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Trojan stimulations twisted Trojan stimulations twisted

Male condom by Church and Dwight

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Trojan stimulations twisted reviews

24 reviews
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24 reviews

These condoms are from a trusted brand. They add excitement in a simple way with the deep spiral ribs that add stimulation to both parties. I have no complaints here.

When I bought these, they were about the same price as other Trojan lubricated condoms. Honestly, I feel like they are no different from any of them. The ribs haven't changed the experience for me or my girlfriend in any noticeable way, but for what it's worth, they are good condoms. Just don't expect anything amazing out of them. They are no better and no worse than other lubricated Trojans out there. I don't have enough experience with other condom brands to speak to those, however.

These are great for the normal size, but not for the thicker ones. Just don't waste time, money, and your sex night on this one.

These condoms would definitely stand another chance with me. The thinness of these condoms makes the experience even more pleasurable for you and your partner. The reapplication of lubrication is the only real issue I have with these.

This condom is amazingly thin so there is no feeling missed by either you or your partner. The amount of ribs and how they feel you would think they were made of magic. Not all condoms are made alike but these are defiantly at the top. Being made by my only trusted brand makes them even more appealing.

Condoms with specialized, twisted tips and ribbed at the base. The tip is supposed to create an added sensation for wearer and receiver, but an overall disappointment.

This product is not for me. If you're looking to have safe sex with the most pleasure and the least awareness of a condom being present, try regular condoms.

All and all it's a good product that is readily available for purchase most places. The ribbing does its job very well and the wearer will remain stimulated during sex.

It was very awesome from the pleasuring twists in the condoms. Will suggest to my friends, but I will definitely tell them of the stink.

I would not say this product is worth it for the pleasure, but it's a good condom if you just want to use it for the basic purpose of a condom (protection) because they didn't break during rough sex. However, it's definitely not one for pleasure.

This is not a condom I would buy a second time. It felt just like any other, and there was a huge problem with slipping.

Made with premium latex and a design that will test your senses, these are by far my favorite condom that I've tried so far. The twisting motion will drive you nuts and possibly your partner as well. Though the sensations are subtle they can still be felt, more on the male side of the experience. I highly recommend these condoms, they are a great way to make things more fun in the bedroom.

I wouldn't waste the fifteen dollars plus the shipping and handling and tax that it would cost to get these. I'm sure you can find better ones at the gas station for a lot cheaper than you can find these. We thought "maybe these ones will actually do what they say they will, maybe we'll actually feel something for once," but no. Don't waste your money or time on these.

MY favorite condoms by far. They get the job done and feel great! The only way they would be better is if they were free!

You can't feel the spiral effect. Eventually, I searched for it with my hands and realized how insignificant the texture was. I wouldn't buy these, not even just to try them.

These Twisted Pleasure condoms are a new twist on a new twist on an old design. The first round of twisted condoms from Trojan was a bit of a bust, being much more of a miss than a hit. So back to the drawing board and we end up with these! These are a much improved version of a condom with a twisted head; providing extra stimulation for the female and if you play your cards right, for the male as well.

Overall, these condoms are something couples should try that use condoms as their main source of protection. The unique designs with deep ribs adds extra stimulation during intercourse for both partners. It is lightly lubricated and I would suggest having extra lubricant on hand if you are someone that likes it slick.

You don't need an expensive toy or piece of furniture to add spice in the bedroom! Just grab a box of twisted pleasures!

I think these have become some of my favorite condoms, although they didn't give any new feeling to my partner, I found the feeling great. The sensation was, overall, completely new and intriguing. They fit the average size guy very well but are a bit difficult to take off. They also have an odd scent that will make you defiantly want to shower afterwards. Minus a few drawbacks, the feelings they create give an amazing feeling that I would trade for any day.

The Trojan Stimulations Twisted Condoms where a total dud of a novelty from Trojan for me. If anything, they where more of a turn off visually and the twist actually would get in the way.

Stimulations Twisted condoms offer a new design for mutual stimulation and pleasure, while representing a great quality, common for the most of Trojan products. Even though they failed to become my favorite, I would recommend them to anyone who is still searching for their ideal condoms or just want to try something new.

The Sensations Twisted Condom is a fun twist on an old prophylactic design. The deep ribbing in the head of the condom helps stimulate the receiver while the shape and size help to keep the wearer stimulated.

They looked fun at first, but you can't feel the ribs and they felt just like a normal condom that you can pick up for free at the health center.

I haven't bought condoms in many years, so trying Trojan Twisted was heaven compared to the old brand. Thin yet strong, this condom felt wonderful in all the right spots. Both pleasurable for the women, as well as the man... my fiance and I both approve this product!

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