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Trojan twisted pleasure 12 pack

Male condom by Church and Dwight

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You're Just Twisted

To me, these felt just like every other condom. Nothing special to them. However my partner at the time would experience pain and pinching of the head of his penis. If you're feeling adventurous then give these a shot.
No latex smell, durable, roomy head.
Design seems to be mainly miss, can pinch the head and cause pain.
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From what I've seen and read from others about this condom, it seems to be a huge hit or miss, mostly miss. Those that it worked for absolutely loved it and a vast majority found this condom to be a huge waste of time and money. Personally, while these didn't make the list of condoms I normally buy, I didn't hate them.

The average condom runs 7.4" long, 2.04" wide at the base and along the shaft and head, and .002" thick.

The twisted pleasure keeps the .002" thickness and the 2.04" width at the base the same. The shaft is a bit longer than average, coming in at 7.87" long and the head is actually about 2.5" across.

Some men may find that the head is much roomier and more enjoyable for them, however some may find that due to the twisting design of the head, it is actually tight and painful. If the head of the condom isn't a problem for you and you fit into most condoms, then you won't have a problem here, however this condom would probably work best on smaller, less thick guys.

The twisted humor behind this condom design was to help create more pleasure for both partners. Trojan tried to accomplish this by enlarging the head of this condom and adding a twisting motion to it. The thought behind this was that there would be an increase in sensation due to the friction created by the loose, moving latex. For most users, men and women alike, this condom was a huge fail. The shaft also features some ribs that unless you're fairly sensitive to textured condoms you won't feel.

This condom does come lubricated, but if it isn't enough for you or you feel you need to add more during use, you can use your favorite water based or silicone based lube. Never ever use anything oil based, such as body lotion, petroleum jelly, mineral oil, or an oil based lube, with latex condoms as the oil can degrade the latex material and increase the risk of breaking.

I found no real latex smell to these condoms and haven't personally tasted them either.

These condoms should be stored at room temperature. Protect them from prolonged periods of exposure to extreme high or low temperatures, moisture, direct sunlight and fluorescent light. If the condom is sticky or brittle or looks damaged, don't use it.

You would use these the same way you use any other condom with a reservoir tip, pinch the tip to remove all the air, then roll down the shaft.

I've never had a Trojan break on me, and this condom was no exception.
So this was one of those things that my ex and I had picked up when we were trying to "spice things up." Well for us they were a big fail. Well, I guess more for him they were a big fail. I personally didn't notice anything different. It felt like a condom. His complaint with them was that they were too tight and the twist on the top pinched his head and was very painful. We did use a few of these before he gave up on them entirely.

From me personally I would rate these closer to a 4 just because quite honestly, they didn't suck for me. But because the design seems to be more of a flaw than anything else, and the partner I was using them with couldn't use them because they caused him pain I rate closer to a 2.

If I missed anything please feel free to ask.
Follow-up commentary
I somehow still had one of these laying around, and it miraculously wasn't expired! So I figured, different guy, we'll give it a shot. Still doesn't do anything for me, didn't do a damn thing for him. I've heard these are getting phased out and discontinued, and honestly, I'm not that saddened by it. I don't think many people are.
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  • Miss Cinnamon
    Oh man! I remember using these condoms before--they HURT. Then again, my vagina rebels against most latex condoms, so maybe that had less to do with the "twisted pleasure" and more to do with latex. Nice review!
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    Very nice review!
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