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Ballsy reviews

24 reviews
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24 reviews

This is a toy for an experience person; I would not recommend this toy to anyone that has not owned a dildo before. You will get your moneys worth out of it, though.

It is worth it if you are looking for a strap-on or solo-play dildo. However, it is not worth getting if you are a female looking to pack with it. The balls are too big and you end up having to fold them up.

This is an excellent choice for a more advanced dildo user, as the total length is 8 1/2", but I would say that anyone could try it for themselves to see if it's the right one for them to use. It does have a nice flared base, so if you'd like to use it anally you can.

This toy is not at all for beginners, plus it's not made of the safest material. PVC can degrade pretty quickly. I think the purple is very pretty and the smell isn't awful, but this just isn't for me.

Simply put, the best thing about this toy is the G-Spot stimulation you get from the ridge of the head. The con of this toy might be bad for some people, but the pros definitely outweigh it with how much pleasure you're going to receive from the Ballsy.

This is one of those toys that it is great for some, while others may want to keep on searching. Its low price is something that is going to attract a lot of people, yet when they read about the material, it may turn them away. Don't run from Ballsy. With proper care, you can use this toy safely and have a lot of fun with it alone, or with a partner. Even better, with a partner and a harness!

This toy is perfect if you are looking for a thicker, longer dildo, that is realistic feeling. My wife loves this toy and I love it because she loves it. I have a short penis and this gives her the penis she is looking for.

The Ballsy is very comfortable and is appropriate for both partner play and masturbation. The realistic look and feel of the ballsy makes it exciting. The only cons for this product would be the difficulty in cleaning it and its heft and smell. The heft of the Ballsy is great during sex play, but makes it difficult to hide from nosy children. The smell is long lasting and interesting, but it too can be a give away in a house full of people.

Ballsy is currently the largest toy in my collection, and far and away my absolute favorite (to the nth degree)! Nothing else can compete with the exquisite orgasms it provides. It gets me off quick and makes me cum hard. I can feel every vein and bulge when I ride it and quite simply can't. Get. Enough. If you think you can handle the orgasm overdose that is Ballsy, then grab the bull by its shimmery pink balls and get to it!

This big boy definitely surprised me in all ways. I was extremely impressed with it as soon as I got in actually in. (Which was quite awhile, considering I didn't buy lube, and I am new to this.) Once again, I would love to state this toy is not to be used if you are a beginner. If you want something to give you a new experience, I say try it. It isn't for everyone.

This has a wonderful size, shape, and design. It looks and feels realistic. If you don't mind the smell, this one is a sure winner!

Great product for the beginner or average user and also very cost effective. I find that this product is not good for riding but good for use in any other way. Even though it does have an artificial smell, the pleasure that it provides will totally distract you from that.

I really do love my Mint Green Ballsy but I usually get swore from it. After a while I would stop to stimulate other parts of my body and if going back to continue thrusting it would not hurt as much but give off a little bit of pain. I do use it though despite being swore after all once your hooked your hooked.

If you have nostrils of steel and can handle awful smells for extended periods of time as well as enjoy girthy toys, the Ballsy may be right up your alley. While it has the potential to work wonders, the smell of the Sil-A-Gel that makes up the dildo is hard to get past and may be a deterrent for many.

A great dildo with ample length and a decent girth, this realistic looking dildo is a great addition and can also be used in a harness. A great buy!

The Ballsy is a nice dildo. It comes in lovely colors, and has a decent length and girth. The base makes it easy to hold on to and thrust, and it can be used in a harness if desired. Unfortunately, the material has a strong scent.

This dildo was the perfect size and overall perfect fit for me! It has done its job time and again.

It was disappointing. It was so big that it was hard to use. I would not recommend this product. The only good thing about it was the soft lavender scent.

BUY THIS RIGHT NOW. I have used this almost daily since delivery. It is an absolute godsend. I'm going to go use this again right now.

I definitely recommend the "Ballsy" for anyone looking for a great time alone, or with a partner, that will take you for a great ride!

If you want to feel nice and full then buy Ballsy he has never let me down. HE is gigantic and I love every inch of him.

This is absolutely worth the time and effort to use. I've always been a fan of Doc Johnson, and this time is no different. I would recommend this to anyone looking for that large cock.

This is a great realistic shaped and feeling dildo. It has left me wanting more and more of it!! The size is large and very filling. Completely worth every penny!

The dildo is great for couple sex play and needs a lot of lubrication. It is definitely not a toy for someone who is sexually inexperienced.

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