waterproof, but the manufacturer warns against exposing the Superskin to soap (since it degrades it), so if you want to use it in the shower or the bath it would be best to pull it out before the soap makes an appearance. Use in a hot tub or swimming pool is not recommended because of the chlorine. The Lady Lager sleeve can be used for temperature play by soaking it in warm or cold water before use, but the material warms up fairly rapidly on its own.

    Special Features:
    • Free samples
    • Realistic design
  • Care and Maintenance:

    The Superskin material used in the Lady Lager requires a bit of special care in order to have a long life. The most important thing to realize is that there is no effective way to completely clean the Fleshlight without degrading the Superskin, so it's best to keep it for use by a single person (condoms could be used for sharing). Soap, as well as any disinfecting agent, will degrade the material, as will oil or silicone-based lubes. Full care instructions are enclosed with the Fleshlight, and should be followed. These instructions include: use only water-based lube, rinse after use with water, dry thoroughly, and optionally dust with cornstarch to preserve the feel.

    Once the sleeve has been cleaned and put back in the Lady Lager "can" storage is easy, as the rigid plastic case protects the sleeve from trouble.

  • Packaging:

    The Lady Lager sleeve comes in two packages, the rigid, reusable can-shaped case with screw-on top and bottom is packaged in a plastic tube with use and care instructions. The Lady Lager is actually glued to the plastic sleeve and instructions, so you may wind up having to cut the sleeve off.

  • Personal comments:

    At first I had trouble with the Lady Lager - it is very tight on me, and the suction setting takes some playing around with. After I had used it a bit I started to like it more - the very tight entry gives this toy an almost anal feel, although long strokes were difficult (I tended to come out). I think that anyone much bigger than I am (1.7") would probably have problems using the Lady Lager comfortably, and the area where the sleeve is pressed against the plastic may thin and break eventually. This would be a good toy for people with mid-girth penises (1-1.5" horizontal "diameter") who want a tighter feel.

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