A Cute Idea... but OUCH!

Overall, if you're looking for something affordable and fun to spice up bath time, look no further. These were tons of fun to use and if I were someone without that extreme sensitivity to glycerine, I would LOVE this product. Such a cute idea!
Scented like roses, Dissolves well, Makes bath-time fun
Not good for those with chronic UTI's/ yeast infections
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These are some of the cutest "rose petals" around. Meant to spice up your regular old "soak in the tub". They smell lovely, just like roses, and dissolve easily in warm (and even cool) water. I prefer hot water, so mine dissolved very quickly (something to note).

I think this product is perfect for the busy woman, or the busy man who just wants to relax and take a bath so they can drown out the noise of the kids, read a book, forget about their awful day at work, and just repair their minds. This is also great for that couple who wants to share a sensous bath together.

I feel awful, because silly old me decided to throw away any mysterious labels and packaging as soon as possible before the neighbor's children arrived. They are very nosy and I couldn't afford them finding anything that hinted "sex". I can tell you that all I remember seeing was a list of ingredients and the label from Cal Exotics. I apologize that I can't list the ingredients for you.

I do know that there must be Glycerine in this product, not only because it has that "glycerine smell" but also because I had to recover a serious UTI 3 weeks ago when I was done using them. I recommend using only a few flakes in your tub to reduce this, and make sure to wash yourself and your genital area off before getting out of the tub.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

These rose petals feel like pure soap flakes. For example, if you took a dove soap bar and started to shred or slice thin layers of it off at a time, that's what they feel like. They do look "weaved" so I'm really curious as to how these were made, but nonetheless, they look very similar to the petals of a large, fully-bloomed rose.

When you put the petals in water, they stay hard for up to 5 minutes in warm water, and in cool water about 10. After this time, they begin to dissolve and also color the water. They have a soapy yet pleasant scent, and I really can say that I enjoyed that hot bath. I tested a few flakes in a cold bowl of water to see how long they would last, which is how I got my 10 minute time for the cool water.

Once dissolved, the water simply feels like water. It doesn't thicken or bubble. You do have that feeling like you bathed with a bar of soap (I'm hoping at least some of you know what I'm talking about) which I didn't quite like. However, it was a small price to pay for a sensual, quiet, pleasureful bath. The real price I paid came a day AFTER the bath... I'll explain later.

Taste / Aroma

I can't think of the brand right now, but these flakes smell extremely and strikingly similar to a floral scented bar of soap that I have owned recently. They smell just like roses (except for that glycerine soap smell) and it wasn't bothersome or unpleasant. If you're like my mother or sister and the smell of floral scent annoys you, you might want to stick to your regular bubble bath.

I thought the smell was cute, and my hubby and I enjoyed playing in the tub, holding each other and kissing one another as the petals slowly dissolved. The scent seemed to actually turn us on more... maybe it was the hot water... maybe it was the fact that both of us were naked... who knows? All I know is that the bath was wonderful.

I did also bathe with half of the flakes on my own as sort of a "personal getaway" from the daily stressors in life. Something about having rose petals in your bathwater is just relaxing. Even if they aren't real rose petals. Not to mention that real roses cost a fortune out where I live, practically in the desert.
    • Light smell
    • Smells good


I used half of the petals in one bath with my hubby in our large tub, and I used the red flower (a bunch of flakes together as a whole that you can pull apart) in a bath alone. So this thing is easily good for two or more baths. Thinking back now I probably should have used less, but I really had that urge to completely cover the water in petals.

I already mentioned the time that they stay in-tact, but they take about 5-7 minutes to fully dissolve into the warm water. In cool water it takes a lot longer... 10-15 minutes or so.

Upon getting out of the water I had that feeling like I washed with a bar of soap. I hate that feeling because it's similar to having soap scum all over your skin. My hubby didn't feel this at all, and simply jumped into bed. I, on the other hand, washed myself off with body wash.

What's not so great? Well... I got a severe UTI after taking baths with these. I really should have known better. I knew some sort of glycerine was in this product, yet I used it anyway. That's my fault. However, it acts as a warning to those who are sensitive to glycerine or soaps in general.


All the rose petals come neatly packaged in a plastic heart-shaped container. It's easy to open and re-usable. I saved mine and I plan to put some gifts in it later on down the line for a friend or family. It is plastic, so it is recyclable, but I prefer to reuse.

There is a label inside of the package along with a label connected to it. These are the labels I should have kept so I could tell you guys the ingredients, but I trashed them for the reason I listed above. There was nothing that would stand out as "SEX SEX SEX" in my opinion. It did have the Cal Exotics label, so if you have someone in your home who knows what that is, you may want to get rid of those labels. Otherwise, who cares?

I wouldn't travel with these only because the flakes could easily melt in the sunlight or in hot weather. We are nearing a colder time of the year, but for those who may be reading summers from now, I would avoid traveling. Plus, if the soap melted and got all over your clothes in your suitcase... that wouldn't be good.
    • Discreet
    • Minimal
    • Not travel friendly

Special Features

Scented... and that's about it. But the scent is good!
    • Scented


The experience was great, I wont lie. These were fun to use, and the two baths I had were extremely relaxing. I would simply advise others to use caution if they have allergies to scented products or easily get UTI's or yeast infections. I made the mistake of taking a bath with soap and that was really stupid on my part, and I don't see any reason to deduct stars from the product just because of my mistake.

I did find another form of artificial roses (review up soon) that worked better for me. I just thought I would let you all know in case you're a woman with the same problems I have. There is an alternative!
Follow-up commentary
I didn't know what option to pick. However, since I can't use this stuff, my husband has bought several of these to give as christmas gifts. We've removed the labels and wrapped them up in baskets with candles and lotions and bath bubbles from Bath and Body works. Makes a great set!
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