Rose petal soap flakes Sensual kit discontinued

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Product: Rose petal soap flakes
This item is discontinued.
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Sensual rose petal scented bath flakes.

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Manufacturer: California Exotic

Catalog ID: SE248700

How it measures

Weight: 15 oz

  • Smell great and very romantic

  • Overall, if you're looking for something affordable and fun to spice up bath time, look no further. These were tons of fun to use and if I were someone without that extreme sensitivity to glycerine, I would LOVE this product. Such a cute idea!

  • This is a great product for a special occasion bath or a special romantic bath for two. Breathe in their rose scent and enjoy a few bubbles and as you relax in pink water. A bath with these rose flakes is a very enjoyable experience.

  • Wonderful scent, realistic, melt away and create bubble bath

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