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LifeStyles Skyn LifeStyles Skyn

Male condom by Ansell

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LifeStyles Skyn reviews

39 reviews
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39 reviews

Skyn is a marvelous non-latex condom for people with an allergy; even some folks without one prefer the stretch and feel. While it does not actually feel the same as going bareback, it transmits sensation very well without sacrificing durability. Worth the buy.

This latex-free, lubricated condom is soft, smooth, and very strong. The Skyn feels natural for both vaginal and anal sex. Extra lubricated and large versions of the original Skyn are also available. Highly recommended but the price can be a deterrent.

If you're looking to get close: get Skyn and get happy. Skyn by Lifestyles are a wonderful, affordable product for people of all ages with sensitive skin.

These are excellent condoms. The best I have tried. They are thin and offer the best sensation I've felt with condoms. I prefer larger sized condoms and these fit well. They are priced higher than others, but worth it.

With its thicker material and tight feeling, I would only recommend this to people with below average-sized partners. Probably better for male/male since they proved to be ineffective in preventing pregnancy.

I will be looking for a thinner condom, and I feel these should have a different name since they do NOT feel like skin or feel like "nothing". You can definitely feel these and they are regular thickness.

This item is a great buy for couples who hate that awful latex smell and want to feel their partner's warmth. The fact that they are latex free is just another plus!

There is very little else out there that I have found that is as durable and great feeling and still latex free.

These condoms were a surprising treat for us in all the best possible ways. The condoms were hypo-allergenic, didn't taste or smell and fit my guy's girthy penis. Whether you have allergies to latex or not these are more than worth a try if you aren't satisfied with your current condoms.

Even though the LifeStyle Skyn condoms claim to feel like nothing and they do feel like a condom is on, they are one of the strongest and better non-latex condoms that I have tried out over the years.

My fiance and I find these to be the most comfortable non-latex and non-lambskin condoms on the market. Obviously everyone has different preferences when it comes to condoms. But we like that they are thin, flexible, non-odorous, and non-constricting. We stick with these all the time.

While it might not have worked well for us due to decreased sensation on my boyfriend's end, everyone has different tastes, and I still would recommend trying it to anyone who has a latex and/or N9 allergy. However, it is more expensive than latex condoms and does have a funny burnt rubber taste to the lube.

This is a fun, safe product that is directed at those who have an allergy or are sensitive to latex. It still protects and feels just as good as a latex condom.

Flexible, more natural feeling, and safer than other non-latex alternatives, these condoms are latex sensitive and allergy-friendly and feel great.

This is a fabulous, extraordinary condom. I simply love it and have no complaints. Once I switched to this brand, I've never gone back.

If you absolutely have to, these aren't the worst condoms in the world. They do what they have to do, plus they come in larger sizes. However, there are definitely better non-latex condoms our there. These are tight on all the guys I've tried them with, even men of average penis size, and they seem to really suck up lube. If you can get your hands on something else definitely go with it- if not, suck it up and use these.

Do they do the job? Yes, they do. Do they feel decent? Yes, they don't make intercourse uncomfortable from my experience but they are not anything amazingly special either. They are just good quality condoms but for the price, I wouldn't blame someone for looking for something in bulk that is more affordable and still comfortable for them.

Wonderful condoms for anyone who is allergic to Latex or sensitive to any other condoms. The one and only condom I will use EVER!!

I rate this condom 8 out of 10. They are my personal favorite, but i feel there might be a better one out there that I haven't tried yet. If you've been using regular latex condoms, definitely give these a try.

Lifestyles Skyn is completely worth trying, especially if you cannot use latex condoms. The overall experience is way better than polyurethane condoms.

These are good option for those that are sensitive to latex. They were a bit smelly when I opened the package, so it may not be a good option for those with sensitive noses. The lube does dry out quickly so be sure to have a non oil based lube near by if necessary. Overall, these are an excellent buy.

These are excellent for those with non-latex allergies and others looking to for a new sensation. Although they can be pricey, it is definitely worth a couple of extra dollars.

A cheaper alternative to Trojan's Supra condom if you're looking for latex free, the Lifestyles Skyn condoms actually do a fairly decent job of feeling like almost nothing, or at the very least not reminding you every second that you're wearing a condom. They seem to be a bit larger than the Supras as well, so these should fit a wider variety of guys.

This product Is definately worth it if you have an allergy to latex. It's very close to typical condoms. Otherwise, I would go with latex. This certainly isn't living up to its supposed "realistic feel". Overall, I was disappointed. And the smell! I nearly lost wood (though perhaps I'm simply oversensitive to such things).

I would recommend this condom to anyone looking for a more durable condom and those who are allergic to latex, but that's about it. If you're thinking about getting it for the "realistic feel," I think you should go try another condom.

If you're looking for the cheapest latex free condom, Skyn is usually your best bet. Its thinness, no scent, and good durability make this an option for us with latex allergies.

The slogan for these is "Closest Thing To Wearing Nothing," and while I think they are thinner than your average latex condom (at least from what I can remember), I would hardly say they feel like nothing. I much prefer the feeling of real skin-to-skin contact, but I believe in safe sex and family planning... And since there just isn't much on the market for latex sensitive people, I'm glad these exist.

The Hubby and I really like these, we've been using them for a few years now. I just wish EF carried larger packs of this style!

LifeStyles Skyn condoms are the best non-latex condoms that I've tried. The price is comparable with other condoms, and the durability is a big plus. While I prefer several latex varieties to skyns, my latex allergy means these are no longer an option for me.

Like I mentioned before, these condoms are great for those who have sensitivities, especially to latex. They're not as great as some of the other LifeStyles condoms that I've used before, but the aftermath is so much better - no worrying about burning, itching, or pain afterwards.

I love these condoms! I never thought I'd say that about a condom, but I'm a fan. Perfect for oral, excellent for the well endowed, and less stinky and porous than latex. Skyn is win!

I personally was left unsatisfied with this condom. It did not live up to its expectations in the slightest. My recommendation would be to try other types of natural-feeling condoms before this type.

Even though we find condom-sex to not be as fun as bare-sex, we enjoyed using Skyn condoms. Though neither myself nor my partner have a latex allergy, we have bought these a few times already because these are much more durable than regular condoms, which enables us to engage in rougher play. I think this would be a great condom for most couples, and if you have a latex allergy, you REALLY need to try Skyn.

Overall, these are a nice addition to the Lifestyles line, and offer more benefits for people who have latex allergies. However, those who are used to thinner condoms may want to stick with their preferred products.

These are amazing for those with latex allergies. While they do not fit the naked feel that they are marketed as, I still really enjoyed them and will be using this brand from now on. The material is just as strong as latex!

I wouldn't buy these myself, but I think they'd be a good fit for men with dicks that aren't too wide.

These condoms won't replicate the bareback experience. It isn't terribly thin and won't leave your guy wondering if he forgot to put a condom on. If you use them for oral sex, the benefit is the condom has absolutely no smell or taste. The condom doesn't allow any sort of tailoring other than a larger than average reservoir tip. We definitely didn't notice any "knee-buckling sensations"!

The new Lifestyles Skyn condom is the first of its kind. A revolutionary non-latex condom made of polyisoprene material which is stronger than latex and safe for those with allergies. The added comfort is a plus, but this condom doesn't hold up to its real feel claim.

This is a great choice for those who need an allergen-free alternative to natural latex and are comfortable with an average-sized, non-textured, lightly lubricated condom with a plain shape.

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