Peridise complete set - anal toy by Aneros - reviews

Peridise complete set Peridise complete set

Anal kit by Aneros

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Peridise complete set reviews

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10 reviews

I am elated that someone has invented a kegel device that doesn't require a vagina. Not only do the Peridise feel wonderful to wear, but they are beneficial to your health! Regular exercise of the pubococcygeus muscles can strengthen your pelvic core, along with your orgasms. Who's going to complain about that?

I love anal toys and I was hoping the Peridise would be my favorite. I was surprised that my favorite thing about the toy was the box. I still have hope that this will live up to my previous expectations of it — only time will tell. If anyone has any tips for using these please message me. These do feel very nice and I think based on what the majority say about them they are worth a shot.

While it takes practice to learn how to make these things work with one's body, they are amazing little devices, capable of producing extraordinary pleasure by stimulating "peristaltic" orgasms.

The Aneros Peridise is intended to improve the muscle quality of the anal cavity, like a kegel exerciser for your butt. It's made of silky smooth hard plastic and comes in two different sizes for graduated exercise.

This is one of my favorite prostate toys. I use it to masturbate with; I use it to have hands free prostate orgasms, and I also use it to strengthen my PC muscles so that my experience with other massagers and sex in general is enhanced. This is a toy that every person interested in prostate stimulation should have in their quiver.

The Aneros Peridise makes great sex even better. It stimulates all the right spots in the ass and couldn't be easier to use. Perfectly designed for couples (or singles) new to anal play, the Aneros Peridise is sure to become part of your regular sex toy rotation.

It's a fun toy if you want to try something a little different than the usual prostate massage. It also works well during intercourse.

The Aneros Peridise is a stimulating way to work out your PC muscles, and increase your anal awareness - or just to use for fun. This set of two Peridise toys (22mm and 18mm in diameter, both with a length of 4", 3" of which is inserted during normal use) allows you to start out with the easier-to-use, larger model and move to the smaller toy when you're more proficient.

This toy is great for those that are new to anal play, and want to start somewhere small. The hard plastic material is durable and easy to clean, and the keeps the toy firmly in place while in use. It's comfortable to wear for extended periods of time and can be enjoyed by people of any sex or gender. Makes a great addition to any toy box!

The Peridise from Aneros are a 22mm and 18mm anal toy designed to strength PC muscles. By wearing them during sex, masturbation, or while out, you can increase the contraction strength of your anal muscles which can heighten orgasms. The plastic is smooth, seamless, easy to clean, and compatible with all lubricants.

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