Wendy Williams anal trainer kit - beginner anal kit by Doc Johnson - reviews

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Wendy Williams anal trainer kit reviews

16 reviews
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16 reviews

This is a great beginner set! I would definitely recommend this kit to anyone who wants to get more out of anal and actually enjoy it. This was definitely worth the money I spent. No regrets whatsoever.

**USE A CONDOM.** As much as I want to like this set, I can't. I know this is getting repetitive, but I really, really don't like how dangerous this seems and the lack of awareness people have about material safety in the sex toy industry.

Overall, I was happy with my purchase. This set did what I hoped it would do - introduce me to anal sex. The toys are overly flexible, and the smallest size is not too useful. However, as an intro set I think it served its purpose.

Overall, I did enjoy these plugs, though I had to add a smaller step first. It might just be my personal level, but I found the smallest still too large. Once I was able to use the smallest, the middle was a quick progression and gave a lot of pleasure.

Although this toy set isn't made of completely hygienic materials it is the sort of toy that teaches the anal novice how to slow down and do the whole thing properly. You will not be able to quickly work your way up unless your sphincter agrees with you. For me this is invaluable when dealing with a partner who firmly believes you simply push through the pain and it somehow gets to be pleasurable. This set will warm you up properly and should be in every toy box.

This toy really surprised me. It is very pliable and soft, allowing for easy use. The sizes are good for gradually warming up or for beginners working their way up. I really couldn't think of a way to make this toy better for a trainer kit.

Although the shape and size of each of these plugs made for a very pleasant first foray into the realm of anal play, the smell of the PVC was incredibly distracting and will probably dissuade me from purchasing purely PVC products in the future.

I think if you are a person who is going to use this product for yourself and not with other people, or with the help of other people, that this would be a great thing to buy. It's even better if you are curious and aching to try something in your backdoor.

The size is great for beginners that aren't used to toys or anal yet. The color option is nice cause you get to pick a color, although the color does end up fading as I have noticed. The softness of the toys are nice to have when getting used to them. The weight is very light and is easy to hide away. I have noticed that hair and lint are easily attracted to the toys.

These plugs were well worth the price, especially as many single plugs cost much more. I wouldn't consider myself a beginner, but I'm also not advanced in my experience and this kit was almost perfect. I would definitely suggest this to others.

This set was my first foray into anal toys and I am hooked! I have used them solo and with my partner, and have added a whole new intensity to my orgasms! This set does its job well. These plugs will train you to accomodate objects and eased my doubts/fears about going backdoor!

This item is a must have for any beginner to the world of anal sex, or for those who are just looking to add a little something more.

If you're looking to warm up to anal play on your own or with a partner this set is definitely for you. The varied sizes offer something for everyone and with large flared bases they become even more versatile. The material is not ideal but it has its upsides so it is not a total fail in that department. These are even great for playing with in the tub or shower just be sure to use plenty of lubricant with them.

Wow, what can I truly say? This product is totally awesome, and if you are a beginner or just breaking into anal play again, I strongly suggest that you get this. It will help put your mind and anus at ease! I actually had to think of cons for this product because I feel that there aren't any. I can even manage to get past the smell because it's not in my nose. The flared bases make for very easy extraction and awesome suction cups!

Nervous about anal play? Don't be! Anyone can comfortably explore the 'back door' without hesitation thanks to 3 different sizes of sphincter-friendly PVC butt blugs that are designed for ultimate comfort and easy clean-up.

Overall, I liked this toy. The graduating sizes allow for a person to gradually move up in size to gradually help them become more comfortable with anal. I think that this toy helped my girlfriend really start to enjoy anal, and she believes so, too. It could use a bit of color, admittedly, but this toy delivers what it offers. Totally worth the purchase!

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