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Peridise complete set

Anal kit by Aneros

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Great anal product for men & women!

The Peridise from Aneros are a 22mm and 18mm anal toy designed to strength PC muscles. By wearing them during sex, masturbation, or while out, you can increase the contraction strength of your anal muscles which can heighten orgasms. The plastic is smooth, seamless, easy to clean, and compatible with all lubricants.
Strengthen PC muscles, heightened orgasms, easy to clean & use.
Cannot be shared.
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useful review
This beginner anal PC toy from Aneros is the first from the company that is designed for both men and women. Aneros has a good reputation for designing fabulous prostate stimulation products, so it’s nice to see they have designed a product that women can enjoy as well. The packaging is simple and tasteful with a good set of instructions for use included

This set includes the two beginner sizes, 22mm and 18mm. Aneros recommends the following preparations before using the Peridise. You should 1. Clean your bowels, 2. Relax, 3. Exercise- do some Kegels to help prime your anorectal muscles, and then 4. Lubricate! Lubricate! Lubricate! Both water and silicone based lubricants are safe to use with the plastic Peridise set.

To use the Peridise, gentle insert the oval shaped head into your rectum. Do not force anything and always stop if you feel pain. You should then contract your sphincter to draw the Periside into the anal canal. Once it is fully in, experiment with different lengths and strengths of relaxation and contraction.

The Peridise is designed to help strengthen your muscle contractions. The anal canal is loaded with nerve endings and the Peridise is designed to stimulate these. Using the Peridise PC toy will also help you to gain better control over your muscles to clench during anal sex or anal toy play which will heighten your overall sex experience.

The Peridise are nice for use during sex, masturbation, and can even be worn when out. The hook style base prevents this toy from slipping inside the anal canal. I did not find any discomfort from sitting when wearing these, but those with smaller butts or those who sit on hard chairs for extended periods of time may.

The two white Peridise pieces are made from plastic. They are entirely smooth and have no seams. Plastic is nonporous, and phthalates-free, though it should not be shared because it cannot be completely sanitized. Cleaning can be accomplished with antibacterial soap and water or by wiping it down with an isopropyl alcohol.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Sammi
    I was just looking at these today.
    Good review!
  • jedent
    These are very attractive, I love their shapes. Thanks for such a thorough review!
  • PurpleReign
    Ah, so they're finally here! We've had ours since November; now I can get around to adding a review...though, really, I guess there's not much to add after BD's review & description!

    They are very well made...and perfectly seamless, as mention. A new paradigm in buttplay, so to speak, that runs the opposite of 'full feeling'.

    Thanks BD (...I suspect you also helped push to get these on EF).
  • TinyTease
    Could this also double as a vaginal exerciser? (If used with a condom, of course)
  • Nashville
    I'm so glad I recommended these on the thread!!!!
  • ScottA
    Hmm - looks fun! What sensations does it give? Is it better fully inserted or partway?

    Good review, good product
  • Beautiful Dreamer
    Sammi, Jedent, PurpleReign, Sleeping Dreamer- thanks for the comments! And PurpleReign it was actually Sleeping Dreamer who pushed for these. I can see why now!
  • Beautiful Dreamer
    TinyTease- Now please don't take this comment as offensive- as I realize there are some who have very small vaginal canals- but these two toys are *tiny*. I'm doubtful they'd do much for most women. And the plastic anchors that make them anal safe would probably irritate the delicate vaginal tissue. I slipped one in for curiosity (didn't wear for long) and it's just too small for me.
  • Beautiful Dreamer
    ScottA- I like it fully inserted, but I tend to wear these out and during intercourse- and I change positions a lot during intercourse. My partner is on the larger side and he can feel the bulbs against his shaft (through my vaginal wall) when he's thrusting. So that's a definite perk for him. For me, I can feel the bulbs and when I do come, it's more intense. I clench every muscle and it just intensifies it. It feels great- but is very hard to explain. Hope this at least helped!
  • PurpleReign
    "it was actually Sleeping Dreamer who pushed for these. I can see why now!"

    Yes, I apologize for making that mistake! Sleeping Dreamer commented a quite a few times in its favour.
  • UrNaughtyaAngel
    Oh wow your partner can feel on his shaft when in you. That is a great plus. Great review.
  • illmakeit2012
    aneros toys are always so freaking expensive consider they're made of plastics
  • LittleBird
    Good review
  • Maxx
  • tinadice
    nice review
  • theavocadopit
    Great review
  • J5ive
  • Bignuf
    Thanks for a great, helpful review.
  • Real or memorex
    Thanks for the review and great followup comments.
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