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Product: Hot heart massager XOXO
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A closer look

Massage can help increase the intimacy between you and your partner. The Amazing Hot Heart Massager builds on that intimacy by adding extra warmth to your touch – and you can use it again and again. The heart-shaped massager comes complete with a guide that provides mood setting tips, suggestions on how to initiate intimate massage, four romantic massage techniques as well as clear instructions on how to reuse the massager.

How it measures

Length: 3"

Width: 3"

Ordering Details

Manufacturer: Lover's Choice Inc.

Catalog ID: ALCHH37

How it feels

Material: Pvc

  • Hearts that heat make wonderful gifts for either yourself or a loved one. They're easy to use and they're also reusable, providing time after time of wonderful warm use.

  • Buy this hot heart massager, its worth the price and then some. The long-lasting material and ability to hold heat make it easy to use and effective for pain relief and massages.

  • Reusable, Cute, Very Warm, Inexpensive, Pain Relief/Stress Relief!

  • For a low price you can get a massager that warms you up and takes your partner's touch to another level. It has countless other unconventional uses, and lasts for about 45 minutes of warmth.

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