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Trojan pleasure pack Trojan pleasure pack

Male condom by Church and Dwight

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Trojan pleasure pack reviews

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29 reviews

Trojans condom are typically trustworthy condoms, but this box is less "bang for your buck" and more "big box of yawns (and possible hospital bills)". With so many other condoms on the market that do their job with less frills, it's better to just skip this pleasure pack to get your pleasure from his package.

This set is PERFECT for people who are new to the condom world, and want to figure out what they like (and don't like.) This way, you never have to exactly commit to one type, and you don't have to put out a lot of money to get a variety!

I personally just don't like Trojan condoms and I think that they picked their worst ones to throw into this box. However, if you are a fan of Trojan, variety, and trying new things then you should definitely pick these up! They're a little pricey, but there are 4 different kinds, and they're all textured and lubricated.

I like these. They feel good for both partners and they provide a variety. I don't know about you, but I like to do something different each time, not just the same old every time.

This is worth it for all women out there. Sex is basically the same for men, but these condoms give off new and wonderful sensations that you do not need to miss out on.

This is a great pack to buy when wanting to get a variety of condoms and not just buying a pack of all the same thing. I buy this pack quite frequently.

Would recommend to anyone. The variety is worth it, as well as the experience you are sure to have with this product. If you like to try new things, this is a must buy so you can try different kinds of condoms.

For my money, there is no particular reason to pay this much for these condoms. There is nothing in particular to write home about except maybe a warning about the Fire and Ice condoms which I think are a terrible idea.

Overall, the Pleasure Pack is a great pack of condoms. I love the durability of the condoms and the premium lubricants used. Their shapes also allow for a more natural feeling. However, I wish they would replace the Fire & Ice condoms with something better.

I will not be buying these condoms again unless the packages are not assorted. I only want to buy the ones I like. If you are just beginning to use condoms, this is a good buy seeing that you can try multiple kinds without having to spend a lot of cash on something that you don't like.

This pack is really only worth the price if you like all of the types of condoms included. Otherwise, your better off skipping this multipack.

A great way to spend a bit of money and have tons of fun. The mix up of these condoms will be fun for both partners and totally worth the look the cashier will give you.

Overall this is a wonderful pack and is at the very least worth a try. Young and old, inexperienced and experts should all enjoy the variety that this offers.

It is up to the couple or individual to find out what they like the best, go for it or do not. Yet if you want to try something new, I'd definitely say to consider this variety pack for a fun experience.

If you are wanting to experiment with different sensations, all while wanting the safety of a contraceptive from an amazing brand we have been trusting for over 90 years, then you really need to try out the pleasure pack from Trojan. Just watch out for the INTENSE!!!

Overall I did enjoy these condoms and the fact that they were a variety pack, which I felt was a great deal. If you are looking to branch out and are looking into adding extra stimulation through condom use, I would definitely pick these up.

If you've been interested in trying any of the four condoms included in this pack, but didn't want to drop the money for a full box only to find out you hate it, I would definitely pick this up. Even if you end up hating all of the condoms, at least you only have a few to get rid of rather than feeling bad about getting rid of four whole boxes of condoms.

Great for experimentation if you're new to condom usage or sexual intercourse all together! There's something for everyone in the Trojan Brand Pleasure Pack condom sampler!

If you are looking to spice up your sex life, definitely try out this variety pack! This pack includes some of my favoite types and Trojan delivers a great time just as they promise. I would always suggest spending a little bit more to give added pleasure to your partner and use condoms for sensation as well as protection.

If you are looking to buy a bunch of condoms to try out or just mix things up without it becoming expensive due to buying individual boxes, the Trojan Pleasure pack is great for just that. Most are nothing amazing - just the average condom, but if you are looking to try out the Fire & Ice, it is nice to only buy a few without taking the risk of buying an entire box.

This was an OK product, nothing special. Most likely these products will never enter my bedroom again though. My partner wasn't impressed and I was underwhelmed. The fit was horrible, the variety wasn't outstanding enough to convince us to invest in other products of this kind. If you want to try a new thing, this would be adequate but most likely, it would deter you as it did us.

Trojan's Pleasure Pack is a great way to try out a few new condom varieties without committing to a whole box. However if you're looking for a great bunch of condoms I'd stick to a pack of Trojans I'd recommend Ecstasy or Twisted Pleasures. It's a fun way to keep things safe though!

Trojan pleasure pack is a brand of condoms I will always trust even if there are a few I don't like. They are reliable and fun and add a little spice to every day bedroom play.

We both found this Pleasure Pack helpful. We found what we were looking for and it was a fun experience!

Definitely worth buying, but as with any condom, pay attention and watch for tears. May need to use additional lube with some of the included condoms. And read the box before you buy if you have bought the pack before as the contents change.

Some of the condoms in Trojan Pleasure 12 Pack work and do what they should, and yet others just fell totally flat. Also, Trojan uses the name over and over again, so read the box to make sure you know what you are getting.

If you are shopping for a new condom to use this is the pack for you. It isn't a pack I would by to try something new and fun, or to spice things up. It's a great pack to introduce you to different styles of condoms, but I personally only enjoyed two of the different ones out of the pack.

I would not recommend this pack of condoms, due to the simple fact that for me, they were painful, and for my husband, they didn't allow him to feel anything. There was too much lubricant. I would recommend the Mint Tingle condoms just to spice things up (literally) once in a while though, but certainly not for every time.

Mint Tingle is ideal for oral sex. Again, I was dubious as in the past any supposedly 'flavoured' condom has always had a nasty latex taste hiding under that flavouring and really put me off using them. However, the Mint Tingle didn't. It was great because the taste and smell totally hid the latex, which can only be a good thing.

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