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I honestly have nothing bad to say about this machine. It will give you cramps in your toes from you curling them so hard from multiple orgasms. If you want to be fucked nightly with having to have a man come do it, buy this.

It's very universal for couples and has many possibilities for play. It's worth the buy for a new kind of masturbation fun.

A toy that can be used solo or with a partner, that has many attachment options for various sexual pleasures. A controlled thrusting speed from 0-450 per minute makes the Auto Fuk a completely unique sex-machine.

This toy can really go from 0 to 60 in a second, so you can go with a nice slow burn or go full force right away. I love this toy because it has given me the most mind-blowing orgasms I've had on my own. I'm talking toe-curling, eye-rolling orgasms. Please, if you love yourself and your pussy, buy this machine!

This toy is heckin' amazing and I definitely hope it is water resistant because those are the types of orgasms I am getting with it! A+

Overall, the Auto Fuk is well worth the money just to have a hands-free fucking experience. It has versatility in optional positions, never-ending thrusting and speed control that makes it perfect for any user who wishes to enjoy.

The Fully Mechanized Man

If you've been looking for a great quality realistic fuck machine at a decent price, the Auto-Fuk will not disappoint. It will never get tired or cum too soon while screwing you in virtually any position you can imagine. Solo or couple play will be enhanced especially if you're creative and try this awesome toy in all the ways it's capable of being used. Plug in, lube up, and enjoy the ride!

I have always wanted one of these, and I can't think of anyone that wouldn't find some enjoyment out of it. It isn't as cheap as some of the machines out there, but it also isn't as costly as some of the higher end ones you can find. For a mid-range product, I'd say it does the job fairly well and should be suitable for just about anyone who has their eye on this sort of experience.

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