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Pure passion Gel by LIfestyle Ventures
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Pure Passion is a stimulating gel that adds a little flavor to an already hot product. Available in four versions to tempt your tastebuds, they pack a sexy punch to stir your love life.

Simply massage a few drops onto the clitoral area, where they will give a tingling cool sensation as well as a sensual warming feel. Also effective for penis stimulation, just rub a small amount over the head to experience the effects.

Washes off easily with soap and water, an excellent way to add a little variety to your sexual routine. Compact bottle stashes easily in a purse or bedside drawer.

Catalog ID: PP07

  • Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

    Purified Water, Propylene Glycol, Arginine HCL, Citric Acid, Guar Gum, Natural Menthol Crystals, Xantham Gum, Wild Yam extract, Guarana Seed extract, Damiana extract, Niacinimide, propylparaben and Natural Color and flavor
  • Taste / Aroma

  • Performance

    Safety features:
    Glycerin free
    Special features:
    • Edible
    • Tingling sensation
    • Warming
  • Packaging

    0.5 fl.oz.

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    Customer comments

    • interesting bottle.
    • This was awesome!
    • want it!
    • interesting packaging
    • This is amazing
    • If it was still available and didn't have parbens, then I'd get some. I love the look of the container.
    • Coppercloud
      This product worked great for me. My bf was very happy with this little magic bottle, as he calls it. Bought the cherry flavor and the taste is fine. If it had been any stronger, I would have had the same problem as the some of the others. I would advise the first time you use this try a little, and if you like it, add more. I would give this to any women that feels she has a lower sex drive then her partner.
    • Jan
      DEFINETLY would not recommend this product unless you have a pretty big clit! Got this stuff around the hole and it burned ike tomorrow! I will admit the part that was on my clit felt pretty darn good though, but couldnt enjoy it because i had to run into the shower and washt the other part off!
    • Groovy
      Not good for anal. Way to ruin the mood by burning my girlfriends butt.
    • Bonnie Anderson
      Bonnie Anderson
      I absolutely love this product! Its one of a kind! Ladies, if you havent tried it yet, I highly recommend. You won't regret!
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    • Oleg
      This stuff is the bomb! My girl Karina was blowing up with orgasms all night long!
    • Versatile
      OH YEAH! No Sleepless in Seattle Diner moments with this stuff, there's no faking it and it taste great too. What more could you want.
    • horny hugo
      horny hugo
      i've been unfortunate enough to taste many different products playing with my girlfriend, she's into that stuff... pure passion by far has the best smell and tastes better than any other product she ever bought.... and it seems to be working out for her too... i can tell...
    • Tara Smith
      Tara Smith
      Pure Passion is by far the best female enhancer i've ever tried, and, believe me, i've tried many! I love the fact that there is 4 different flavors, it just spices up the whole experience ! I think everyone must try Pure Passion, ladies. And men, if you want your lady to feel heavenly, Pure Passion would make it happen, and I guarantee you'll enjoy it too. I say this because my boyfriend is the one who first introduced me to this wonderful product. And oh does he love watching me get warmed up!
    • anonymous
      This is one of the best stimulators i've ever used!
    • ariel
      i think this is the best ever! it makes it taste soo good :)
    • anonymous
      can't say enough about this product! I'm on my second bottle! Pure Passion is awesome stuff! I highly recommend it! Best of its kind on the market!
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