Kimono MicroThin Large (12 PACK) - male condom by Mayer Laboratories - reviews

Kimono MicroThin Large (12 PACK) Kimono MicroThin Large (12 PACK)

Male condom by Mayer Laboratories

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Kimono MicroThin Large (12 PACK) reviews

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10 reviews

The Kimono Microthin Large condoms are actually not near as big or thin as they should be for any blessed man.

Hands down, the Kimono Microthin Large are my favourite condoms! The name is a bit deceiving though. While it might give your man a nice ego-boost, these condoms are the same size at the base as the anything-but-normal Microthins but with added headroom. Far superior to your typical condom, these come highly recommended.

Safe sex is a necessity in our day and age, so having a well made condom is a must. I loved these because they are thinner and they truly do allow for a closer feel. My only issue is that they don't fit actual large sizes. However, despite this, I will make sure I always have one or two on my person at all given times.

These condoms prove that thinner actually is better. Larger than regular condoms and almost 20% thinner than the bigger ones, Kimono Microthin Large definitely can make protection more enjoyable. They are an excellent choice for those who need some extra width, but don't require too much length.

These are the best condoms out there in my opinion. They are extremely thin without compromising your protection. They give you a wonderful feeling of closeness that is unmatched by other condoms out there.

Kimono Micro Thin Condoms are perfect for those larger men out there who really want to feel as if they are wearing nothing at all but still want the protection that a condom can provide. With its flared head and larger shaft, Kimonos hug the penis, allowing more comfort in those areas that can sometimes be squished by normal sized condoms. So come on, slip it on and feel naked. It's time to really enjoy wearing a condom.

Not the "Best" large condom I have come across, but definately worth a try for those seeking more comfort from a standard condom.

A large condom that doesn't hang off of a smaller man, these MicroThins let us feel almost everything. The only thing it changed was it made our natural textures feel a bit smoother to the other person. I highly recommend these to anybody looking for a good, thin condom.

This is simply the best male condom out there for those blessed with size. I'm not sure how or why Kimonos haven't broken into the mainstream, but it's a bloody shame more people don't know about them. The moment I introduced these into my relationship, the quality of the sex I was having improved exponentially. EVERY man and woman engaging in penetrative sex should keep one of these in their wallets!

These are the only larger size condoms that I've tried that don't irritate or chafe me. If you're a woman with sensitive skin, these are great. If you're a guy looking for more sensation from a thinner condom, yet still need a larger than standard size, these are great. And if you're looking for a high quality, large sized condoms, you really can't beat these.

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