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Though the Pony Play Whip Royal is a huge improvement over the Pony Play Whip, it still does not do pony play any justice at all. The plug is poorly made and has more than a few design flaws. The pony hair is still incredibly wiry and just uncomfortable; it isn't pleasing to look at or brush. Save the money and get a higher quality pony play plug.

Other then the tail being removed easily all around its a good plug, especially for someone who is wanting to stretch themselves bigger

I felt that this pony play plug was worth the sale that it was on, however I cannot see my self paying full price for it. I loved the look and feel of it, however it could have had a fuller tail. Having a fuller tail would have looked much better when it was whipped back and forth.

Overall, I am super happy with my pony play butt plug. The "whip" was a let down but everything else was just on point.

I'm really happy with this toy and I think my girlfriend is too. Personally I don't think there is a better choice for someone who wants to get into anal plugs and has a good imagination for other fun things!

The Pony Play Whip Royal is a good start for those thinking about pony play. It's inexpensive and even though the tail could easily come out it can benefit those considering a pony fetish. The plug is shapely and feels great if you are on all fours wiggling for a mate or just doing chores around the house. Best for those at an intermediate level due to the size.

I think that this toy is worth buying. I'm really glad to add it to my collection of toys and is nice to have a bigger-sized butt plug to help prepare my butt for anal sex. I also loved the pony play aspect of it. It added a nice humiliation to it. My partner was very pleased with this toy which is a huge bonus. We tend to play with toys that he prefers, and he likes this one.

I love this toy! It is easy to insert, stays in without assistance, and look and feels great. This works amazingly well for pony play. Storage can be a bit difficult, and the tail looks like it could rip out easily; but I still must rate this toy well.

Experience your Inner Pony

If you want to try out a butt plug with a tail, this is a great option. As a whip, it doesn't stand up, but as a tail for pony play, this works amazingly. Because of the size, anal beginners may need to work up to it, but it does stay in once it's in.

This plug is worth it simply because of the tail. The plug can be bought for cheaper prices in various locations, but the tail makes it sexy. It adds that extra oomph to get you to shake your ass.

A great toy for someone who just wants to start experimenting with pony play and has anal experience. Not for serious pony play fanatics, or those who are new to anal play.

Are you a pony girl or pony boy? Or do you just want to try something new, funny, and kinky with your partner? The Pony Play Whip Royal is a crowd pleaser and an honored playmate to be in anyone’s toy box.

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