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Just in case II

Condom kit by Just In Case, Inc.

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The Just in Case II is a way to store your condoms discreetly. While it doesn't hold a lot, it does hold enough for a good night out and ensures that you can stay safe - discreetly.
Very modern, holds two condoms, comes with condoms, is pretty discreet
Mirror fell out, shows fingerprints really easily
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The Just in Case II is a small, little black condom compact case manufactured by "Just In Case". The little case is made completely from a relatively thin plastic. The case is a square 2 and 3/4 inches in size. The top of the black case has the Just In Case logo etched into it (it's discreet). The entire case is only offered in a black color, and it's a nice, shiny plastic. The bottom of the case includes a small sticker talking about the origin of Just in Case that can easily be peeled off. The case, unlike the original Just In Case, has nice, rounded edges, and the body of the case looks much more "modern".

The packaging for the Just in Case II is very basic. It just comes in a small box with the Just In Case II logo on the front. It states that this case is intended to discreetly store condoms as well as it states that condoms were included. This box could be used for storage (and is easily classy enough to be a gift box), but there's really no reason to keep the box since the case itself serves as its own case.

If you didn't know, the basic premise of the Just In Case II is to allow you to carry around your condoms in a way that's much more fashionable than just stuffing it into the bottom of your purse. Because the condom is hidden in the case itself, it also reasons that most people aren't going to see your condom - which is great for those who want to keep their sex life private. The case itself is actually pretty discreet. The front does have the Just in Case logo on it, but if you aren't a sex toy lover, you won't know what the logo stands for. The inside lid does have "Just In Case" written on the top though, so that's not as discreet. However, if someone is looking through your purse, this works amazingly for making your condoms discreet.

The case looks just like a regular make-up compact. The entire plastic black casing is intended to protect the mirror on the inside. After opening it up (it opens with an odd button-like clasp), there's a mirror (nicely shiny!) on the lid of the case. The bottom has a lid that says "Just in Case II" on it. The lid includes a small little ledge with an indentation that is intended to allow you to open up the bottom-part to the hidden compartment. The bottom compartment originally will hold two Lifestyles Ultra-Lubricated condoms. It holds those two condoms with no problem. The lid to the hidden compartment is a bit obvious with the ridge and the top has a hole that allows you to see into your secret compartment. However, it works just fine for people looking at it from a long-distance.

One of the bigger complaints I have with this Just in Case II is the mirror. I'm not sure if I just got a badly made one, but within a week of owning it (and within just two random, regular trips in my purse to work), the mirror on the top of the case ended up coming dislodged and now is removable. It's not worth it to send it back for replacement from EF (though they'd do it free of charge, I know), but I was disappointed in it. I can tell you that the mirror is a real mirror and is held on by a couple rings of glue on the backside. I'm sure that I could end up supergluing the mirror right back in with no problem, but superglue and I seriously do not mix. I was just a bit disappointed that this happened so quickly after purchase, but I wouldn't let that fact keep you from purchasing your own - it's super easy to fix. Aside from the mirror, the quality of the compact seems to be just fine - I'd say it will last for awhile.

So what will this condom case hold? This case comes with (and easily holds) two condoms. You might be able to get a third one in there, but it'd be a really tight fit. I was worried about squishing/hurting the condoms when I tried. This case will also hold trial-samples of lubricant - two of them. If you know you will only have one session that night, you could include a trial-size of lubricant plus a condom with no problem. It could also hold other smaller items like folded-up dollar bills or other important pieces of paper. Anything that's less than 2 3/4 inches in length and less than 1/2 inches in height should fit without too much of a problem.
When it comes to whether I like the Just in Case II or the original Just in Case more, I think I'm going to have to go with the Original Just in Case. I think I just enjoyed the case's design more. I also liked the fact that the mirror seemed to be larger, and while the original was much more bulky and not as svetle looking, I just think it worked better for me. However, I will say that the Just in Case II is much more discreet. It's also a bit smaller and will hold the same objects but in a smaller space.

As a sidenote about the condoms, the condoms included with this did end up expiring in 2013, so the Just in Case manufacturers seem to pay good attention to the dates. Regular-sized condoms are the only size that will fit in here - extra-large condoms will not have enough room.

One of the objections I've heard against condom cases seems legitimate - most people recommend against storing condoms in a wallet or keeping them in the glove compartment of your car. What's the difference between that and keeping it in this condom case? The thing is, in both a wallet and the glove compartment of the car, there is a lot of heat. One's from the sun and trapped sunlight and the other is from body heat. When it comes to tossing a condom case into a purse, a purse tends to be stored inside buildings (that are air-conditioned) as well are usually stored away from direct sunlight. A purse is usually kept relatively far away from body heat. All of this added together means that condoms in condom cases tend to stay relatively safe. Storing the case in direct heat would destroy all of that though. (This is all my personal postulation - nothing official. I should try running some condom experiments. I'd be a "scientist".)

The case is made from plastic. Because of this, it's extremely easy to clean out the tray in the case in case something happens to spill on it. Using a washcloth and wiping it out works fine. You can use a mirror cleaner to clean this mirror just like any other mirror. Again, avoid keeping this in any direct heat if there are condoms involved, but aside from that, it seems to work fine in all environments. Make sure to check the expiration date on your condoms before depending on them for the night.

I do like this case - just not as much as my other case. I'm disappointed that the mirror came out so quickly, but it's nothing that couldn't be fixed. The outer body (shiny surface) of the case picks up fingerprints like a magnet which drives me nuts too. However, it's still a high-quality case and works amazingly well for storing those items that you might need on a night out. There isn't much of a difference in terms of the original and this case, so if you prefer one over the other, go with your preference. I'd easily recommend this to someone who wants to keep their condoms safe and discreet.
Follow-up commentary
I still like the Just In Case 2 and I'm really sad to see that the product has been discontinued. It was an amazing idea, and I feel like the Just in Case 2 was much more discreet than the Just in Case 1. However, even after gluing the mirror back on with regular glue, it did fall off again. SUPERglue actually fixed it, and it has stayed glued on ever since, but I just don't have as much of a reason to take it out. It's still a good product though, but I, personally, don't use it as much.
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  • ToyGeek
    If I ever get a social life, I'll pick one up. Thanks for the review!
  • kck
    At least the mirror didn't break, leaving shards of glass in your purse! Still, too bad about it falling off. Thanks for the great review, Mistress!
  • Airen Wolf
    Might be just the thing for Sigel...one fell out of his pocket and got washed and dried today. Funny stuff there!
  • Dusk
    Thanks for the review! I'm currently trying to decide between this one and the original, but I'm leaning towards this for the more modern design.
  • C4ss
    Seems great. Thanks for the review.
  • sbon
    Thanks for the review! It's a shame this wouldn't be good for XL condoms.
  • Lady Neshamah
    always wonderful
  • Anjulie
    Great review--love the title!
  • Ms. Spice
    i was thinking about it but since it doesn't store XL condoms, maybe not
  • The Curious Couple
    Great review, thank you!
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