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Silk lube

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Silk lube Silk lube
So, this item is discontinued. But our care service gathered someting special like this for you.
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A closer look

Premium water-based lubricant.

How it feels

Water-based formula is compatible with all materials

Flavor: Unflavored

Safety features: Glycerin free / L-Arginine free / Paraben free / Petro-chemicals free

Ingredients: Purified spring water, sorbitol, isopropyl, palmitate, polysorbate 20, dimethicone, emollient ester, DMDM hydantoin

Ordering Details

Manufacturer: Sliquid LLC

Catalog ID: SL009

How it works

Vegan and cruelty-free

How it measures

Weight: 4 oz

  • I don't want to ever use any other lube again. In fact, because of this lube I will always be sure to buy products that are compatible with hybrid lubes.

  • Easy to clean off, Silky smooth feeling, Thick

  • Vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, natural ingredients, reasonable price, easy cleanup

  • This is a wonderful product that is healthy and free of chemicals. To me that is worth the price. I find the texture and consistency to be top notch compared to others that I've used.

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