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This discreet condom holder is perfect for people who want a classier way to carry their protection around with them. It has a mirror in the top portion, making this case functional in more ways than one, and the condoms fit in easily. The Just In Case II spares you the indignity of realizing your last condom looks like it got ran over by a truck, and does it with class.
Comes with a mirror, is totally and completely discreet
Shows smudges and dust super easily, only holds two condoms
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The Just In Case II is a discreet way to store and carry condoms and other goodies in a compact mirror case with a secret compartment. The Just In Case II (I'll call her JIC from now on) is pocket and purse sized, at 2 3/4" long, by 2 3/4" wide; it looks just like a case in which you would find foundation or concealer. Men and women alike can use this, but the fact that it looks like a women's cosmetic case may deter the more masculine types.

When you open the case (via a push tab on the side of the case) you can slide the top up, revealing a mirror inlaid into the lid. When you pull up the false bottom (easily done, as there's a small raised tab that you can put your thumb against to pull it up) you see the compartment where you can store your condoms. The mirror appears to be made of actual glass, with no scratches or imperfections, and even after me dropping it three feet to the ground, it didn't break or show any signs of failure. The false bottom has 'Just In Case II' engraved in it, but unless you've got light shining directly on it, you can't see the words. Likewise, the plastic portion shows fingerprints and smudges easily, but that's easily remedied by wiping it with a cloth. It comes with a sticker on the bottom with info about how the JIC is distributed (It's made in Taiwan, if you're curious) that's easily removed.

(The green dot is from my camera and is not on the actual product)

The outside of the case has the Just In Case logo on it in white, but it's just two ovals beside one another, and nobody who was unfamiliar with Just In Case would have any idea of what it is. The bottom of the case has a circle cut out of it so you can peer into the case if you so desired, but I actually couldn't see the contents of JIC.

JIC easily holds two condoms, two small packets of lubricant, or two dental dams (folded in half). It even fits oversized or extra large condoms, as well as unconventionally shaped condom packages, like the One condoms.

JIC comes in a very attractive black box with a window showing the Just In Case logo, and info on the back in English and French detailing what the product is. It would gift well, and also discreetly, as it looks like the box for a large eyeliner set.

I wasn't able to squeeze more than two condoms into the JIC without having to squish it closed, but the two I put in fit well. I was also able to put one condom in with a sample of lubricant, and I was also able to fold a dental dam small enough to fit inside. I appreciate the knowledge that my condoms won't be squished, accidentally pierced or otherwise damaged in my cavernous bag before I can use them.
It does feel a little flimsy, and I'm afraid I'm going to break it in my bag, but a week of tossing it around hasn't shown any signs of destruction yet.
Follow-up commentary
Although I think this is a pretty fabulous idea, I've found that it's a little too easy to accidentally open the condom compartment when you're aiming for the mirror portion. Because it's too easy to make a faux pas and flash your condom when you may not want to, this is one of my lesser used toy accessories. Hopefully they'll come out with a Just In Case III that's more difficult to accidentally open.
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  • Contributor: BBW Talks Toys
    Thorough! Great pictures and explanation of just what will fit!
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    Great review
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    Thanks for reading, y'all
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    great review
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    Awesome, now I am gonna get one of these. Thanks!
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    Karen, let me know how you like it!
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    Great review, thanks!
  • Contributor: BeautifulDarkness
    This is very cute, but I think I would have to agree with you. There are time you don't want everyone to know what you have hidden in there. It sucks to hear that this didn't work out. Thanks for the review.
  • Contributor: DeliciousSurprise
    Thanks for reading, folks!

    It is a bit frustrating that it pops open so easily, now (I think maybe time has loosened it or something because it used to be more stable, I think) but it's still a very clever idea, just not executed perfectly.
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