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Colt anal trainer kit reviews

19 reviews
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19 reviews

Strange sizes combined with a material that isn't great leads me to recommend getting separate toys rather than this kit. While this kit is a bargain you really are better off in the long run getting one or two high quality toys that will last.

If you are looking for a temporary solution to training your rear to take larger objects, this may be the right kit for you. However, if you are looking for a high quality, durable product, then you may want to look elsewhere. Beginners will likely get enough use out of these plugs to be worth the price, but experienced anal fans will be disappointed with the quality of this product.

It's a wonderful introduction to anal. It has a wide span of sizes. It is wonderful if it's used correctly!

Overall, I would definitely recommend these plugs to anyone who is interested in anal, but not quite sure. For the price, you get a nice little sampling.

This set is a great introduction to anal play. With three distinct sizes, they allow you to work your way up to more advanced toys or to anal sex. They may not be the most attractive toys, but they do exactly what you want them to do.

Definitely worth giving a try if you or your partner are wanting to give anal play a go, whether your a beginner or have been enjoying it for some time.

All in all, this is a great buy. Just try it if you have wondered about anal toys, this is the choice I think is great. When I'm happy, she's happy. No regrets here!

Overall a good beginning kit, but not one made of safest materials. If you want to experiment with anal play, this could be a good place to start because of the price, but maybe not the best set if you expect it to last a long time.

Overall, I wanted to love these plugs, but I just can't. The small is too small, the big is too big, and the middle just isn't right. I wish I had used this money instead on a higher quality single plug.

I made the mistake of buying a small 3" dildo then jumping to an 8". Boy was that a mistake, I was sore for ages. I decided a trainer kit was the best way to transition. The Wendy Williams one looks too advanced for my beginner's ass so the Colt kit looked just like what I was in the market for. The medium one is fantastic, it's not intimatidating yet still challenging. I feel like I have the confidence to move on to the biggest one without a sweat.

These are great toys for a beginner to use to work up to more advanced anal play. They can also be handy for a more advanced user as the large plug is quite big. Overall, they're worth having in the toy box and mine see a lot of use.

If you're big into anal play and training yourself for any type of anal play, then these are for you! The sizes are giving and perfect for any person's body type!

This item is definitely worth the money your paying its easy to use, easy to clean, great for all users. I have to say it is by far the best kit I've found.

This product should be a no brainer for people who are considering anal play. The plugs are easy to use, go in easy with some assistance like lubricant. Only issues with this product should be that it's rubber which isn't the best toy product, might spend a bit on condoms or soap if you use these very often. Buy it!

So you began exploring your nether regions? Well this is the kit for you. The smallest of the plugs is pleasant, you are learning, feeling and discovering. The next size, medium, you leap forward when it is inserted! Why, you are not sure. It feels good though. Then the big guy, he comes into play, and well you are hesitant. Then you say okay, and take it! All of it! And wow, wow! You screech, but again you like it. You like it enough to keep it in for an hour or two. There you go 1....2....3.

The Colt Anal Trainer kit is a must have for the toy box of anyone wanting to start experimenting with anal sex. It is great for beginners with three sizes, for you to work your way up to the real thing.

The Colt Anal Trainer Kit does exactly what it says, with the three plugs, it can stimulate your butt enough to get you ready for further anal play. Price is reasonable for the cause. I would recommend these to anyone who wanted to get into the anal game the right way, by training.

This product is worth the purchase for anyone that wants to start practicing with their backdoor. You start small and work up to the large one, and after that you'll probably be ready for the real thing.

After much foreplay with hands, fingers, and mouths, it was now time to get busy with the Colt Anal Trainer I selected the smallest size, and made sure to use plenty of lube. While on my knees and elbows, I slowly teased the spot on my dick just under the head as she slowly worked the trainer into my ass.

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