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Deliciously Twisted Pleaseure

These Twisted Pleasure condoms are a new twist on a new twist on an old design. The first round of twisted condoms from Trojan was a bit of a bust, being much more of a miss than a hit. So back to the drawing board and we end up with these! These are a much improved version of a condom with a twisted head; providing extra stimulation for the female and if you play your cards right, for the male as well.
Extra internal stimulation for the woman, Nice lube
May not work for really large penises, Might want extra lube
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The Overview: A long time ago, Trojan had some twisted condoms. The concept was fantastic, but the small head made it painful for a lot of guys. I'm not 100% sure if this is a revamping of that design or not, but either way round two is definitely more pleasurable and worth looking into.

The boring specs: The "average" condom is about 7.5" long, 2" wide at the base and along the shaft and in the head, and .0027" thick. Online dimensions have this listed as 7.9" long and about 2" wide. I busted one out of my own collection and came up with about 7 3/4" long and just under 2 1/2" across in the head area and closer to 2 1/4" across towards the base. My husband is about 5" long and about 5" around and they weren't overly loose or anything like that. If you routinely need the size of a Magnum, you might want to avoid these, but otherwise use your best judgment. I don't have a micrometer, but these didn't feel especially thick or especially thin.

The potentially interesting design features: The super awesome part of these condoms is the twisted head, that is in theory supposed to provide more friction and stimulation to the g-spot for the woman, and extra stimulation for the head of the penis. What the design appears to be when you look at the condom is ribbing that instead of going around the shaft like traditional ribs, are more on an an angle and criss cross each other. There is a reservoir tip to catch extra semen and the lube is actually pretty nice. Might not be enough for some, but should be for a lot of women. It does have a relatively strong scent though, that will stay on your hands and be very bothersome for those who are sensitive to the latex smell.

The exciting "what it was like" part: Version one of these that I tried ages ago with an ex didn't do anything special for me, and just caused him a lot of pain. While these didn't do anything special for my husband, I did feel as though there was a lot of extra stimulation going on inside of my vagina in a way that most textured condoms don't feel. I got the same awesome feeling I normally get from doggy style in the missionary position without any extra lifting to my hips or anything like that, and I absolutely loved it. On a larger penis, the man may feel less indifferent, but at the very least unless he's really sensitive to condoms in the first place he shouldn't feel like his penis is being suffocated.

The important safety stuff: Ok, real quick let's talk about things you should and shouldn't do with condoms. Do add more lube if you feel like you're drying out. Lack of lube can cause increase friction and cause the condom to break. Don't use anything oil based to lube up with. Water and silicone based lubes are fine, but oil based lubes can degrade the latex. Do keep your condoms in a cool, dry location. Don't keep them in your glove box, in the wallet you sit on all day, or at the bottom of your purse. These are not good places for condoms. In the purse it could get punctured, and being in all that heat can also degrade the material which is again, not good.
Given how well the original design of these went over, I didn't really have any strong desire to try them out again, even on a different penis. But when we got some of these in a sample pack I figured "oh hey, what the hell?" and I ended up really liking them. I wish I had more to report on how they felt for the man, but my husband has given a characteristically unhelpful answer of "I didn't really notice it was there, but it didn't feel like nothing." The best I can really translate that to is "if you don't have any problems with "regular" condoms, you should be fine here."

For me though, I really enjoyed it. I felt as though I was getting a lot of internal stimulation that a lot of other condoms just don't seem to give and I have to get it from specific positions. These condoms gave me that stimulation without having to change positions, although doing so certainly didn't hurt either.
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