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Durex extra sensitive Durex extra sensitive

Male condom by Durex

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Durex extra sensitive reviews

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14 reviews

Condoms are like one of those things no one really enjoys but are necessary; however, if you have to wear a condom having a solidly built condom that doesn't take away too much from the experience is crucial. These were my favorite condoms until Durex released a newer line of ultra-thin condoms. The do a great job of not taking away from sex too much but providing quality protection during sex.

Durex brand condoms are one of the best known. It is amazing how thin these condoms are, yet they can withstand a rough time in the sack without worrying if the condom will break. If these condoms are in stock (cross you fingers), you should really be trying them out as soon as possible.

Are you done searching through those shelves? Or are you done searching for that "great" or "good" condom? Try these out if you need something that will never disappoint with their size and smell!

If you hate condoms, but you want to stay protected, these thin condoms feel almost like nothing. Yet, you aren't going to need to worry about them breaking either. If you're allergic to latex, you need only to follow the suggestion for a non-latex condom right on the back, and choose the Durex Avanti Bare non-latex condoms.

If you're sick of too thick condoms, these are an excellent alternative which still allows you to practice safer sex. These don't feel all natural, but they do allow for a closer and more intimate feeling without compromising safety and prevention.

Over all this is the best condom out there that is the most durable and versatile. We have used it for love making and straight up fucking. As you use this product, you start finding the levels of intensity that it can handle. I would recommend always having at least 1 extra on top of enough for how ever many times you plan on having sex.

Made by a manufacturer trusted by many, the Durex Extra Sensitive wins because the even thinner ones by others aren't made from latex therefore they are not as flexible. I rather go for the flexibility than extreme thinness or to compromise size. Still they are one of the thinnest condoms out there. You get exceptional quality and value for your money so you can't go wrong with them.

The major stand-out point with the Durex Extra Sensitive Lubricated condom is the thinness of the latex. I love them for a good fast quickie anywhere.

Just keep a little bottle of lube nearby and these condoms are really good. A warming/flavored lube will make these even better.

Durex Extra Sensitive condoms are durable, reliable, and affordable, as well as letting both partners feel more of each other. They won't blow your mind, but if your guy is used to thicker condoms, they will help him blow his load!

The Durex Extra Sensitive condoms are definitely worth trying at least once. They are reliable and affordable, as well as more thin and comfortable than some other condoms.

These condoms are well worth the time for their reliability, low latex scent, and overall intense feeling... especially during ejaculation.

If sized correctly, this is a pretty good condom. It is not for the lengthy or girthy members. Extra lube needs to be added as a precaution. If all of this is correct then this condom feels GREAT!.

Durex Extra Sensitive Lubricated Condom is very thin and natural feeling. So comfortable for her that it is hardly noticeable, yet it can be a bit tight and restrictive for him. An excellent condom for the price.

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