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LuvBeads reviews

13 reviews
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13 reviews

If you don't want to spend a lot on an anal toy and really just want to see if it's something you're into, get this toy. If you're a camgirl who wants or needs a colorful anal toy, buy it. If you love anal, are rough on toys, or like to do a lot of in/out play, pick a different one.

For ten bucks, it's hard to go either way on these. If you are looking for something to get into anal sex then maybe these would be good for you. As advanced users, I can't recommend them at all. As we get more into rear end fun, this toy just gets pushed aside. If you are looking for something to warm up with, these work semi-well but not as good as we where hoping out of our first set of anal beads. The lack of a way to fully sterilize means I won't be using them on myself any time.

In all I found these Luv beads a wonderful way for me to begin my adventures into anal sex toy play, and you can't beat the price either! Have yet to encounter the complaints I have heard from others about the material. Personally I liked it, but as I said at the beginning of the review, I'm new to this area of play and I'm sure there are higher end toys that I will enjoy just as much. If your looking for a toy to begin your own Butt explorations, this makes for a perfect fit in my book!

The Luv Beads are great for beginners, as they are small and the biggest bead isn't really that big at all. They're cute, the beads and handle are all hearts, and they also come in a variety of cute colors. However, being made from jelly, these beads just aren't worth it, as you could easily find something made with a more reliable material for the same price.

These beads are cute and might make those inexperienced with anal play feel a bit better about using the experience probably won't match that of a traditional anal bead.

These beads are a great choice for any user, beginner or advanced. The size and shape are wonderful and the hearts give it a very unique feeling. Affordable, yet not cheaply made, these beads make for a great toy. I would recommend to others and buy over again. A different material would be better, but all around this is a great set of beads.

These are priced affordably, and although the material isn't the best, they are so pleasurable. As long as you know how to care for Jelly toys, do it correctly, and stay mindful of the lifespan of Jelly, you can't go wrong with these. Perfect for a beginner, intermediate, and advanced anal play, and even more perfect for practice if you're just getting into the anal game.

This is an excellent beginner's set of beads and is perfect for anyone interested in trying anal play. You certainly get what you pay for with this product. They are shaped wonderfully but, due to the material, I may be looking elsewhere for my next set of beads.

These are, to date, my favorite anal beads, and I really think you'll like them, too. I hope this review has been helpful.

I love them. LuvBeads are comfortable and fun. A must have for anyone!!! LuvBeads are soft, pliable, sturdy jelly anal bead. Slim and sized for the novice. Flexible and pleasurable features handy retrieval ring to avoid getting lost.The beads are 6 soft, pliable beads that are sized for increasing pleasure.

I would buy it but I wouldn't use it by itself. It makes a good companion toy to use with another toy. I think it would be nice with couple foreplay.

We found this was not the best toy for us. But, as I really liked the largest bead a lot, it sparked the idea that getting a teardrop or round butt plug, in a safer material may be the best choice for us. Acrylic would have been a better choice for material, and a flared base for additional safety could be added. However, the toy was cute and the handle seemed adequate, even for use by a man with very large hands.

The heart-shaped anal beads are perfect for all people at any stage of anal play. They're satisfying alone, with a partner and require just a little additional cleanup compared to spherical anal beads. Flexible but sturdy, great sizing, and a wonderful addition to anyone's toy collection!

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