Kimono MicroThin Large (12 PACK) - male condom by Mayer Laboratories - review by Owl Identified

Kimono MicroThin Large (12 PACK)

Male condom by Mayer Laboratories

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I'll Never Use Anything Else!

This is simply the best male condom out there for those blessed with size. I'm not sure how or why Kimonos haven't broken into the mainstream, but it's a bloody shame more people don't know about them. The moment I introduced these into my relationship, the quality of the sex I was having improved exponentially. EVERY man and woman engaging in penetrative sex should keep one of these in their wallets!
Silky silicone lubricant, incredibly subtle and light, durable, convex tip, work great on toys too!
Quite expensive; if you have a lot of sex your best bet is buying in bulk!
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I am queer-identified and my partners thus far in my life have been almost exclusively women. When I recently entered a long term relationship with a cissexual male that was packing MORE than enough in the pants department, it took a lot of getting-used-to before I could truly enjoy vaginal penetration with him. Still, once the obstacle of his size had been tackled we were left with yet another comfort issue that was harder to rectify. Your average drug store condom was comfortable enough for me, but nearly strangled my lover's member. Trojan Magnums were large enough for him, but felt not unlike a penis shrouded in Hefty Bag penetrating me. Luckily, one day a friend came to me raving about the incredible subtlety of Kimono condoms and my curiosity was piqued. I decided to check out their MicroThin Large condoms and I am SO GLAD that I did. Kimonos saved my sex life, no joke.

Kimono MicroThin Large Condoms are almost too good to be true. In fact, when I first slipped one on my boyfriend, he sat bolt upright and looked at me skeptically. "...this is absolutely going to break." I initially had the very same thought; they are so thin! But after a round of rather rough sex the condom was still very much in tact. To this day they have not failed us once. We have never had one break and we have very rough sex. Though Kimono condoms are 20-45% thinner than competing brands' condoms, they are no less durable and dependable. The company states on their website that "Kimono condoms not only meet, but exceed all US and International Standards for strength and reliability. Complete factory testing, independent laboratory analysis, and regular FDA inspections form a comprehensive quality assurance program designed to assure maximum protection and product quality." My own experience suggests nothing to contradict this. Durability is not compromised for the sake of comfort with Kimonos, and they really *are* the most comfortable condom we've ever used. For both of us it is the least obtrusive option barring bareback riding.

Kimonos are a little smaller than Magnums, so they are a bit more snug on him, but not terribly so. The size difference is fairly negligible for most, as I think very few men will find themselves bursting at the seams of a Magnum in the first place. There is also significantly less slippage with Kimonos; Magnums have the tendency to roll up or "bunch" during rough thrusting, which can be incredibly risky. I have only had this problem with Kimonos during the most intense sessions, and even then the bunching was minimal in comparison. This also makes the removal of the condom afterward much easier, and with much less risk of a spill.

These condoms also work very well on toys/prosthetic cocks. Condoms are easier to remove on bio-cock due to the fact that the member returns to its flaccid state once orgasm is achieved, whereas the size of toys/prosthetics is obviously static. Rubbers often become very stubborn when you try to remove them from a toy, for instance, and I have had the experience of them breaking around the ring. This is not only irritating but dangerous if you have been using protection out of absolute necessity on a highly porous toy, and the broken condom means leaked fluids onto the surface of the cock. So anyone that shares larger porous toys should keep one of these guys on board at all times. They are for whatever reason much easier to remove and break far less often on toys in my experience.

Cost is the only possible downside to these condoms. If you are already buying Magnums you may as well make the switch as Kimonos are not much more expensive. However, if your budget means comfort falls below thrift in your condom priorities, then this is not the contraceptive for you. In terms of quality Kimonos cannot be beat and for those that can afford it, it's worth every penny in my opinion. For myself it is a worthwhile investment, and buying in bulk also shaves off a buck or two ;)
Follow-up commentary
No other condom has usurped Kimonos for me; they continue to be my go-to and in fact I'm probably going to order a whole bunch of them for the holidays. I'm not always able to get them because they aren't available in many drug stores and they do cost a bit more, so accessibility and affordability are still two of the only detracting features for these condoms. Otherwise I still recommend them first to those that are looking for comfortable large condoms.
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