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Colt waterproof power anal-T reviews

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This toy packs an awesome punch. With many different vibration settings, it makes it fun and easy to use for anyone!

Simple and highly effective. What could be better? If you are looking for some of the strongest, longest, most stimulating vibrations you have ever felt look no further. Colt's own anal-T will have you begging for more in no time!

With the ability to intensify your orgasms and leave you constantly coming back for more, this toy is an absolute must have for beginners and experts alike.

This little wonder will have you gushing in no time. You can immidiately see and feel the pre-cum churning as soon as you put it in. The power-T comes with four speed settings, which even under the lowest setting is definitely noticable. The unit is fairly quiet too on the lower settings. But sadly, it's disappointing...

This toy is wonderful. It is smooth and pleasurable with strong vibrations. It is absolutely wonderful for prostate milking and anal orgasms. I recommend this toy to anyone starting anal play. It is for men or couples looking to explore prostate massage and play.

The combination of sexual pleasure and lasting prostate health effects (for me) make this a no-brainer to recommend! The unit is inexpensive and highly effective!

The thought of a rigid, vibrating toy got my prostate all tingly, but in practice it didn't pan out. Too much rigidity and imprecise vibration led to expectations unfulfilled.

If you are new to anal play, the Colt Anal-T would be a good starting point. The size isn't too imposing and the multi-setting vibrator leads to some great sensations. For more advanced anal adventurers, the Colt is rather lackluster and won't provide you with anything that another toy in your collection already does. For me, the Colt served its purpose in my learning to appreciate my backdoor, and I guess it's not so bad that it broke down when it did.

The Colt Waterproof Anal-T is a great product with decent vibrating stimulation. I would buy it again if I had the chance and use it often with great success. It makes my orgasms more powerful and enjoyable as a "straight" male. I just wish it wasn't so stiff and vibrated a big stronger.

This is a stimulating, waterproof, anal T that is well made. It is also attractive, and an effective size and strength for getting the job done. I've tossed many anal T's, this one's a keeper.

Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done. This would be a good toy for those wanting to try out anal play for the first time, since it's cheap, typical, and effective.

Between the cost, silent vibrations, and smoothness; this thing has done me well. You can’t go wrong with such a device.

Overall this product is well worth the price. You will get wild sensations when using it underwater and the design is so user friendly. Try using it in the Hot Tub with your lover....

This is a good beginner’s toy, as long as you can do more than a finger's diameter. Works well both in and out of the tub. Top speed is the only necessary one. It has a few flaws, but is a decent design overall.

The Anal-T is an excellent toy to experience anal play or prostate massage. It provides adequate stimulation to the prosate. If the shape of the toy was modified some, this would be the perfect anal toy for men.

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