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Fuck me silly 2 mega masturbator

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Realistic vagina - Fuck me silly 2 mega masturbator - view #1 Realistic vagina - Fuck me silly 2 mega masturbator - view #2 Realistic vagina - Fuck me silly 2 mega masturbator - view #3 Realistic vagina - Fuck me silly 2 mega masturbator - view #4 Realistic vagina - Fuck me silly 2 mega masturbator - view #5


Totally worth it. This does not disappoint, it's great for solo use or with a partner. Feels outstanding! I found it to be very versatile and extremely enjoying. Get this !!!


feel, always ready to go


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  • Material / Texture:

    The entire toy is made of TPR, Fanta-flesh. It cleans up very nicely with simple soap and water. Included with the toy came a 1oz. bottle of antibacterial toy cleaner, a 1oz. bottle of water-based lube and a 30g. bottle of Fantaflesh "revive". Sight - I was pretty excited just seeing the box, open the box there is a styrofoam box, open that there is a plastic clamshell box, open that the torso is wrapped in prelubed, prepowdered plastic bag. Touch - I really am impressed with the feel of this, there is a bit of drag running your fingers or hands along, my GF put some lube on it and they slide right along. The feel of the tits is amazing, the textured areola feels nice running your tongue along, just slightly hardening nipples. The torso feel good too, let me mention that this is lifesize, my GF held it up to her and all the parts line right up. The waist is pretty thin. The hip area is like the tits, fuller and you can really sink your hands into it. The pussy feels like the real deal. They really did a great job with the appearance of this. Sliding my cock into this is an experience, oh my god did it feel good. I was ready to shoot right there, there is ribbing but they are spread out. Like I said you get past the whole missing head and limbs thing really quickly. Smell - Nothing really, there was a slight odor but I wash my toys before I use them anyway and it along with the nipple color was removed with soap and water. Clean up is really easy so I don't see lingering odor as a problem. Taste - like the odor that was present prior to washing there was a slight taste, probably the powder, but it was gone. Hearing - The only time I heard a noise other than that coming from ourselves was when I picked her up and held her on my cock, there is a drain hole in the back for cleaning and I was getting some quiet suction type of noise from there. You could totally use this in a house full of people and no one would know. I'm 6ft about 250 and was on top of this, I didn't feel like she would pop or break, being able to sink my hands into those tits and hips, felt comfortable. Fingernails may be an issue, I could see the toy being prone to puncture marks. There is a video made by the company that explaining more of the "skeleton" system.

    Material safety
    Safety features:
    Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free
  • Shape / Design / Size / Fit:

    Do I like the design? Are you kidding ?? Fuck yeah, I love the design, thank you Pipe Dream you're awesome. As I mentioned before, this is realistic and it is true to size, they say 21 in. long, and you think gee, that sounds small but it's not. This toy is ideal for anyone who wants to have sex. If you're a virgin, get this, the texture, the shape, the appearance will prepare you to look a pussy in the eye the first time. Practice cunnilingus, why not, people practice BJ's on dildo's, right? Want a three way? Here's the solution. I'm lucky in the sense I don't have to hide my toys. Like I said it comes in a multitude of boxes, I could keep this in the clam shell case until I got something sturdier, it may fit under some beds or if all else fails in a closet. There is no hiding what this for though, but if someone was quickly coming up the stairs you could fit it in a drawer if you needed to. Travel friendly? Well, for the most part yes it is. I can fit it in my duffle bag when I go out of town.

    Fits up to:
    2 1/2"
    Vaginal depth:
    Anal depth:
    12 lb
  • Functions / Performance / Controls:

    I only just got this 10/17/11 so I need to play with her a bit more. The only concern I immediately had was the thickness of the skin in the perineum area. This is not paperthin and would probably hold up to the intended usage, which is why I would not recommend DP. The best or rather easiest position I have found so far is to lay the toy on a bed pillow. Yes, she does have a waist for you to grab a hold of, but they made her very skinny, and I was fumbling to get a better hold. As mentioned, the only noise to speak of was when I held onto her and placed her on me, the only reason that made a sound was due to the drain hole in the back, my cock was coming out of the hole creating a quiet but audible suction noise. If, for example, someone was watching tv or had music on; it would not be heard. The toy is entirely waterproof but I have not tried it in the water yet, I'm still trying to figure out how I could do it.

    Special Features:
    • Free samples
    • Super stretchy
  • Care and Maintenance:

    Being that this is made of TPR a simple soap and water bath works just fine. As far as lube goes a silicone or waterbased is best. Also, remember to use condoms if sharing! Right now I have her sitting in the clamshell case she came in which is where I'll keep her.

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