Just In Case, Inc. Just in case II - Condom kit from Just In Case, Inc.

Just in case II Condom kit by Just In Case, Inc.
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  • Just in case II - Condom kit
  • Just in case II - Condom kit
  • Just in case II - Condom kit
  • Just in case II - Condom kit
This product has been discontinued
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Discreetly made and ultra-sleek, this wonderful compact hides a delectable secret with a hidden compartment that fits 2 condoms. Nothing says sexy more than being smart and this compact screams just that. Shaped like a makeup compact, complete with full size mirror, this little number flips up to reveal a compartment that can hold 2 condoms, ensuring safety and health wherever you may find yourself.

Catalog ID: ENT81204

  • Properties

    Condom size:
    2 3/4"
    2 3/4"
    0.2 lb

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    Customer comments

    • interesting
    • I am soo bummed this is discontinued. I love it so much I wanted to buy more for gifts.
    • This is the perfect way to discreetly stay safe and stay prepared.
    • this is cool
    • love the discreet design
    • Nice...compact, handy, and discreet! Love it!
    • have to try
    • I still have my old silver one, it comes in handy - not only for being preped but also for that last minute make-up check
    • Ooo, I like the look of this -- looks better than the original!
    • good idea
    more reviews (3)
    • this is a great thing to carry. I'm going to buy one for my gf so I dont have to carry
    • Pisces_Girl
      First time i saw it i thought it was soo cute and discreet and i couldnt wait to buy it i did and i love it, its a really good way of always having condoms with you just in case but in a very discreet and girly way & who would imagine what is in there? its the perfect place to keep them safe and very well hidden with no worries about someone looking throu your purse. I think every woman should have one. Only problem is it only fits 2 maybe 3 condoms in it but other than that its great!
    • Aspasia
      Great for ladies. After all, why leave anything to chance? Carry your own so there are no excuses, whoopses or 'uh-ohs'. Besides, it's a great, sexy little secret for a guy to think you're just checking your makeup in your compact. Hee!
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