Cyberglass four-way G - glass dildo by Topco Sales - reviews

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Cyberglass four-way G reviews

13 reviews
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13 reviews

Want something to really stimulate that hard to please or non-existent G-spot? This is your toy! Get ready to experience amazing, powerful squirting orgasms like never before, or maybe even for the first time. The spirals on the shaft pleasure your walls and vulva, while the curve fulfills every desire from your G spot down to your A spot, while the bulbous end gives you a great gripping place as your tensed up screaming, squeezing and squirting all over your sheets.

If you are looking into getting a glass toy this is a great place to start and is totally worth doing so. You will not be disappointed with all the possibilities you can come up with for solo or partner play. Glass is very easy to clean, store, and very versatile. I would recommend this as a beginner toy for those interested in anal or penetration. For the advanced user it may not be as thick and fill you up in a way you like or are used to.

In the suggested content for this section, I'm asked to say what was fabulous or disappointing. In my opinion, everything about this toy is fantastic. I'm not disappointed in the least, and I really don't know how anyone else could be, either. This was built to meet specific wants and needs for men and women and it does the job to a T. Play with it in different holes and at different temperatures and in different places. Play with it with a partner. I assure you, you'll love it.

I think this would be really good for beginners or for people who aren't into intense stimulation. It would be great for couples and solo. It's a very versatile toy that can bring a lot of happiness to anyone who wants some fun from their toys.

It's great for G spot stimulation, particularly if you find other toys don't give you enough. It's great for his prostate as well.

This toy offers four distinct and interesting characteristics, plus all the fun and easy maintenance of a glass toy! Plus, it's nice to look at to boot!

The Cyberglass Four-Way G is in inexpensive way to experiment with texture and glass. You get a lot of different textures all in one toy, which is definitely worth it if you're figuring out what you like.

It's amazingly smooth and has a bit of weight to it which feels amazing. Vibrators are great but don't ignore the glass. I love this toy.

For a first time toy buyer, this was the perfect choice! It is just the right size, you can change the temperature, and it is super easy to clean! The price is excellent, considering most glass dildos are over $100.

The Cyberglass Four-Way G is extremely versatile, and would be a great addition to anyone's collection. Two distinctively different ends, both of which can be used for insertion, make this glass dildo a great investment.

Since the price is reasonable, I wouldn't say it's a waste of money, but I felt that way at first. With practice, it became more "user friendly."

I was very excited as to how well it would feel compared to other toy materials. The smoothness of the Cyberglass four-way G directly hitting my g-spot allowed me to reach orgasm in no time. Both ends of the Cyberglass four-way G are curved which stimulate the g-spot head on and directly. One end is swirled and smoother allowing for deeper more vigorous vaginal penetration. While the other end has a bulbous nub along with smaller raised nubs resulting in a full filled feeling.

So how does it perform? Well, let’s just say that I wish I could give it 6 out of 5. As a g-spot dildo, even though the toy is slender and doesn’t have a lot of girth, both ends definitely hit the spot (so to speak). I was very impressed.

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