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"Sex on the Beach" Arousal Gel

A great arousal gel that creates a nice cooling then warming sensation that is intensified with blowing. It doesn't take much of this stuff to feel amazing. Just note that there are some less than savory ingredients in this water based gel.
Works well without getting too intense, great taste, Glycerin free
Contains Parabens, L Arginine, and Propylene Glycol, and is expensive
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I am on a quest, not for the Holy Grail itself, but for the holy grail of lubes. I have had some MAJOR disappointments so far with arousal lubes|Arousal lubes, but here I am… trying again. Okay, this lube isn’t really a lube at all per say, but more of a topical gel. The label specifically states that it is “Pleasure Enhancing Gel For Women|Pure passion Gel.” Just a note, it does work on men also, just not quite as well.

Okay, first things first. I for one am not prone to yeast infections, nor do I have sensitive skin, but for everyone out there who does, I provide you with this list of ingredients.

Purified Water, Propylene Glycol (may cause contact allergy), Arginine HCL (can trigger breakouts for people with HSV), Citric Acid, Guar Gum, Natural Menthol Crystals, Xantham Gum, Wild Yam extract, Guarana Seed extract, Damiana extract, Niacinimide, propylparaben (promotes allergic sensitization), and Natural Color and flavor

The bottle is a very nice design, albeit quite small for the price (1/2 oz to be exact). The pump works well, and has been mess and leak free for me so far. I have a cat that likes to use my crowded lube bottles as an obstacle course, so most of them spend their time lying on their sides. This has never leaked and has been knocked off of the nightstand on more than one occasion.

The bottle directs you to use two pumps and massage it onto the clit for 3 minutes. I would only recommend using one so you don’t risk getting too much of it in case you are sensitive to the menthol in this. The product claims to deliver a cooling then a warming sensation. I noticed these; however the cooling was much more intense for me than the warming was. Rubbing made no change in intensity at all, but blowing did. I am not sure if this is true for everyone, but when it was in the warming phase, blowing on it still created an intense cooling sensation. I found this to really create some interesting and pleasing sensations.

Even if you wanted to, you wouldn’t really be able to use this as an actual lubricant. It dries rather fast and if you use enough of it (about 3 pumps) for it to act as a lube, it gets pretty sticky. When you massage it into skin, it disappears within a minute or two. When you use it sparingly, there isn’t any residue left on your skin, and just the slightest scent of menthol.

There are a couple really great points about this “Pure Passion” gel. First of all, the taste is awesome. I have only tried the “Sex on the Beach” flavor, and it tastes exactly like the drink, though it is more like the version made with pineapple instead of orange. There doesn’t seem to be any aftertaste, however I did notice some tongue numbing and lip tingling. I didn’t really find this unpleasant at all, and neither did my husband, as it isn’t very intense. Secondly, I found the different sensations to be quite pleasing. There was a sort of menthol feeling about it that is difficult to explain. It wasn’t really a tingling or like the cooling or warming sensations, just a little more sensitivity and awareness.

My only gripes with this product are the high price, and I wish it was made from safer ingredients. I would recommend it to people who know they are not sensitive to the irritants found in this. So while I really like this arousal gel, I will keep searching for the perfect lube…
I rubbed one pump-full of gel onto my clit. Nothing happened for a few minutes, then I noticed a slight cooling sensation. The cooling continued to get more intense but never became uncomfortable. My husband blew on the area and the feeling became more frigid. The more forceful he blew, the more intense it became. My sensitivity was increased considerably while my husband performed cunnilingus. After approximately 5 minutes the cooling turned to a more subtle warming sensation. I was expecting to feel the warming intensified when my husband blew on me again, but was shocked that it felt cold just as it had before. Once the blowing stopped, the sensation returned to warmth.

We moved on to intercourse and the warming sensation faded into the background. I noticed the increased sensitivity to my clit and vaginal opening where the gel had been applied. After sex, I could no longer feel much of the sensation from the gel anymore, so I asked my husband to blow on me again. While the sensation was not as strong as it had been previously, it was still quite noticeable. There wasn’t really anything to wash off besides the normal ejaculate and sweat like always.

I have used this on my husband’s penis, and while he felt some sensation, it was not that noticeable to him. Also note that this gel did nothing for my nipples.
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  • Dame Demi
    Hallelujah!  A positive review from Bulma!  I have a bottle of this on the way (the Sex on the Beach flavor, as well), and now I've got much higher hopes for it than I had previously!  Thanks again, Bulma!
  • Thanks for including the ingredient list! Glad you found something that works a little better.
  • Bulma
    You're welcome guys!  Dame Demi, I hope you like it.  I'm looking forward to your review   Thanks CW, at least this stuff feels good without making me run to the bathroom screaming to wash it off   This product prompted me to do some more research into lubes and their ingredients, so I hope the ingredient list proves helpful to a few people.
  • Jimbo Jones
    I applaud you for providing an ingredient list as well and will have to make it a point to include that in any lube reviews I do in the future. Glad you found one that worked well for you. I have never really ventured into the arousal lube arena, but I might just have to give this a shot. Thanks for another great review.
  • Bulma
    Thanks Jimbo Jones!  I think ingredient lists are pretty important, plus providing which ones may cause trouble for people.  Three months ago I had no clue what was in these kinds of lubes, nor did I know that any of them may be harmful.  Hopefully I can help share what I've learned with others
  • Oggins
    Thanks for the review Bulma!  Since there was no screaming in pain involved with this one, I might have to give it a shot! 
  • Bulma
    You're welcome Oggins!  I have actually been enjoying using this stuff.  I really like that it kind of fades into the background during sex.  Do wish it wasn't so expensive though.
  • Betty Rocket
    I too, must thank you for this. I am pretty sensitive to all the arousal gels on the market, and really fear "feeling the burn" Perhaps I will give this one a shot!  Kisses

  • Bulma
    I hope you like it.  When I use a lot of this, it can be pretty intense but never burned me.  I think using a tiny bit until you find the right amount is a great idea.  I have not found a better tasting arousal gel than this one.
  • Rose Unlocked
    Thanks so much for the ingredient list! My girlfriend tends to be hypersensitive and this would definitely not have been a pleasant surprise!
  • Bulma
    You're welcome!  Seems like there are some nasty ingredients in all arousal lube/gels/lotions/stuff.  I am definitely not sensitive to them, but its always good to know before ordering :)
  • BeeLeaveMe
    I'm so glad you ended up liking this. It is a little expensive but so worth the price! I use it all the time now. At least 3-4 times per week and I have found that even though you don't get much in the bottle you use so little that the whole bottle will probably last you 3-4 months. This is by far the best arousal gel I have ever used! Nice review!
  • Bulma
    Thank you :) I love this stuff, especially the taste. I want to try the other flavors as well, as I was VERY impressed with the "sex on the beach" flavor.
  • LikeSunshineDust
    As far as the flavor, would you describe it as almost straight pineapple, or more like a pineapple/peach/cranberry? I'm trying to get my boyfriend to pick a flavor but I can't let him know what it's for 'cause it's a surprise :)
  • Bulma
    Pineapple, cranberry, then peach as far as flavor strength goes. It tastes identical to the drink really.
  • Crystal1
    Thanks for the review! I'm tempted to try this out, especially with the Sex on the Beach flavor!
  • MK434
    Thanks for the review!
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