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This item is worth the time and struggles you will use to get the appeal of it. Also, you can place it in ice cubes to get cold and tease the outside of your pussy.

This is a beautiful toy both to look at and to play with. It's an amazing dildo that you need in your collection. It's definitely one of my favorites and will be one of yours too.

If you enjoy texture & want a hefty toy that can go deep, this should be in your toy box. Glass is great for keeping things quiet & sanitary.

If the soft, flexible rubber and plastic dildos don't pleasure - give glass a try! This is like having a nicely endowed man who never goes soft!

Casper is a magical ride if you have experience with glass toys and are not afraid of a little heft.

It's somewhat true that glass makes everything better. Casper is a prime example of that. It is a standard realistic looking dildo but is elevated by its hardy texture and realistic design. The versatility of temperature play and the ease of care and cleaning makes the Casper the perfect bedside companion.

Casper was absolutely fabulous. I have used glass dildos before with bumps and ridges, but never one with so much detail and texture, which makes a huge difference. Need a step-up from your realistic dildo? This is the one to get!

This is not a must buy toy In my opinion, I'm rather neutral on it. The size is probably too much for most users considering this is glass and obviously inflexible. But, that doesn't make it useless. Easily a nice toy for enjoying oneself with, and like other glass toys is amazingly easy to clean so you never have to worry about odor or discoloration.

I recommend Casper to anyone who's more experienced with bigger glass or hard toys. If you've never tried a glass toy before, I suggest first buying a shorter alternative like the pink rotator here on Eden's website before jumping up to a large dildo like Casper. If you want him and you're a beginner, just be gentle with him at first until you get used to him!

This dildo is probably the best starter glass toy anyone could purchase. Casper's size is perfect (not too big or small). You can use it solo or with a partner, making it ideal for strap-on play. It has a stimulating texture and realistic appearance, and glass is great for temperature play and easy to clean up. Although this dildo might be different from the ones in your toy box, it is still capable of giving you mind-blowing orgasms. IF you're not sure about glass toys, you should try this one.

Casper is fantastic for both vaginal and anal use. The flared base means the dildo is safe to be used anally and can be used with a harness. While you should always be careful since glass is completely rigid, the realistic shape lends it to "cautious" thrusting. The clear glass makes Casper a very elegant piece, and the weighty feeling is out of this world.

I highly recommend this toy. It is simple yet unique. It does require experimenting to figure out what feels best, but that's all part of the fun! I love the size and texture. But, I do not like the angle at the top so much as it does nothing for me, and sometimes causes me pain. I like the weight, but it is slightly uncomfortable if you let go of the dildo while it's inside. Overall, this toy is elegant and beautiful, and I would for sure buy another one.

If you've ever thought about trying glass, go for it! I was a little apprehensive at first but now it's all I'm after.

Hauntingly beautiful and functional, Casper is sure to please many. Out of all the toys in the market, realistic glass cocks aren't that popular. I'm sure if more people tried and experienced this dildo they would be pleasantly surprised.

Casper is a beginner-friendly dildo, but it is also fun for intermediate and experienced users! This dildo has a nice size and shape. It does not have any odors and it is easy to clean.

If you want something realistic, but want it in a beautiful glass product that is a satisfying size, I would definitely suggest you check out Casper. Overall, it is a quality product that is very well made, and worth the price.

For my first glass toy I was not disappointed. I found it a good length, and girth and satisfying. The price was also really good. I had this one set up for notification when it came back in stock since after I read previous reviews I was compelled to try it myself. For the 20-25$ I paid, I would say it's definitely worth it.

Casper is one heck of a realistic, yet elegant, clear glass toy. This is a hefty, long, girthy toy with some of the most realistic textures I have ever seen on a glass toy. Really and truly this is a wonderful find, thanks Stormy!

If you are looking for firm, filling, gorgeous glass that is strong and easy to take care of look no further than Casper. You'll welcome his haunting.

User Friendly Casper

Thick and filling with just the right level of texture, Casper delighted me with his realistic shape, stimulating veining and flared base for handy gripping and strap-on sessions. Casper really is the user friendly dildo!

If you're looking for something to really shake up your experiences, this is the way to go. This toy had me climaxing repeatedly (apparently that's possible for a guy in this case) and I have a feeling that it'll likely have the same effect on you.

Casper is a heavy, textured glass dildo with a realistic look to it. It has textures that are very pleasing. It can be used with temperature play and can be used in harnesses. Many options of lube can be used, and it is easily cleaned. Casper is completely clear with no colors, and it looks very elegant.

The Friendly Ghost

Looking for a realistically shaped, versatile, and long-lasting toy? Casper may be just what you're looking for. In a marketplace with a multitude of whimsically designed glass dildos, Casper stands out as a glass toy beautifully designed after a human cock. Capable of anal play, temperature play, and G-spot stimulation, let this friendly ghost provide you with the satisfaction that you deserve!

It's not hiding what it is. It's a dildo. Perfectly sleek, slightly ridged, heavy and just perfectly thick, and begging to be used. I have no problems with this toy. None whatsoever.

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